2oz Calming Diaper Area Wash
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Diaper Area Wash 2oz/59mL

Product Description

Age: Newborn and older
Scent: Our special Calming™ essential oil blend that includes French lavender.

A Great Non-Stinging Boo-Boo Spray!
Product description:
Just the right size to tuck into an already too full diaper bag. Spritz for quick on-the-go diaper clean-ups or to cleanse and soothe playground scrapes. Refill from our 6.5 ounce or half-gallon sizes.
California Baby® Diaper Area Wash gently cleanses with plant and flower extracts such as tea tree, calendula, witch hazel, and aloe vera. All of the ingredients in this top-seller are known to be safe and gentle on baby's delicate skin, and have been allergy tested. Our proprietary Calming™ essential oil blend includes French lavender, which is known for its soothing properties. The custom fine-mist, lockable sprayer allows for directed application to the skin or you can moisten a cotton pad or clean washcloth to gently clean baby with each diaper change.

Jessica’s Tip: Our Diaper Area Wash may be used full strength or diluted: use a ratio of 10 parts distilled water to 1 part Diaper Area Wash.

For grownups:

  • Great facial cleanser
  • Use instead of harsh chemical feminine or adult personal wipes

Benefits & Features:

  • Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Non-burning, non-irritating, safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin
  • Soothes & cleans diaper area
  • Use to soothe & clean simple cuts and scrapes all over the body
  • Fine-mist sprayer allows for directed application to cotton pad, washcloth, or skin
  • Only plant-based ingredients-no chemicals
  • Dilute ratio of 10 parts distilled water to 1 part Diaper Area Wash for use as a homemade diaper wipe solution
  • Use at each diaper change to insure diaper rash protection
  • Use in combination with our Calming™ Diaper Rash Cream or Calendula Cream
  • Great travel size

Customers rave

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you. I have been cloth diapering my twin daughters for 17 months and have been battling diaper rash for most of that time. Every time they got a rash, I would have to switch to disposable diapers, in order to use diaper rash cream. It broke my heart to have to throw those diapers in the trash. I found out about California Baby about a month ago and it has made a world of difference. My girls are still rashy (I think they always will be), but now I can keep them in cloth when they have a rash. The calming cream seems to really relieve the pain and the diaper area wash does wonders to ease their discomfort, too. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making such a gentle product that is cloth diaper compatible. - S.K. Green Bay, WI

Our daughter had a horrible rash, and all the products even the prescription would not help it. After doing some research online we came across a post recommending California Baby® Diaper Area Wash. My husband went to Target to get it immediately. Within two hours of using it her rash went from a bright red to a light pink. Unbelievable!!! We are so thankful to have found something that works. Our daughter went from screaming at diaper changes to laughing. Never will we use anything on her bum but California Baby®. Thank you! J&D.M.

I wanted to write you a quick note about your FAB U LOUS "Diaper Area Wash" which I have been using to treat the occasional diaper rash on my son (I use cloth, creams are a no go!) and a booboo spray for my 4 year old daughter... Today I used it on myself for the first time, and I am sooo impressed and thankful! I got stung by a wasp while working in my garden. My daughter actually suggested to use booboo spray on it :) and so I did. WOW. I went from feeling like someone was sticking a lit match on my leg to 100% OK before it was even dry!!! Thank you for an amazing product. :) -K.A. Westfield, IN

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love your products. Your Non-Burning & Calming Diaper Area Wash is a staple in our house. It's rare for my son to suffer from a diaper rash but when he does - this product is a lifesaver! I use it all the time on him, even when he doesn't have a rash, and have also made my own wipes with it. Any product that has more than one use gets an A+ in my book!! K.S - Meredith, NH

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you that I absolutely love love love the diaper area wash. My mother and I have a cloth diaper business therefore, my son has never worn a disposable diaper. He is now 3 years old and was potty trained around 2 but he still wets at night. He is so big and wets so much that by morning he is really stinky. I tired to wipe the urine off using regular baby wipes which did nothing for the smell and he would eventually end up with a rash. I would bath him and that did work but we prefer bathing close to bed time instead of in the morning. Then I discovered your diaper area wash. Now when he wakes up I soak a cloth wipe with water, spray the cloth liberally with the diaper area wash and then wipe him down. He does not stink after he is wiped and the rashes have completely stopped. Thank you so much for such a wonderful wonderful, natural product that actually works. We are hoping to have a second baby and I plan to only use your diaper area wash and not baby wipes. I recommend your products to anyone that I can, including our diaper customers; we have a link to your site from ours. Thank you again from a very pleased customer, M.Y.

Dear California Baby: I am an editor at a parenting magazine, so I thought I had seen and heard it all when it comes to kids and their butts. But when my daughter broke out in a diaper rash that wouldn't quit, I was at a loss. I tried everything (or so I thought), and after countless visits to the pediatrician, eventual referral to a dermatologist that resulted in several visits, and a lot of money spent on prescriptions for one thing or another, I was at my wits end. The dermatologist said that if we couldn't figure it out soon that we would have to take a biopsy of my poor baby's diaper area. Upset and looking for help, I went to my local Whole Foods Market. We shop for food there often, but I had never really looked in the kids homeopathy section. I stopped to see if there were any new ideas for me there, and I came upon California Baby's Non-Burning and Calming Diaper Area Wash. I figured, what the heck. So I took it home, and, along with Seventh Generation Diapers, gave it a try. And we managed to do something we hadn't done in weeks -- reverse the course of her irritation. Adelaide went from having a diaper area that hurt so badly she cried each time we touched it (with skin so irritated it was wrinkling)...to today, less than 48 hours later, having some redness that is still getting less and less. I want to cry I am so relieved, and I am now a complete and total devotee to your wash. The first time I sprayed it on her little bum and vaginal area, she stopped crying. It soothed her and made it hurt less immediately, and with repeated use (when we have #2, we use it along with toilet paper to get the stickies off), she is getting better. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know what else to say except that I wish I had figured this out sooner. I will be talking about California Baby products to every mom I come in contact with! Your product is amazing. Most sincere thanks, A.L.E.

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