8.5oz Tea Tree & Lavender Conditioner
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Tea Tree & Lavender™
Hair Conditioner 8.5oz/251mL

Product Description

Age: 6 months and older
For Use:
Leave in or rinse out. No tears.
Scent: A clean and beautiful blend that includes organic tea tree and French lavender with sweet citrus and floral base notes.

Product description: California Baby® Tea Tree and Lavender Hair Conditioner smells fabulously fresh and clean and contains plenty of essential oils to soothe dry scalp (the key is to leave in rather than rinse out). The vibrant scent of the Tea Tree and Lavender blend is a hit with dads and kids. Partner with the Tea Tree and Lavender Shampoo & Body wash for best results.

Mommy-Tip from Jessica, Developer of California Baby®: When using for cradle cap, massage gently but with a little more vigor than normal to work off the patches of scaly skin. A soft toothbrush also works nicely for this task too. Moisturize with California Baby TT&L Hair Conditioner or Calendula Cream.

For Grownups: Excellent conditioner for those with itchy, dry scalp due to hair treatments

Benefits & Features:

  • Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Non-irritating, botanical formula
  • No tears, no numbing agents
  • Rinse out or leave in for extra curly or tangled hair
  • Conditions with plant waxes and herbs
  • Leaves hair smelling great

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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