Overtired & Cranky™
Bubble Bath 13oz/384mL

Product Description

Age: Newborn and older
For Use: Changes mood from cranky to sweet!
Scent: Tangerine, sweet orange, and chamomile

Product description California Baby® Overtired & Cranky™ Bubble Bath was specially blended to de-frazzle! Divert a tantrum, wind down from a stressful day, or make this amazing bubble bath a part of your morning routine. Frolic safely in this naturally-based bubble bath with the added benefit of essential oils. Children — and adults! —love bubble baths, so we make them safe. Our special bubbling formula contains mild vegetable-derived bubbling agents, enriched with a nourishing herbal complex that works to protect delicate skin. California Baby® non-drying (extremely) biodegradable gentle bubble bath strictly avoids the use of synthetic fragrances and harsh bubbling agents. This product was developed to avoid irritation (that is typical of other bubble baths), and we never use sulfates, DEA, or numbing agents.


  • Because we do not use harsh bubbling agents, you must help the bubbling process along by shaking⁄agitating bubbles under vigorously running water at the start of tub filling. Also try stimulating bubbles with your showerhead
  • Change the scent of your Bubble Bath by adding 4-6 drops of our pure essential oil blends once the bubble level has been reached
  • If using for newborns dilute with water for a gentle cleansing bubble bath

For Grownups:

  • Especially appreciated by women because the non-irritating formula does not promote yeast or bladder infections
  • Safe for spas and hot tubs

Benefits & Features:

  • Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • No tears
  • No sulfates, DEA or numbing agents
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Our essential oils are tested for purity
  • Non-stripping of delicate mucous membranes, which can lead to yeast or bladder infections
  • Bubbles with soapbark and yucca

Customers rave

Letters & FeedbackHi, CB folks- My wife recently bought a bottle of Overtired & Cranky Aromatherapy Bubble Bath for our 2 year old son here in San Francisco. He was having a hard time getting used to sleeping in his "big boy bed" converted from his crib, you know, getting kind of crabby and wired before bed, so we thought we'd give your product a try. It totally works. He loves bath time, can't wait for bubbles. -K.W

Thank you! I just received my order. The new scents that I had not had before are just perfect. I love!!! the overtired and cranky buble bath!!! I have lots of problems with allergies to "soap" and these prodcuts are so good. Keep up the good work. J. ps Thank you for removing the parabens! =)

Dear California Baby, I recently discovered your products from an online merchant. Last week, my son was diagnosed with a strep infection. The second day after the doctor's visit he was miserable. He refused to eat, drink, or take his medication. My husband and I could do nothing to console him. I remembered that I had a bottle of your "Overtired & Cranky" bubble bath. I gave him a warm bath with it. He stopped crying almost as soon as he got into the tub. After the bath, he ate a meal, drank a glass of juice, and took his medication with no resistance! I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product! I will definitely recommend your products to everyone I know. Sincerely, JC

We love your baby shampoo/wash, and have bought gallons in the past. It's still the great scent that reminds us of our two little ones ages 3+yr and 9mo. It's that quality that made me sure my wife and I would enjoy your bubble bath (Overtired & Cranky...yeah that's us sometimes) and "I Love You" massage oil. Can't wait for Valentine's Day!

I found California Baby products six months ago while vacationing in Sun Valley, ID and I love it!!!!!!!! I wouldn't use or recommend anything else. I have two sons under the age of three and we really enjoy the Overtired and Cranky bubble bath. My sons especially love the bubble wand. Also, the diaper cream is amazing and smells wonderful! There is just no comparison. I am excited to get the word out and try the other products!
Thank you! KB

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