Jessica's & Staff Faves

Sharing Our Experience - Jessica's & California Baby Staff Favorites:

6.5oz Calming Diaper Area Wash
6.5oz/192mL - $11.49
Although I havenít had to change diapers in years Ė this is my go-to multipurpose fave. Use it as a toner, to soothe itchiness from eczema, zit treatment (spray on cotton pad, place on blemish for 5 mins, gone by next day), first aid treatment for cuts, scrapes, burns, hand cleanser (when no water available). —Sue
1.8oz Calendula Cream
1.8oz/51g - $12.99
The calendula cream is great for everyday use, and the new size makes it easy to take with you everywhere. It fits easily in my soccer bag, ready for use after games, all my teammates love it. —AJ
6.5oz Calendula Moisturizing Handwash
If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring along a few things for survival, the California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Handwash would be one of them! This is one CB fave thatís part of my daily routine. Aside from itís amazing sweet herbal scent, itís the ultimate cleanser from head to toe (and a makeup remover miracle). Youíll also find one in my kitchen for assuring spotless dishes. —Olivia
6.5oz Calming Everywhere Spritzer
6.5oz/192mL - $13.49
My apartment has an open floor plan, so whatever I'm cooking in the kitchen travels to other parts of my living space. A couple spritzes of this eliminates food smells and what I ate for dinner doesn't end up on my pillow. The added bonus - French lavender is my favorite scent! —Mary
6.5oz Calendula™ Everyday Lotion
6.5oz/192mL - $12.49
I really dislike having dry skin, especially after washing my hands. I love using Calendula Everyday Lotion to moisturize my hands and keep them from being dry. Not to mention, the scent is great!" —Kevin