Natural Hygiene

California Baby® makes hand washing fun! Unlike traditional soaps or chemical-based hand washes, which can actually dry and crack the skin with frequent use (making children less likely to wash their hands), California Baby® Wash-Up! Moisturizing Hand Washes contain only natural cleansers and organic and sustainably grown ingredients that are healthier and gentler on sensitive skin. As any mother, schoolteacher or nanny knows, getting children to wash their hands regularly is quite a challenge but by simply following California Baby's step-by-step static cling, using the California Baby motto: "Soap + Vigorous Hand Rubbing for 20 Seconds = Destroys Microbes!" staying healthy this cold & flu season is a snap. The static cling is included free of charge with every bottle of handwash purchased from our website.

Super Sensitive

Eucalyptus Ease


Squeaky Clean!