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Don't throw away your California Baby tube! Create a one-of-a-kind flower that make the perfect 'bow' to a wrapped gift, can be used to accessorize back packs or lunch boxes and can even be attached to a headband or barrette to wear in the hair (hint: boys love to clip them to their belt loops and use them as a super hero power source). We suggest you go a little crazy and create a bunch and gift them as a flower arrangement!! Click on the tab below for our step-by-step guide to creating this craft. Remember, before you put this handy container to use, be sure to follow our step-by-step guide to sanitize first!

Tip! Before you sanitize, cut the bottom of your tube to get every last drop of product!

A Note From Jessica

How To Make a Flower out Of our Empty Tubes

To get started you need: an empty tube, scissors, hole puncher, pipe cleaners, buttons, and construction paper cut outs.

First make sure all the product is out of the tube and clean.

Then take the scissors and cut of the top of the tube so it makes a cylinder and take off the cap.

Next cut the body of the tube into eight even strips.

After punch holes near the ends of the tube, right above the label.

Pick a pipe cleaner and fasten a button at the end of it.

You can then cut out your own creations from different pieces of construction paper and slide it on after the button.

Once happy with how the inside of the flower looks feed the pipe cleaner down and out of the tube.

Then start threading the pipe cleaner through the holes you punched at the top of the tube and fold them back so they look like flower petals.

Lastly, take one more button and slide it down the pipe cleaner to stop the flowers shape from moving and wrap the pipe cleaner around the button once or twice.



How to sanitize a California Baby bottle

A note from Jessica, founder and developer of California Baby: Modern living generates trash. At California Baby, we feel it is our obligation to work to reduce how much of our packaging makes its way into the land fill. So, in addition to utilizing green chemistry product formulas, natural and organic ingredients we also:
  • use plastic that is highly recyclable and most readily accepted by recycling facilities across the country
  • utilize as much post consumer content into our bottles as possible to reduce the need for 'virgin' material
  • utilize 'tree-free' paper and water based inks for our labels that can be recycled with paper or our HDPE plastic bottles—no need to remove, simply toss the bottle whole into the recycle bin
  • use smart bottle design for easier reuse including creative uses such as crafting projects that you can do right at home