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Create wavers that are perfect for your summer parties or just any event! Children can have their own to wave outside or they can be used as decorations for the house. Choose from any of your favorite shapes, colors or ribbons—the options are endless with our Putty Waver activity! Click on the tab below for our step-by-step crafting guide

Tip! Make your own homemade putty! You can get the recipe here: Homemade Putty Recipe

To Get Started: You will need putty, a small bowl, skewers and a shape cutter, paint colors, and ribbons of your choice!

A Note From Jessica

How To Make a Shaped Wavers out of Putty

Place your prepared homemade putty in a bowl.

Using a shape cutter of your choice, cut out the putty.

For our project, we reused our eco-friendly toys.

Place your shapes on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.

While they are cooling down, stick a skewer into the center of each one.

Then paint the baked putty and let it dry.

Tie any ribbon you like tightly onto the skewer. Here we are using rafia!


How to sanitize a California Baby bottle

A note from Jessica, founder and developer of California Baby: Modern living generates trash. At California Baby, we feel it is our obligation to work to reduce how much of our packaging makes its way into the land fill. So, in addition to utilizing green chemistry product formulas, natural and organic ingredients we also:
  • use plastic that is highly recyclable and most readily accepted by recycling facilities across the country
  • utilize as much post consumer content into our bottles as possible to reduce the need for 'virgin' material
  • utilize 'tree-free' paper and water based inks for our labels that can be recycled with paper or our HDPE plastic bottles—no need to remove, simply toss the bottle whole into the recycle bin
  • use smart bottle design for easier reuse including creative uses such as crafting projects that you can do right at home