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Our Essential Oil Blends are Sophisticated, Complex and Synergistic... The Primary Oils and Their Functions are Listed Below

Bathroom Freshener™ is a lemony floral blend that works to chase away all kinds of unwanted scents. Perfect for the diaper pail, but may be used anywhere in the home.

Calendula™ Our favorite flower has a light herbal scent and is nature's best skin soothing ingredient. Calendula (kal' len' dula) is commonly known as the Pot Marigold and has been used to soothe and hydrate skin for centuries. Our line of Calendula products are scented with our signature Calming essential oil blend but calendula has its own herbal-y scent, which makes these products especially delightful to use.

Calming™ our signature blend includes French lavender and Clary Sage and works to promote calmness and ensure a good night's sleep. French Lavender naturally soothes.

Chamomile & Herbs™ Our sweet garden scent that includes Roman chamomile and geranium. A beautiful, fruity and earthy blend that works extremely well in combination with our half-ounce essential oils for use as a base scent to build your own aromatherapy wonderland or use on its own.

Eucalyptus Ease Use our powerful essential oil blend of Douglas fir and eucalyptus to promote a sense of well-being.

Everyday-Year-Round™ is a light & beautiful aromatherapy blend that includes lemongrass and gardenia flowers.

French Lavender

Holiday Cheer!™ A scrumptious essential oil blend of orange, lavender and vanilla evokes feelings of hominess, serenity and calmness...easing away holiday stress. Great stocking stuffer or Hanukah gift. Limited Holiday edition.

I Love You™ says 'I Love You' in the most fragrant way with our intoxicating blend that includes ylang ylang and sweet orange oils. Helps to ease and unwind.

Light & Happy™ A complex blend of pink grapefruit and petit grain that lifts and balances a mood...any time of day.

Squeaky Clean!™ Instead of Triclosan or alcohol, California Baby® created a pure essential oil blend of lemon, tea tree and ravensara.

Manzanilla y Menta A fruitful and floral aromatherapy blend that is formulated to relax and refresh! Chamomile and Mint are two beloved herbs (‘yerbas’ in Spanish) that are multi-tasking and provides wonderful benefits for the skin.

Natural Bug Blend™ is a pleasing blend of citronella, lemongrass and other essential oils known for their safe bug repellent properties. CA Reg. No. 1051183-30002-AA.

Overtired & Cranky™ Use as needed! We like to use this blend afterschool, in the morning, and in the classroom. Includes Roman chamomile and tangerine and works to change a mood from cranky to sweet!

Party™ Delightful blend of orange, lavender and a touch of vanilla helps ease away stress so you can enjoy long after the party is over. Great birthday or shower favor!

Summer Blend™ fresh clean summer blend with energizing citronella and lemongrass—refreshing in the summer but perfect year-round when a very vibrant scent is desired.

Super Sensitive/No Fragrance™ Designed for people with allergies and those who cannot tolerate fragrance. Our Super Sensitive products do not contain any added fragrance, scent masking agents or clear formula chemicals; many products that claim to be fragrance free may actually contain a synthetic fragrance to make it smell like nothing.

Swimmers Defense™ A beautifully fragrant blend of lemongrass and gardenia flowers. Works to help to balance the senses, skin and hair.

Tea Tree & Lavender™A fresh, clean and vibrant blend of organic tea tree and French lavender and formulated with sweet citrus and floral notes. French lavender is calming and soothes frazzled feelings, while tea tree soothes irritated skin and scalp.