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Sunface Tote Set

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Buy the Set, Receive California Baby’s Organic Sunface Tote Bag Free.
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Age: 6 mos. and older
For Use: SPF protection and moisturizing skin and hair care.
Scent: Mixed

Product description: Be prepared for the sun, no matter the season. We’ve created a grouping of California Baby products that will take you from summer to fall to winter and back to summer again! All housed in a special organic California Baby logo Shopping Bag. For a limited time, receive the bag FREE when you buy this essential group of suncare products. Sporting the signature California Baby® Sunface logo, our tote bag is made of 100% organic cotton and sustainably produced by a company based in India, which owns its own organic cotton fields, processing facility, and operates under fair trade no-sweatshop guidelines and is monitored by Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production certifications. Wow! We love it—we hope you will too!

A note from Jessica, developer of California Baby®: We all know that we need to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the summer sun but how many of us are as vigilant the rest of the year? Yes, I am obsessed about sun protection. I wear the big hats, make a point to walk on the shady side of the street—and wear an SPF everyday, no matter the season. In the summer, it’s easy to remember to apply an SPF daily; so while we’re all in the habit, let’s keep the good karma moving in the right direction with this grouping of products, which makes sticking to a year-round suncare regimen easy. The items will take you through the intense sun of summer to the cloudy rays of winter and unpredictable spring days. Here’s how: SPF18 lotion for everyday moderate protection, which keeps your skin protected during a normal day’s jaunt. If you happen to take a detour and find yourself at the park and now, oops, you need more protection—our chubby SPF30 stick is perfect for quick and easy application to super charge your protection to the appropriate level. I keep one in my purse for just this purpose. The other products in this set help heal summer exposed skin and hair and work to moisturize dry winter skin and tresses. We included our specially sized 2-ounce bug repellent spray so that pesky bugs can be controlled without having to lug around our larger sized bottle. I keep one in my pocket when I go on my hikes through the wilds of the Los Angeles Mountains. And just to sweeten the pot, we are including a reusable organic shopping bag for FREE!

I have tons of reusable cloth bags but I forget them at home or in the car because they are all too big and bulky—requiring too much effort on my part… This bag is light weight and roomy; the straps are longish so that you can wear it like a purse, but what I LOVE most about this organic bag is that it folds down to almost nothing so that there is no excuse for not taking it with me everywhere hidden in my handbag. It just works, and I’m happy. It really is the small things…

Suncare Tote Set Contains:

  • Apply our naturally-based sunscreen 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to allow the product to create an protective emulsion on the skin
  • Before going into the ocean or swimming pool, soak hair with non-chlorinated water to avoid drying
  • Remember to reapply sunscreen often; California Baby sunscreens are water resistant (SPF 18 is effective after 40 minutes in water or sweating) and very water resistant (SPF30+ is effective after 80 minutes in water or sweating)
  • To keep locks lush, wash and condition hair with California Baby’s Swimmer’s Defense products after swimming
  • • If you missed a spot with the sunscreen and see redness - California Baby’s Soothing & Healing Spray or Aloe Vera Cream to the rescue