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Organic Powder Canister Craft

This fun craft works great to liven up any environment, be it at school or at home! So whether you are a teacher seeking to illuminate the mind of your young students or a parent yearning to adventure more with your children, this craft will surely turn any typical day around. Plus, it's easy enough to do with kids of any age!

Materials you will need:
(1) California Baby® Calming Organic Powder canister
Glue or tape
Tissue paper
Box Play for Kids Rocket Sticker custom-sized for our Powder canister!

A Note From Jessica

How to make a Rocket Ship out of a California Baby® Organic Powder canister!

Clean your canister and make sure they are squeaky clean!

Next, take the design and carefully wrap it around the canister!

Tape some tissue paper to the inside canister to give it some flare and playtime is now in session!

Like this craft? Visit boxplayforkids.com to try this craft at home or school!

How to sanitize a California Baby bottle

A note from Jessica, founder and developer of California Baby: Modern living generates trash. At California Baby, we feel it is our obligation to work to reduce how much of our packaging makes its way into the land fill. So, in addition to utilizing green chemistry product formulas, natural and organic ingredients we also:
  • use plastic that is highly recyclable and most readily accepted by recycling facilities across the country
  • utilize as much post consumer content into our bottles as possible to reduce the need for 'virgin' material
  • utilize 'tree-free' paper and water based inks for our labels that can be recycled with paper or our HDPE plastic bottles—no need to remove, simply toss the bottle whole into the recycle bin
  • use smart bottle design for easier reuse including creative uses such as crafting projects that you can do right at home