California Baby’s Mombassador program is structured around spokes- moms who love the healthy family lifestyle that California Baby helped pioneer twenty years ago. They love California Baby products, interacting with moms, dads and their kids, handing out samples and giving demonstatrations. Mombassadors share their enthusiasm via social media and personal interaction. California Baby is about honest, real, innovative products that come from a place of love. They always have. We want to capture the goodness of this solid foundation and celebrate this healthy heritage our founder, Jessica originated. We understand real mothers and their drive to give their kids the best this world has to offer. We want to highlight mothers who care for their families and the planet while making healthy decisions every day. The California Baby Mombassador Program is an innovative, fun approach that allows amazing moms like you to join our team, be part of our ecosystem, and engage in conversation around all-things happy, healthy, and natural-living.