Natural Pregnancy

A Natural Pregnancy All women—pregnant or not—have skin that is constantly changing from dry-to-oily and back again. Bring some balance to your skin with this rich, yet non-greasy cream. California Baby's Natural Pregnancy products are specifically designed to deliver the perfect amount of moisture to the places your body needs it most. California Baby Natural Pregnancy Nourishing Cream is loaded with a pure blend of high quality emollients and plant and flower extracts that offer gentle skin soothing benefits like hydration and protection. Perfect even for sensitive skin, the cream will leave your body feeling soft and pampered after each application. Our certified organic cocoa butter is very high quality and has a delicate scent (not heavy like other cocoa butters) and provides superior moisturizing and a satiny finish; Mimosa flower wax adds a floral note and a luxurious texture, making application a sensual experience; and pure essential oils of soothing Roman chamomile, refreshing lemon and cooling peppermint combine to provide a gentle aromatherapy lift that is easy on the senses.

Our Natural Pregnancy products are being repackaged and are currently not available. Here are some recommended products to help skin stay beautiful throughout your pregnancy.