4.5oz Super Sensitive Organic Body Oil

Certified Organic!

Super Sensitive™
Certified Organic Body Oil 4.5oz/133mL

Product Description

Age: Newborn and older
For Use: A luxurious all-purpose body oil
Scent: No added fragrance or scent-masking agents

Product description: California Baby® Super Sensitive™ Certified Organic Body Oil is perfect for locking in the skinís natural moisture after a warm bath. Safe for even the most sensitive skin, our vegan blend contains the finest certified organic ingredients, is non-greasy and absorbs easily. Itís totally free of nuts, gluten, soy and dairy and is cold-pressed, which means no solvents are used in the extraction of the oil so itís exceptionally pure and hypoallergenic.

Feel free to use this Body Oil for everyday protection and when the skin is dry or irritated. Itís also great for a soothing massage for baby to ease the symptoms of gas or colic and to calm down before sleep.

For Grownups: Seal in moisture after bathing - apply California Baby® Super Sensitive Certified Organic Body Oil to damp skin. It leaves skin extra hydrated, satiny-soft and glowing.

Tips: To add scent, add 30-45 drops of our pure essential oil blends directly into the bottle, shake vigorously to mix. Do not exceed 45 drops.

For Gifting Ideas: This item is also included in our gift baskets--Baby Shower Gift Set, Welcome Baby Tote,Super Deluxe Newborn Gift Basket.

Benefits & Features:
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • No nut oils, gluten, soy, or dairy
  • Food-grade quality, cold pressed vegan oils
  • No added fragrance or scent masking agents
  • Works as a synergistic carrier for our pure essential oil blends
  • Non-greasy - leaves skin satiny
  • Adds an extra layer of warmth
  • A gentle rub helps baby sleep well
  • Accepted on the Feingold Program

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