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"With 3 teenage "babies" of my own, California Baby products have been part of my household for years! Their natural based products have been the perfect fit for my sensitive, fair skinned "little ones". The Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen is one of my favorites because it's vegan formula is non chemical, non staining and is produced in Los Angeles, CA. I recommend it for anyone, any age!" Dawn Rodrigues, Mrs. California United States 2013

As a 60 year-old man, I have searched for decades for an after shave balm to take the sting out razor burn and actually add moisture without a lingering fragrance. I not only have sensitive skin but simply do not tolerate fragrances. At long last, your Calendula Cream fits the bill. The razor burn on my neck is diminished and my skin feels baby soft. The absorption is amazing. I do not shave without using California baby Calendula cream. - J.E.

Thank you so much! I don't know what we would do without your Super Sensitive body wash & shampoo, the leave-in conditioner and detangler. My daughter gets a rash any time we used a commercial product on her. The doctors keep telling me she will grow out of it. We started using your products when she was a baby and she's 5 and a half now with no changes. We even use the super sensitive sunscreen and bug repellent. I'm so happy there are products out there I can trust. We will never use anything else! Thanks so much, R.S

Hello! I just wanted to send a thank you to California Baby for making such great products. I have used the Calendula Cream on my son for almost two years for his eczema and it is the only product that helps! I knew your product lines were awesome from my son's experience, but I have been amazed at what it has done for my skin. I have adult cystic acne and I have tried everything-prescription and nonprescription-including a year of antibiotics and Accutane. We went out of town about two months ago and I forgot my facial regime, so I ended up using my kids tea tree and lavender soap and super sensitive lotion. I have NOT stopped using it! My skin is clearer than it has been in years and more balanced a far as oily/dryness and general redness. I am shocked and so thankful! Just wanted to send a big thank you to the maker of this product! A loyal and devoted consumer, J.M.

Around 4 weeks old my baby daughter developed baby acne that was very red and dry and all over her face and neck. I read about your Baby California Calendula product and figured trying it would not hurt. One week later her skin is beautiful. It is now 'baby' soft and smooth despite it being winter. I am so happy to now be able to see her precious baby face clear. Thank you so much for this fantastic product! Regards, L.L.

I just wanted thank California Baby for all of the great products you provide for our children. I have been using all of your baby products mostly the shampoo and diaper rash cream for my daughter ever since she was born she is a year and a half now. I've never seen such great results and I love how organic and natural your ingredients are there is nothing more important to me than the safety and health of my little girl. I look forward to using more of your products in the future. Thank you! - D.A. Corona, CA

I just wanted to tell you all how much I love your products! I love knowing that I can trust it to be the best and safest for my baby! Thanks for doing such an amazing job! - A.B. Rineyville KY

When my daughter was a baby we used your calming spritzer every night and loved it! She is now 3 and we have turned to you again for help. After a recent bout with a scary nightmare I took a bottle of spray covered the label with pink glitter paper and silver stars and told her it was "pixie spray" that would make the bad dreams fly away. We love our "pixie spray," and how it helps her relax and makes her feel safe. Thank You for such a wonderful product that I will continue to keep on hand! - B.P. Parrish, FL

California Baby Calendula Cream has worked wonders for my 6 month old son and me. We live in a state with almost no humidity, so my son's eczema was terrible... until we started using your cream. What a difference! We found out that my baby has a nut allergy after his pediatrician recommended a body cream that had almond oil in it and he broke out in a horrible rash. I started looking for a new lotion or cream, but EVERYTHING had almond oil in it or something that made me too nervous to put on his skin. I finally found your product after what felt like hours in the baby skin care section, and yours was the only allergen free cream, so I went for it. Thank you! Your calndula cream smells great, and my little doesn't cry when I put it on his skin like some of the other creams that I tried did. There was such a noticeable difference in his skin after just a couple of uses over a 24 hr. period. My hands are also super grateful! Thank you so much!

My daughter has had a diaper rash on and off for the past 3 weeks that wouldn't seem to heal fully. I tried a prescription cream for yeast, traditional zinc oxide ointment, and leaving her diaper off for a few hours a day and nothing worked. I just received my California Baby Diaper Area Wash and Calming Cream yesterday and the rash is gone! I love that it is compatible with cloth diapers as well. What wonderful products, I'm recommending your company to all my friends! Thank you very much!

My daughter is 6 months old and for the first 2 months she had horrible dry skin and exzema. I tried California Baby Body and Hair Wash, and she has never had it again. We use California baby only, lotion, soap and sun screen! We love your products!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you. I have been cloth diapering my twin daughters for 17 months and have been battling diaper rash for most of that time. Every time they got a rash, I would have to switch to disposable diapers, in order to use diaper rash cream. It broke my heart to have to throw those diapers in the trash. I found out about California Baby about a month ago and it has made a world of difference. My girls are still rashy (I think they always will be), but now I can keep them in cloth when they have a rash. The calming cream seems to really relieve the pain and the diaper area wash does wonders to ease their discomfort, too. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making such a gentle product that is cloth diaper compatible. - S.K. Green Bay, WI

I am a huge fan of the Tea Tree & Lavender products. My son had terrible cradle cap from birth. The pediatrician told me to use an OTC dandruff shampoo daily. It was so harsh and couldn't get anywhere near his eyes. After a year, his cradle cap was still an issue and had, in fact, gotten worse. I was in Target and stumbled upon this product. Within a few uses his cradle cap completely cleared up. I couldn't believe it! Its a miracle product, truly. I use it for every bath time. I now use the sunscreen and bug spray as well. Thank you thank you thank you! I will continue to recommend your products. - K.M.

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for producing such a quality product. My son is two and has had excema flare ups off and on since he was a baby. We stumbled upon California Baby bath products and they are working great. I love the smell and as a mom love knowing that I am getting him clean with gentle and safe ingredients. The price is worth the quality product and I am so happy that we have found your product!! K.M. Austin, TX

Hi, I just wanted to suggest marketing/selling your Super Sensitive Shampoo/body wash as EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. It is incredible! I purchased Super Sensitive for my newborn, but once was traveling without eye makeup remover and used a spot of her shampoo on my lashes. After the wash, my eye lashes felt very soft and completely clean. That never ever ever happens with any remover I've purchased, especially the all-natural ones. I'm always left with at least a film of flakey mascara. Also, most removers sting my eyes much more; California Baby doesn't. I now keep my own bottle of Super Sensitive in the shower and by my sink-- and am still using it for my baby. It's a wonderful, trustworthy product. I know it might be more complicated to sell a product for use directly around the eyes (?), but honestly, this is the best product out there for removing mascara. It's not just me--when friends came to stay to meet our newborn and asked to borrow remover, I handed them Super Sensitive and said try this, and wa-la. Now my single, childless friends keep Super Sensitive in their medicine cabinets also. Anyway, I hope this is helpful! I imagine the people who work at California Baby probably already use these products for absolutely everything. Best, Megan

Hi there! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your wonderful products. My family tries to use the best, most natural products out there - especially for our one year old! Our son has very dry skin at times and your products are so gentle and soothing that they are perfect for him. We use the super sensitive bathsoap and the calendula lotion (we also use the sunscreen). The smell is amazing as well! He also has a full head of curly ringlets that was quite daunting to tame at first (he was born with a full head of hair). I use your leave in calendula conditioner now and it produces the cutest, glossiest curls ever! I have written about your products on my blog and am planning on doing a you tube video showing how I do his hair. Everywhere we go, moms come up to me and ask me what I use in my son's hair. Most of the moms in the mom's group I run are now loyal customers. I often joke that I should have kept CB to myself since my local Target is now often out of your products. Thank you again for caring enough to put such wholesome, natural products on the market. I will never go back to the other products with all of those scary ingredients!! You are truly appreciated! Sincerely, A.&K.M.

Hi, I must tell you that I am a mother that has been researching about eczema and writing about eczema treatment and care products on my site http://Beautyliciousyou.com/baby-eczema.html. I have written a full page review on my site because I cannot believe how healing and soothing your products are. My baby is now 9 months old have been battling with eczema since she was 3 weeks old. I have been searching for a product range that I can use on her safely that will aid the healing of her skin and not irritate her skin. I bought the super sensitive shampoo and body wash and the calendula cream. I was amazed at the results after just one use of both of them. No exaggeration, my daughter who's skin had just calmed from a flare and had thickened crusty areas, straight away felt smooth and supple. Her skin felt silky after just one use... that is truly unbelievable. Her skin felt nourished and transformed straight away. The calendula cream makes her skin glow and you can see that it is healing the skin. After just a week, my baby is a different baby. I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to make contact with your products here in london. She is less itchy and her skin is looking healthier and healthier everyday. I truly wish I had known of your products when she was born, I will definitely be using your products on my next baby from birth. I really do thank you for maintaining the natural integrity of your products and cannot wait for the remainder of my products to arrive as I have now ordered more; the super sensitive conditioner and super sensitive everyday lotion. California Baby has my full support and I will be telling everybody about it, I hope to increase its awareness here in London as well as the rest of the World through my website and the full review on your products are here: http://www.beautyliciousyou.com/cures-for-eczema.html. Please feel through to link to it and use it as I want other mothers who were also at their wits end to try it. Kind Regards, F.O. London, UK

Hello! I wanted to take the time so say how much I love your products for my daughter! She is three now and still has sensitive skin. We use the sensitive shampoo and conditioner! I wish Target sold the conditioner as they do the shampoo. We still have to buy that online so I normally stock up when I buy it through diapers.com We also love the bug spray! Which I love that Target now sells :) For some reason the pesky mosquitios love her sweet skin and with your product it keeps them away! We have a bottle of it always with us plus I leave one at her daycare! Even the other moms have asked about it and have started using it. The smell is a major plus and knowing that there are not any harsh chemicals that we are putting on our children. Thank you again for your wonderful products! -L.R. Pinellas Park, FL

Our daughter had a horrible rash, and all the products even the prescription would not help it. After doing some research online we came across a post recommending California Baby Diaper Area Wash. My husband went to Target to get it immediately. Within two hours of using it her rash went from a bright red to a light pink. Unbelievable!!! We are so thankful to have found something that works. Our daughter went from screaming at diaper changes to laughing. Never will we use anything on her bum but California Baby. Thank you! J&D.M.

I just wanted to share how much I appreciate the California Baby line. I knew I wanted natural products for my son, and I tried the California Baby line first and have loved it since. I particularly use the body wash on my son everyday. He is fresh, clean and skin so soft. I attribute much of his great skin to the fact that I use these products. Thank you! - L.H. Austin, TX

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you making such a quality product. I purchased the Calendula Everyday Lotion at Target due to a recommendation from fellow moms. This lotion not only helped my son's itchy problems, but has also helped with the extremely dry flaky skin on my right hand. My pediatrician had recommended giving my son allergy medication for his itchy skin, but I was not fond of giving him medicine every day. Now I don't need to give him allergy medication! This lotion has helped a LOT in my household. Thank you so much for making a great product! - J.B. Chowchilla, CA

Dear California Baby, I have four children and it was after the birth of my first son that I began to use California Baby Calming Body Wash and I absolutely love it! Recently we tried the detangler and I am so thrilled. My hair is past my waist and hard to please. But it's so much easier to comb through now and it looks so shiny and bouncy! I have been using the detangler about two weeks and I get at least one compliment a day. My hair dresser (and dear friend) was so unhappy that I wasn't using "salon product" but today she finally told me that my hair does really look amazing and that she had bought some last night! So I told her to get the baby wash and lotion too. She called me tonight and said she is in love and she is really excited to change to "clean" products for her family!! Thanks for my fabulous hair - J.T. Las Vegas, NV

Dear California Baby employees, I want to thank your company for providing such amazing products for my three year old daughter that I feel 150% safe with. I have been using your shampoos, bath products and sunscreens since my daughter has been a newborn and I refuse to use any other brand. But thank you so much again for giving me the piece of mind I need as a parent. :) Sincerely, J.F.

I just had a beautiful baby girl 3 weeks ago. After 3 days, she started have severe baby acne and some dryness on her scalp. I was desperate to try anything to clear her skin up. I know doctors say to just leave it alone or use breastmilk to clear the acne up. I just couldn't leave it alone, I felt really bad for my daughter. I was going through baby boards to see what other moms were doing to clear the baby acne. That is how I first heard of your product. I just had to try it. My husband and I went to Target to buy the cream and put some on her before bed. In the morning, her beautiful face was already clearing up!! I can see the difference clearly!! Thank you so much for making such an amazing product! I have already started telling everyone I know about your miracle cream!!! - J.C.

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your sunscreen products. I have been using them for a while and watch as the AAP changes it recommendations on what products to use for sun safety... you are always safe and effective. So thank you! - J.R. Swarthmore, PA

Hi! I am a mom of a 13 month old little girl, and we just found out we have one on the way! I am writing because I want to tell you how much I love your sunscreen. I have tried 4 other "baby" sunscreens so far this summer, and they all irritated my daughters skin, caused her eyes to water, and her skin got hot and clogged-- she was miserable! Your product was AWESOME! It was such a relief to know that I was putting a natural, non irritating, effective sunscreen on her. It made for a very pleasant afternoon at the zoo! I would love to be able to try other products and stock up for the summer on the sunscreen. Thank you for such wonderful products!! - E.P Birmingham, MI

I wanted to take a minute to say how much I LOVE your products. When my son had cradle cap I was recommended to try your tea tree and lavendar shampoo and was AMAZED at how quickly it took it away. Since then I have not purchased any other products. I have tons from my baby shower that sit in a box because knowing that your products are safe, and effective I just can't and don't want to use anything else. My husband has questioned it due to the price difference, but you truly get what you pay for! I have recommended your product many times and with our second child on the way it is no doubt that I will be continuing to use your products. The two things I use most often are the shampoo and the sunscreen! Thank you for taking the time to make something that is SAFE for our children, because we all know there are way to many harmful things out there!! Thank you again! - A.L. Oak Creek, WI

Dear CA Baby, My 5 month old son has had terrible eczema since he was about 2 months old. It occurs on his scalp, face, the creases on his body and his back and chest. The poor baby itches non-stop and must be co-slept to make it through a few hours; if he isn't he wakes himself up by scratching and wiggling because of his itchiness. His pediatrician prescribed hydrocortisone for his skin which I was leery about - steroids at 3 months? I researched non-stop to try and figure out what was happening to him. We switched laundry detergents, baby washes and formulas and nothing helped. We even had him allergy tested to see if we were feeding him something that was causing the eczema. Last week I switched him to another brand of lotion and wash that was advertised as gentle and soothing for eczema affected skin. After his bath, I was used to his fussing (I thought it was because baths made him drowsy and he wanted to sleep ASAP) but this past week his post bath fussing changed into screaming meltdowns. I was beside myself on what to do next. I knew of CA Baby from various websites that recommended the products for babies and I have friends who have gone all organic with their cosmetics and foods. All of these resources kept insisting that main stream products aren't what they seem to be, that they're full of abrasive chemicals and phthalates. Honestly, I didn't believe that popular products that have been around for decades could be as bad as some people say. But last night I became a believer. I finally tried the CA Baby Super Sensitive wash and lotion for my son and the change was remarkable. Not only did he not cry and scream after his bath, he wasn't itchy at all and his skin wasn't read and irritated. I couldn't believe it. I am so happy and relieved and very hopeful that the baby can now have relief from his skin miseries. I have written such a long letter to you because I really wanted to let you know how frustrating and sad this journey has been. I am so thankful that this product exists and is available at regular stores. I love that I can read the ingredients and understand what all of them are (as opposed to other brands). The wash is so gentle and the lotion is super creamy and makes the baby smell like candy (I assume its the coconut oil, yum). I hope one day CA Baby will make a laundry detergent as I would buy it in a snap! Congratulations on a great product line and please keep up the good work! Sincerely, T.L.

Amazing Results, thank you. Our beautiful little girl had a spot behind her neck that was bright red (not brown) and every Doctor and Dermatologist said it was a birth mark. As our girl grew the spot started to scale and it was hurting her and despite trying all of the 'doctor's product lines' we wanted to give this a go. What a difference. That very next morning we saw a 40% improvement on size, skin health, as well as her lack of irritation when we applied this cream. Thank you. We have recommended this to a friend and her response is included. "I just wanted to say thank you for recommending this lotion to me. It has made such a difference in baby's skin. I was so afraid he wasn't going to be able to wear shorts this summer b/c his legs were so itchy... but the calendula lotion has fixed that problem. Thanks so much for sharing" Just wanted to share to those parents out there looking for quality products that work and are baby safe and baby approved. From M.J - Apex, NC

Just wanted to drop a note to say that my 6-month-old daughter and I LOVE California Baby Calendula Cream. She gets a little dab of it on her face and neck every morning and every night, and a whole-body rub-down with it after each bath. It smells SOOOOOO good and indeed helps all those little mystery scratches go away. We've even used it to help heal a little minor diaper rash. Admittedly, it's a pricey lotion, but I gladly pay the premium for such a quality product. Thanks, and keep up the good work. S.S. - Lexington, KY

I just wanted to send praises your way for the baby sunscreen & Natural Bug Blend Bug Spray. We recently moved to the "country" and couldn't find anything to keep the bugs away from our 6 month old baby girl. A friend recommended this and it is AWESOME! So thank you! J.D.

Both my daughters have sensitive skin and when my oldest got some kind of rash/eczema on her face, your product was the only thing that helped. We use the Calendula Nature's First Aid. Prescriptions and visits to the dermatologist didn't help. Love this and so do my kids. The smell is nice too. Thank you so much for helping my daughter get her skin clear again. S.M. Palm Bay, FL

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your wonderful products. We found out (through trial and error, unfortunately) that my daughter has a skin sensitivity to citric acid. She was only a few months old when we finally made the link by trying various brands of lotions, body washes and shampoos. After lots of searching,the ONLY products we found without citric acid were made by California Baby! We immediately switched to only California Baby products and now my daughter has had scream-free baths for 2 years! Thank you so much for creating a product that is good for my child in every way. We are truly grateful! G.F. Crestview, FL

Hello! I just wanted to say how great I think your sunscreen is! I had no idea how many toxins were in sunscreen until I started to do some research. It's quite surprising. I had found yours to have great reviews and searched all over for it. I love that it is light and how it does not have any added fragrance. I will recommend this to all of my friends and family. Thanks for making such a great product! C.T. - Baltimore, MD

I am just writing to you to tell you and your company how much I LOVE your products!!! I am a Naturopathic medical student and I know how harmful most products are on the market; so I am excited to know that I can trust your company have quality products! I use many products for my son and plan on continuing to use them for my daughter who is due in August! I also recommend your products, especially your SPF to all my friends, family and patients! I just wanted to thank you and let you know how awesome your products are! Thank you!!! K.B. -Tempe, AZ

Letters & Feedback I just wanted to submit a testimonial of how much my family LOVES this product! My 14 month old daughter has had eczema since she was born, and while we are combating it internally with homeopathic remedies, I really feel that the only lotion that has made a lick of difference in the overall health and softness of her skin has been your California Baby Calendula Cream and Lotion! We literally saw a change in her skin overnight, as well as a great deal less itching, which would keep her from getting some good rest. I even went so far as to hunt down a woman at a Whole Foods who walked away with a different eczema-treatment lotion to tell her about how much success we had with your product instead! Your product also puts my mind to rest about concerns with its level of safety on my daughter's delicate skin, and both my fiancé and I truly appreciate the strides your company has taken to make eco-friendly products! We are expecting our second baby at the end of this July and our registry is filled with your products. Keep up the fabulous work and we will do our part to help spread the word! - A.R. The Colony, TX

Letters & Feedback I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I have a 2 yr old and a 6 month old. I have tried your shampoo, lotion, and diaper creams. They are all great. I love your high quality products and I feel confident using them on my children. I can't wait to try your sunscreen this summer. Thanks so much. - S.S. Chambersburg, PA

Letters & Feedback I just want to say thank you for making baby products that are gluten free and casein free, as a soon to be mom with Celiac disease this is highly important to me. I also plan on cloth diapering and seeing that your diaper rash cream is cloth diaper friendly is also a plus! When I have my baby the end of this year, I plan on purchasing California Baby products. - L.S. Austintown, OH

Letters & Feedback Hi, I read about your product on a blog looking for something to clear up my face other than antibiotics. I didn't want to use antibiotics because they are the same ones you get for many illnesses and I didn't want them to become ineffective in case I got sick. A rash is not as bad as un-treatable bronchitis! I found your products at Target. I started using your face/body wash unscented for my face, your everyday lotion on my face, and the "boo boo" witch hazel spray dabbed on twice a day. I also have a travel size calendula lotion that I put on during the weekend days. My dermatitis has cleared up in two weeks. Someone said it was expensive- but your products are a lot cheaper than department store products and other specialty store products. Thank you so much! P.S. I have two pregnant nieces who will be getting gift packages of your products at their showers. - S.H. Greenwood Village, CO

Letters & Feedback I just wanted to thank you for such a great product! I recently purchased the sunscreen for my 7 month old daughter. I think that your product is great and I feel she is protected. I am so glad that I found your sunscreen for her. I just wish that I had found you while I was pregnant with her!! Great work! - J.D. Ormond Beach , FL

Letters & Feedback I just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for putting out a great product that I can feel peace about using it on my children. My boys have sensitive skin and your products are the only one that doesn't cause their skin to break out from use. Thank you and keep up the great work! K.S.

Letters & Feedback I just wanted to write and thank you for your amazing products! I have been using California Baby products on my 10 month old since she was born and she has never had a diaper rash, allergic reaction, or any other issue with her skin and I honestly owe a lot of it to using your products. I am thankful for brands that want to take care of my baby as much as I do :) Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail and for continuing to produce safe effective products for my daughter, - N.R. Los Angeles, CA

Letters & Feedback Hi, CB folks- My wife recently bought a bottle of Overtired & Cranky Aromatherapy Bubble Bath for our 2 year old son here in San Francisco. He was having a hard time getting used to sleeping in his "big boy bed" converted from his crib, you know, getting kind of crabby and wired before bed, so we thought we'd give your product a try. It totally works. He loves bath time, can't wait for bubbles. -K.W

Letters & Feedback I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your products. I just recently started cloth diapering my 10 month old and was turned onto your items. They are amazing! I can't wait to try out your pregnancy items as well the next time around. Keep up the good work! - A.B., Independence, MO

Letters & Feedback Thank goodness for California baby products! To be honest we had never heard of CB previously but received super sensitive body wash and everyday lotion at our baby shower 2 yrs ago. CB is the only product that did not cause a rash on our newborn... and in fact kept her skin looking great... we got so many comments on her gorgeous complexion. Later when she developed scaly patches on her arms I went straight for the CB website to see what products might work and settled on calendula cream after customer testimonials—what a miracle cream! We then added diaper area cleanser and diaper rash cream—both fantastic products. I have even used the diaper rash cream on our daughter's chin which had broken out in a rash while she was drooling from teething. It worked great! I should mention that mommy and daddy have sensitive skin, too (poor babe inherited it) and we have since switched to CB products... we love the calming body wash, calendula body wash, everyday calendula lotion and the aromatherapy spritzers. Thank you CB for products that really work - for the entire family! Best wishes, A.D.

Letters & FeedbackI have been using your bath products off & on since our 4 & 5 year old boys were infants. I am a stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor ( 3 years) and have SEVERE suffered skin damage from radiation treatments and scarring after mastectomy. Recently I have gone through recurring bouts of hives/ rashes that are as of yet (6 + months) unresolved. The ONLY thing that has offered me ANY relief is your Calendula First Aid Cream. (NOT the numerous other ointments & steroid creams suggested by DR.s & dermatologists.) It has soothed my EXTREMELY sensitive skin without stinging, and has helped the irritated tissue heal more readily. I don't know where I would be without it. Thank You for your devotion to creating natural and gentle products. I would recommend them to ANY ONE who needs a superior organic product. A devoted FAN! - C.H.

Letters & FeedbackHello! I just wanted to pass along a "thanks" - I've been suffering from peri-oral dermatitis for the last year. It was really bad and eventually spread to my nose and eyes. I tried everything to get rid of it, antibiotics, prescription topicals, and all kinds of odd stuff suggested by a naturopath (all costing well over $300). Nothing worked! A google search brought me to your Calendula Cream... a trip to Target and 3 weeks later, my face has completely cleared! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. It works like magic! I now use it as an everyday moisturizer and my skin has never felt better. THANK YOU!!!! Best, K

Letters & FeedbackThank you so much for making such a wonderful product! My daughter has really bad eczema and this is the only thing that works! Thank you Thank you! I tell everyone about you! Please keep the products coming! - C

Letters & FeedbackYour products were recommended to me by my best friend after my daughter developed a serious case of eczema (at about 1 month). We had been using Aveeno sensitive skin products and I think that all the synthetics were completely irritating her skin! After only one use of Super Sensitive wash/lotion and an application of Calendula Cream on her face and neck (where she was experiencing the rash) her skin had improved remarkably! I am a total convert. Neither of my kids has used anything other than your line. My daughter is now 15 months and is a total California Baby. I also use the face and body wash as my own face wash. It takes off makeup and debris nicely, plus I know it's gentle for my quickly maturing skin. Thank you very much for your dedication to safe, kind and effective products. And, thank you for making them so accessible (I get mine at Target). - G.D.

Letters & Feedback I just wanted to let you know that your Calendula Cream has saved my life. I am 58 and for the past 6 years have been suffering from eczema and peeling fingertips. The skin around my fingernails were cracked and bleeding all the time. I hated putting my hands in water as it only made my hands and fingers worse. Two months ago my nail tech suggested trying your product. I was at a point that I would try anything. I had been to doctors and dermatologists for 6 years and nothing they gave me helped. My life is sooooooooooo much better now that I am using the cream. My hands and fingers were healed in 3 days of using the cream. I keep a jar by my bed and one in the kitchen. I just want to thank you for developing this marvelous product. You took my pain away. :-) Warmly, S.M. Los Angeles, CA

Letters & Feedback Love it! love it! love it! I buy many of these products for my 18 month son and for friends of mine who are expecting! I couldn't ask for any better of a product! -K.G., Canby, OR.

Letters & FeedbackHello, My son was diagnosed with a severe case of eczema last week! In one week he turned from looking like a normal 3 month old baby to a burn victim! The eczema was sooooo dark, rough, scaly and wet all at the same time. The first thing my doctors put him on... you guessed it... "cortisone"!!! I had to apply it 3 times a day on his face for four days... it only kept getting worse! I go to get a second opinion and they put my little one on 5 different creams! All highly medicated, chemical, for adults cream... his face kept on FLARING every time I even touched it with them! I was crying and about to lose my mind! What is going on here! He kept getting worse! The last straw was 3 days after his meds. At 3am I wake up to him screaming from the top of his lungs... I run to see both his eyes so severely swollen that he couldn't see! I rushed him to the ER. Doctors again had no idea what's going on, they asked me to stop all meds on him until I see my dermatologist again. And that was my wakeup call! From day 1 - I should have listened to my gut feeling. I'm a mother that gave birth with zero drugs because I'm against any chemicals coming near my baby, exclusively breastfeeding for the same reason and now I was slathering him in antibiotics, cortisone, steroids, and God knows what! I threw all his prescribed creams away, went to the nearest Whole Foods, clutching on to my son and went to the skincare section. The woman that worked there was going to cry when she saw my baby; she asked if he had seen a doctor! I asked her to please give me the best thing they have for eczema. She picked CALIFORNIA BABY CALMING CREAM and she said: even if it doesn't help because his condition is very severe, it won't hurt him. It's very safe". From the first time I applied it on him, I knew it was going to work because he didn't scream! He actually loved how cooling it was, he didn't move and seemed to enjoy it. I applied it all over his face, whenever it was absorbed, I would reapply it again! I knew his case was severe and needed severe moisturizing. My plan was not to give his face a chance to be dry again. It's very time-consuming and required me almost to do nothing but hold him all day! The second sign that made me know this was working is I didn't have to hold his hands all the time from attacking his face to scratch it, he wouldn't feel like he needed to itch barely from hour to the next... and this kept on for 24 hours! He also didn't wake himself up because of the discomfort. I applied it while he was sleeping :). I'm holding him now and I can actually recognize my own son :)! The swelling, scales, sores, and redness is GONE! His cheeks still look dry, a little bumpy and pink, but that's about it, he's not even itching any more :)! Two days ago, I was praying for a miracle to cure my son's face! California Baby was it :). THANK U THANK U THANK U!! Can't wait for his dermatologist appointment!! Will walk in with nothing in hand but CALIFORNIA BABY CREAM! ZA, Los Angeles. LOVE U GUYS!! Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

I bought the Calendula Cream from Wholefoods in Union Square whilst I was in New York on a business trip. It has been a very severe winter and my 5 year old son's skin was suffering, it was chapped and everything I had used was stinging including other organic hypoallergenic skincare. The Calendula cream has been a revelation, it worked from application: it relieved the chapping, put moisture back in the skin and did not sting, it has been been quite literally a skin saver. Thank you for producing such a fantastic cream, I will definitely be buying more for my son from the range, in fact I just wish I had bought more whilst I was in NY :) Warmest regards, A.B., Cambridge,UK

Dear California Baby, I just wanted to drop you all a note saying thank you for producing such a wonderful line of products for babies but great for everyone else too. The sensitive skin conditioner has greatly helped my curly headed little boy keep his curls bouncing and kept his head from itching too. We have also used your Calendula Cream regularly for the past two years since my son's birth for any itchy or owwie that came along. So when my father-in-law's arms broke out in a strange rash after a hike in the woods while visiting last summer we didn't hesitate to share some with him. Needless to say he loved it and we had to buy a new jar of cream cause we gave him ours to take with him. Thank you again for offering a great product line. It's a shame it is not more affordable so more people would use it (Do you ever offer coupons?) but we understand that quality ingredients come at a higher price. Thanks again from a happy family, M.R.

Dear California Baby, I am a big fan of California Baby products but, most recently, I have felt a profound sense of gratitude for your Calendula Cream. Eight days ago, my Son was admitted to the hospital for a bacterial infection. His treatment involved antibiotic's given through an I.V. line and, as a side affect of his treatment, he developed diarrhea and a very severe diaper burn. My son's diaper burn was so severe, every diaper change was a painful and tear jerking ordeal, as my Son writhed and cried during diaper changes. Following the advice of the medical staff, I ceased using the wipes offered by the hospital and used gauze in lieu of the wipes. Unfortunately, this did not do much to ease my Son's pain. I was given a Zinc Oxide cream to use but, this also did nothing to ease my Son's pain, nor did it heal his burn. In desperation, I went home and brought several different natural diaper cream's, including your Diaper Area Wash. I also grabbed your Calendula Cream to moisturize his skin, (it makes him smell so good and makes him feel so soft). At first, I tried the Grandma El's I brought but, even this did nothing to soothe him or make his burn recede. I began spraying your Diaper Area Wash, hoping that the healing properties would soothe and help him. His pain was still great, even after switching diapers and placing gauze in the diaper to shield him from the scratchy material. During our stay, a small patch of skin on my collar bone began to itch and spread, believing this to be Eczema, my husband applied your Calendula Cream to my itchy patch and I found instant relief. In the meantime, my Son was still experiencing pain from his diaper burn. One night, I picked up your Calendula Cream, read the label and figured that, if the cream was good for healing skin, maybe it would work on my Son's diaper burn. It turns out that I was right and, I have never been so glad! After one day's use of your Calendula Cream, my Son's diaper burn was on retreat! My Son no longer writhed or cried out in pain during diaper changes. After the second day of using your Calendula Cream, my Son's diaper burn was limited to a small area and, diaper changes were once again, common place. I cannot express how profoundly grateful I am for your Calendula Cream! My Son had already gone through so much, the diaper burn was the last straw but, with the use of your Diaper Area Wash and Calendula Cream, I could take one more anguish away! I never imagined that your Calendula Cream could treat something so severe but, after what it did for my patch of eczema and, how it makes my Son's skin smell so nice and feel so soft, I should have known! God bless you for making such a wonderful product! Sincerely Grateful - An Organic, California Baby-Loving Mom

Thank you for your products. It is very comforting to be able to turn to a full line of safe body and skin products for my children. My boys are 7 and 4 years old. We use the body wash, bug spray, and hand washing products. Before purchasing products I check the skindeep ratings site. California Baby products ALWAYS have consistent great scores for toxicity. - R.Q. NY

My daughter recently had surgery for a knee infection and for the past 3 weeks has been on some very strong antibiotics, which she needs to continue taking for the next 3 weeks. As a result her GI Tract is messed up and she has had the WORST case of diaper rash I have ever seen. I went to the store and bought EVERYTHING I could find to treat the rash. I tried all kinds of creams, and even had the Dr call in a prescription for her. Yesterday I went on-line and read about California Baby products. I went to Whole Foods, and picked up your system. I have to say it is AMAZING!!!!!! Her rash has improved dramatically after just one day of use, and she can tolerate a diaper change now, where before she would scream bloody murder. I was actually in tears when changing her today, and seeing how much better she had gotten overnight. I have to say that I was a little apprehensive about paying so much (this was a little more than I could really afford to pay), but to see my baby girl not in pain any more I would pay any price! I just wish I had found this earlier, and not wasted money on the other creams and salves. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! M-G.G.

I have four kids under 7 years old. My 11 month old has not slept through the night yet! Up at least 3 times a night. My girlfriend suggested the bubble bath and I tried it this past Sunday and each night since. This product is an answer to my prayers. My little one is now sleeping and I use it for even me to rest at night. It is worth the cost though a bit expensive for us. I now am using this bottle sparingly and hope my local Target will have another bottle on the shelf soon. I bought the last one! Thank you. D.H. - Escondido, CA

My 4 week old daughter had such awful baby acne. Everything I read said to leave it alone, that nothing would work except letting it run its course. I noticed, though, that her skin was dry, so I put some Aveeno Baby lotion on it. No effect at all. A few days later, I found a sample of your Super Sensitive lotion that I bought when my son was a baby a few years ago. I put that on her face and I was pretty astonished the next day. Her acne was almost gone. I purposefully didn't put any lotion on the acne on the back of her neck/arms at that time. Her face continued to clear up, but those other areas continued to be covered in acne. I decided to put your lotion on those areas as well and they cleared up in a matter of days. All I had hoped for was making her skin less dry... in addition to the acne, it was flaky. But clearing up the acne was a huge bonus! I went out and bought a bottle of the stuff and it's been terrific. Thank you! G.R. - Mountain View, CA

I had written you in the past once, directly on the website contact page, but was uncertain if my letter had transmitted, and so today I feel compelled to be sure I know I have communicated how pleased I am with your products. My child is a three year old boy who we learned has a severe version of an enzyme deficiency called G6PDD. In short, there is no cure, no medication to help. His body will destroy its own red blood cells if he is exposed to, ingests, or inhales "contraindicated" triggers. This could cause acute hemolytic anemia and death. Legumes and petrochemicals are high on the contraindicated list, as are preservatives food colorings and many genetically modified ingredients. As you must already be well aware, many of these items are easily absorbed into ones' body through the skin. Until my child became gravely ill at 18 months, I had no idea his diagnosis, or how frequently I had been exposing him to these poisons. I just thought he was a sickly baby. I have taken great effort to eliminate contraindicated "triggers" from my childs menu, environment, and hygiene products. I must say that my progress/success in the hygiene, personal care department was waxing & waning until I found "California Baby" product line. I am ecstatic that you have brought this to a market where it is available to me. ( I found it at Target.) Until I learned of California Baby, I had zero options in the sunscreen department (I just kept my child inside during peak sun hours, and put him in wide brimmed hats and long sleeves). There were also no bath bubbles or lotion that were "Mason-friendly". The soap we were using was bar soap since the liquid versions all had petroleum products and soy based ingredients. I simply want to say THANK YOU! Please do not ever change your premium ingredients as the product line you are offering is wonderful exactly as it is. Mason loves that you include the bubble wand in the bath bubbles (very clever!) I love that you are offering product line that will not poison my child. Since I have eliminated legumes, petroleum products, naptha, menthol, colorings and all of those nasty synthetic ingredients, my child has been noteably healthier. He has reported to the pediatrician only for his 3 year old checkup and his upcoming 4 year old checkup in a years time. This is dramatic progress for someone with a history of ongoing infections and illness from his birth up to 2 years old. I would never have believed that the soap I wash with would ever make such a difference had I not witnessed it myself. I recommend California Baby enthusiastically and without reservation. I hope that you continue to grow and introduce more products in your line (we are hoping to see lip balm...) I don't need to tell you that there is a huge market out there who are learning of their intolerance to soy, petroleum, and harsh chemicals. I hope that they all find you as I did. Sincerely, B.K, Lewisberry, PA

Hello, I've been using your products for almost 2 years now and am about to place an order in preparation for the arrival of baby #2 and to give as gifts, so I thought it was about time I sent along some praise. I've exclusively used your calming shampoo & body wash on my daughter since her birth, as well as the body lotion, and I can't tell you how impressed I am with both products. They smell wonderful, but not too strong, which is nice as I am overly sensitive to odors and I think little ones do not need such strong smells so close to them either. I am about to order the conditioner and detangler as well as her hair is now long enough to warrant it. But my favorite product of all has to be the Butt Spray. When my daughter was young, I simply gave her a quick wash in the sink after each bowel movement to prevent diaper rash, but as she got bigger, and we spent more time outside of the house, this became too difficult. I began using the spray instead to help clean up after these messes both when in the house and on the go (the bottle fit just right in my diaper bag) and, as long as I was faithful, she never had a rash. As I'm sure you know, diaper rash can be heartbreaking to deal with as a mom so anything that helped me keep her as clean as possible, thus rash/pain free, while being SO easy to fit into our routine, is an enormous gift. I have tried numerous "natural" rash creams and never liked any of them, so I have decided to try yours now- I am certain I won't be disappointed. I have added the butt spray to my "must-have" list for friends having babies. I have been abroad for the past 4 years so I stock up when back in the States and nothing has ever been more worthy of my luggage space. Thank you for such wonderful products- my whole family sincerely appreciates them. With gratitude from a devoted customer, D.H.

I just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you for your awesome Calendula cream. Whenever my son is teething he always gets a horrible head cold and the only thing that keeps his nose from getting chapped from all the drainage is your cream. I've actually tried other cheaper Calendula's and they don't even compare. Thank you for offering products for babies that don't skimp on ingredients. I really appreciate the quality of your products and just felt like I should pass on my thanks. - M.B. Wheeling, IL

I wanted to offer my praise for your products! I love the calendula lotion, the baby wash and shampoo! I can't wait until I can start using sunscreen on him! I love your whole line! Thank you for making such great products! - L.W. Midwest City, OK

As summer is nearing its end, I just want to say thank you for your awesome sunblock. We live in a high altitude area so the sun is always more intense and it's very easy to sunburn quickly. Thanks to California Baby's sunblock, it's kept my entire family of four safely sunburn-free this summer. I feel confident applying and reapplying it on my 2 small children throughout the day whether they're in water or on dry land. I love the way it feels on my skin which is pretty much non existent! (I usually HATE the feel of any kind of sunscreen on my skin.) Also, thank you for packaging it to be under 3oz so that it can be included in carry ons when traveling by air. Thank you for making a wonderful product! I hope it'll continue to gain popularity so that it's more widely available, especially in mass merchandise stores. I know price is a big concern for us as well as some of our friends who enjoy California Baby products so if we can get them at a cheaper price, that's even better! - N.L. Littleton, CO

My main comment is that I am in LOVE with California Baby products! I discovered your company while researching products on a cosmetics database dedicated to informing consumers about the potentially harmful chemicals contained in everday products. This didn't concern me much until I had a child. My 10 month old now uses California Baby shampoo/wash and lotion. My only regret is that it took serious research and a premium price to keep my daughter safe. I am hoping that other companies catering to children will follow suit. Thank you for your concern for our children! - J.R. Leesville , LA

Hello, I am from Penang, Malaysia! When my son was 2 months old, he had cradle cap all over his head. I tried various product and remedy but nothing seemed to be coming to my aid. Then while searching through the net, I came across your website and immediately searched for local distributor. I ordered Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash through littlegreenbuddies and after using for 1 week my son cradle cap disappeared. From there I was so convinced with your product and I placed further order with doolbydoo where I bought Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash, Calendula Cream and Tea Tree Shampoo and Body Wash. Calendula Cream work wonders for my son, be it a cut or insect bite. My teenage daughter is using the tea tree shampoo and body wash for her acne face and it really works for her!! Thank you for the product and I will continue using for my kids and my future order will be placed directly california baby. Warmest Regards, J.H.

I'm writing to let you know what a wonderful product your 30SPF sunscreen is. I've just purchased the "big jug" of it, all 19 ounces. I have SLE, lupus for short, and MUST be wary of the sun. My dermatologist would prefer I wear a lead suit, but... I have tried a lot of sunscreens and blocks, and I have read the Environmental Working Group's evaluation of each brand I have tried. All of them, except California Baby, have ingredients that could cause cancer. Having to use sunblock every day for, well, forever, this could be a problem. I purchased my first small tube at My Organic Market here in Maryland, and am hooked. Not greasy, no fragrance to make me sneeze or break out, and I don't get white residue on black slacks. I also feel protected. Your products being vegetarian/vegan/cruelty free is also tops in my book. I've also used your sensitive shampoo/body wash and really like it. Because of the lupus, I tend to have sensitive skin and I don't need the stuff I can't pronounce on my skin to make it itch. Thank you for making a wonderful product! Best Regards, E.A.

I just wanted to say Thanks for making such great products. My daughter has eczema. Early this summer her breakouts were so severe, that she was developing infected open sores on her skin. Doctors prescribed numerous medications to treat the eczema. The medicines work and her skin would clear up. But then within a few days after taking her off the medication the eczema would return. Doctors ran allergy test ect, and could not find anything she was allergic too. It took about 2 months, but I finally made a connection that the eczema occurred when we but sunscreen on her (even though we used the same brand of sunscreen last summer). After searching online I found reviews on your product, and decided to try it. Since I have bought your sunscreen she has not had a reoccurrence of the eczema on her arms or legs. She did have a subsequent breakout on her face, but I realized that was due to a change in her shampoo. So we now use your Shampoo and Conditioner as well as. We still have not figured out the underling ingredient that causes the allergic reaction and eczema outbreak, but I know while using your products it does not occur. -J.V. Covington, LA

Dear California Baby - Your Calendula Cream should be classified as a "miracle cure". At 25 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis. This, I was told, is commonly treated with 2-4 weeks of a very strong antibiotic. Because of my pregnancy, this was out of the question...and really, who would want to take such strong medication for a skin rash? My dermatologist prescribed a milder topical gel and I went to work applying it twice daily. Within a week the rash had gotten worse and my mouth was dry. Actually - dry doesn't begin to describe it. Desert-like? Parched? It was awful - and my ability to speak properly was affected! Pregnant, unable to speak properly and with an angry red rash - I was at my wits end. So - I spent some time on several homeopathic remedy websites and heard about the successful use of yogurt, apple cider vinegar and California Baby Calendula Cream to solve my type of dermatitis. Hallelujah! A week later - the rash is dramatically improved, and I can speak again! This is truly my miracle cure. The quality of the cream is impressive - light, but very moisturizing and the gentle lavender fragrance is lovely. I've even started using it on my rapidly growing belly. No stretch marks yet! Thanks for making such an incredible product. You have a customer for life. California Baby products will be used exclusively once our little one arrives. -A.H. Wellesley, MA

Your sensitive skin baby wash is a great product and one that I can absolutely trust. I am trying my best to steer clear of parabens and other chemicals with my daughter and your products have helped me immensely with doing that. You hear so many negative things about some of the more "popular" brands and I always recommend your products to friends. My daughter has beautiful, soft skin and I owe it in part to California Baby! Thank you for a great product! -H.P. Sykesville, MD

Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU, one of my friends told me about your products and she gave me a sample of the Calendula Cream because my son has excema, and we have tried everything so when she told me I ordered it immediately, and with one application it was 100 percent better so I will be spreading the word and I am so thankfull. Sincerely C.H. Palm Coast, FL

Hi, I have been using many of the california baby products and I love the way it feels on my child skin. My child experienced eczema really bad and his doctor told me to get hydrocortisone cream and it made it his eczema look even worse, so I tried california baby eczema and it cleared my baby skin up so nicely. I am so happy with the products. - T.E. Atlanta, GA

I never really thought I had sensitive skin and I always thought it was "normal" to suffer with razor burn on my legs, but I realized I definitely do have sensitive skin after using the Calming lotion. As soon as I started using the Calming lotion, especially after shaving, I never saw any red bumps. Using it on my back has also relieved the small amount of acne on my back. I also love that it has natural preservatives and does not contain vitamin A like a lot of "natural" lotions. Don't ever change the formula and keep on making this lotion! - A.D. Bronxville, NY

I just want to let you know how awesome your products are!! We live in northern WI- the winter leaves us with very dry skin. My son has extremely rough skin and would itch himself until bloody!! Chemical filled lotions sting when applied to damaged skin- he would scream and run post-bath in fear of this torture. One application of your products and his skin was as soft as the day he was born- no burning either. Literally- one application is all it took. My husband had a very dry circle on his arm- one spray of the relief spray and it is gone. I am telling all of my mommy friends and family about California Baby- I hope they try it!! Thank you so much!! P.S. the fragrance is incredible- so light and intoxicating!! - T.S.

I am 34 years old, and have tried almost every product available for treating acne. After researching ingredients, I found that your products were the only products in the ENTIRE store that did not contain any allergens or comedogenic ingredients!! So, I tried the Tea Tree and Lavender Wash, the Diaper Spray (I use it like a toner), and the Calendula Cream--and they changed my life. After 2 weeks of use, my acne disappeared. My skin is now radiant and clear after 3 months of use, and I have even seen a decrease in fine lines! Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating products that deliver on their promises. Also, thank you for remaining an ethical, ecologically-sound company. I don't buy products that are tested on animals or products that are detrimental to the environment; your company has been an answer to my prayers! Keep up the good work--you are mightily appreciated! -D.D. Midwest City, OK

Hello! I've used your products since my son was a baby & have always loved them! I absolutely love the way my children's hair smells when they come out of the tub! :)-A.H. St. Louis, MO

Hello, My eye doc told me to start "scrubbing" (yuck) my eye rim because I had a sty...I didn't want to use JNJ products so I saw your product at Mollie Stone's in Greenbrae and bought it..looked natural...didn't smell...I tried it and once found out it didn't irritate (not that it would but I'm squeamish about this eye region) I continued to use...the key is it keep up... this "scrubbing" to clear the pores...well...after the sty went away...I said why not try it as a shampoo and body wash, after all I should use it...so after one washing I felt so clean and fresh. So I'm sold. Will keep around for any stys and use to cool off during the Sacramento summers. Thanks for developing... R.R.

I've never been so impressed with a product as I have been with the California Baby products. My 3 month old daughter had had skin problems pretty much from birth. Her pediatrician said she just had sensitive skin. Claire suffered through horrible baby acne at 1 month and then it rapidly progressed into an eczema-like rash from her chin to her ankles. She was covered in sandpaper like splotches on her thighs and stomach and anywhere she had a crease or fold was red and raw. I searched the internet for ANYTHING that might give her some relief. I spent over $180 on lotions, creams, and ointments that didn't help one little bit. Her pedi suggested switching her formula to a hypoallergenic. Her rash actually got worse! One night, while I was at the end of my rope, I ran across a thread for moms of babies with eczema and one of the moms raved about your products. Naturally, I ordered the trial kit right away but I was skeptical at this point that there was any help for my baby. In TWO days, my daughter had significant improvement in her skin. After two weeks Claire now has beautiful, rose petal soft skin without even a hint of the old rash that she had. I know that everyone's experience will be specific to them but my family will be sticking with your products from here on out. Thank you so so much for having such an amazing product line! -S.D.

Hello -- I just wanted to write your company to tell you how much your shampoo/body wash has changed my daughter's life. She had battled TERRIBLE cradle cap for months and months. We had tried EVERYTHING short of medical intervention (which we did not want to do). A friend of mine told me about your products and I decided to give your tea tree and lavendar shampoo a try. Within a month, she had very few scabs and today, she is cradle cap FREE! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is because of your wonderful product. Thank you and please continue making such superior products!! -K.Z. Crawfordville, FL

I wanted to write you a quick note about your FAB U LOUS "Diaper Area Wash" which I have been using to treat the occasional diaper rash on my son (I use cloth, creams are a no go!) and a booboo spray for my 4 year old daughter... Today I used it on myself for the first time, and I am sooo impressed and thankful! I got stung by a wasp while working in my garden. My daughter actually suggested to use booboo spray on it :) and so I did. WOW. I went from feeling like someone was sticking a lit match on my leg to 100% OK before it was even dry!!! Thank you for an amazing product. :) -K.A. Westfield, IN

love your product, as a grandmother of 2 very young babies, your product goes on nicely and I don't have to worry about their eyes being red or stinging Which if anyone has ever had sunblock in their eyes, knows exactly what I am talking about. Thanks again... -T.N. Action, CA

Some might call us neglectful parents, but we went backpacking with our 10 month old son through Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. If you look online at the health webistes, everything says to use ridiculously high concentrations of DEET for the Guatemalan jungle and the other places where we went. All 3 of used our California Baby bug spray (and passed it out to others along the way) and our 10 month old did not get one single bite (and neither did we!). It was nice not worrying about the effects of all the chemicals and being able to reapply often, the smell is great, and our sweet baby laughed every time we sprayed him because he loved the cool mist on his legs in that heat. This was the first California Baby product I've used and I am absolutely convinced. Tropical malaria-carrying jungle bugs were no match for California Baby! -A.E.

Love, love, love your baby products. My daughter has had issues with eczema since birth. She is now 18 months old and nothing has completely worked. We have tried multiple products, including steroid creams. I was persuaded by an employee at a local organic grocery store to try the California Baby products and I could not believe how the products immediately started to improve my child's skin. We tried the Calendula shampoo, body cream and the sun scream. The shampoo leave my daughter's hair soft and smooth. With other shampoos, her hair was greasy after a day or so. This shampoo keeps her hair clean looking and oil free for days. The body cream and sunscreen goes on so smooth and absorbs great. I am a fan from here on out. Thanks for the great products. -C.R. Omaha, NE

Thank you California Baby for your amazing calendula cream. We have used your baby soap since birth! At 4 months old my baby developed eczema so we tried the stuff the pediatrician recommended. We switched to their soap and cream. Well the eczema got increasingly worse and I didn't like using those product with all the chemicals so we switched back to CB soap and picked up the calendula cream with hope! Well a week later the eczema is barely there! So thank you for providing a product that works and isn't filled with harmful chemicals. -D.H.

As an expecting mom readying a nursery, I've searched for baby shampoo/wash and lotion that met, what I considered, some simple criteria: dye-free, no added fragrance, free of common allergens, no parabens/sulfates/phthalates, biodegradable, not tested on animals, and vegan-friendly. It seems to me that if one company can produce a product that meets these expectations, all companies should, but California Baby Super Sensitive is the only product line I've found that meets all of my expectations. Thank you for producing reasonably-priced, widely-available products that I can feel good about using on this little bun once she's done in her oven :) -KR

Let me tell you that my baby's eczema was cured with the calendula cream... I just started using it Sunday, and 3 days later it is gone... Thanks for making such good products... I love them... - D.P Chicago, IL

Hello i am a mother of 3 small children and i love your products...they love your products!!! I have tried so many different things and none of them have compared to yours. keep up the good work!!! our favorite is definitely the calming line...just great! Sincerely, S.L. - Malibu, CA

I am singing praises for CA Baby these days. I've told all my family, friends and anyone else I meet who has a baby, or has a baby struggling with similar problems as my own babies. I have 4 kids. I've used lots of products on my kids before. Especially the diaper variety type, but I've also used the skin lotion types as well. I've been amazed by the CA Baby products that I've been using. My 2 yr old son's diaper rash seems to be magically soothed and healed with just one application of the Calming Diaper Rash Cream. The Swimmer's Defense shampoo and conditioner help keep my kids hair chlorine free from swimming lessons & helps keep my hair the same as well (I swim daily to workout – an hour a day, and that's hard on your hair!) My biggest praise, goes out to the Aloe Vera Cream. I'd been using another "natural" lotion on my babies eczema. At her 4 mos appoint with the Ped's dr he told me that I needed to "do something" about her eczema. I had been "doing something" since her 2 mos appointment. That day I remembered I had been using the Aloe Vera cream on my own face after having her and it had kept my face moisturized for all of those after pregnancy dried out days that happen early. With one application of the cream that evening before bed, her face had cleared up 90% by the next morning! The redness was completely gone, the itchy scaly bumps were gone! I was so impressed with just one application of the cream. We've continued to use it and within just two more weeks it only flairs up if we forget to use it on her face, but the flair up is mild compared to what it was, and there is no redness that returns at all. These products are just great and I'm adding to my collection of "must haves" from the CA Baby website, trying out other products as we go along! Thanks CA Baby! - L.W.

I began using the California Baby Calming Shampoo and Body Wash and Everyday Lotion 3 years ago for my daughter (now 3 1/2) due to her extremely sensitive skin. The wash was great for her, and it has been wonderful for our son (1 year old) to tame his eczema and cradle cap. The Calming Bubble Bath is a wonderful, non-irritating addition to bath time. Once my daughter got older, we found that we use a little more wash in her hair to get all the dirt and 'gunk' out. An increased amount tends to dry her hair out the hair a smidge – which led me to the de-tangler. I HIGHLY recommend using the California Baby Hair De-tangler! It is wonderful!! It's also great to use between washings if you need to 'tame' the hair a bit. Our experience with California Baby also includes the Calming Diaper Rash Cream. This fantastic product, as well as the flip-top cap and easy-to-squeeze plastic tube, makes diaper time easier for both me and my son. Now, after years of struggling with products for my own ultra-sensitive skin, I have begun to use some of the California Baby Calming products, too. I love the clean smell and feel of the Shampoo and Body Wash. I have very fine hair, and the California Baby Calming Hair Conditioner is so light that I can even use a dime-size amount as a leave-in. Thanks for making simple, natural products that actually work. It's so great to have no tears, healthy skin, shiny hair, and wonderfully scented children. Thanks, California Baby!! E.W. -Delaware, OH

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your products! I am a super sensitive skin type and everything makes me itchy! I could not use any sort of bath or body product without some adverse reaction until I came upon your products. Ok, I am obviously not a baby, but I use your shampoo/body wash for myself anyways and love, love, love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep up the good work! Thanks a million, A.D - Port Saint Lucie, FL

I just wanted to let you know that I am a writer who recently researched your product for an article for Livestrong.com, and I must say, I am impressed with your company. I am a mama to two who strives to protect their precious, priceless bodies from the world, and I don't think I've ever come across a company who is quite so committed to doing right by both people and the earth. While I've used some California Baby products in the past, I'm going to try more of your products to see what works best for my kids. I enjoyed learning about the history of your company, and I intend to spread the word to my friends (who never read my freelance work!) about what a great company you are. Thanks! A.M. - Williamsburg, VA

Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful products you all make. I've been using them for about 6 years on my two boys. I just posted to a social group I have on parenting about the Cold and Flu line I use even out of the season as my son has bad allergies. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Cold and Flu line especially the essential oil that I use in the humidifier and diffuser. I also make a sprits and spray it on my 2 yo blankie when he has a cold. LOVE it, saved many a night that could have gone sleepless! I'm using it tonight for my son's allergies, massage oil, spritz and oil helps him sleep beautifully. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! - M.R.
p.s I cannot always afford CB but I look for special and grab the deals you cannot pass!

Thank you so much for your Aloe Vera Cream! It has worked wonders on our 9 month old baby's eczema on his face, esp. chin and around the mouth. I've tried a lot of things, Aquaphor, Vaseline, Cera Ve lotion, Cetaphil lotion... they all didn't work! Then I tried the Aloe Vera Cream on his face and just overnight you could see a big difference, his face was not so red. Within the next two days, his face has cleared up so much... he's skin is more mosturized so he is not itchy and rubbing those areas. I had tried your Calendula Cream when he was 4 months old but it did not clear up his eczema, I know for some that had worked. I am so thankful that I finally found this Aloe Vera Cream so that he can get some relief from his eczema! Thank you! Thank you! - D.H.

Hello, I am a big fan! When my daughter was only a few days old she developed the worst looking diaper rash. It was a contact dermititis. (Her pediatrician would later tell me it's the worst he's EVER seen!!) I tried everything including cloth diapers, cloth wipes, anti-fungal creams, triple paste and petoleum jelly- yuck! 3 Solid weeks and nothing worked. I had been given a California baby gift set as a shower gift and I decided to try the calming powder. Her bum was so red and raw, I was heart-broken. I put some on with each diaper change and after one day I saw an improvement and after three days it was completely cleared- up. Thank you for these wonderful products! I will be a lifelong customer! Thank you! J.T.

I just wanted to take a moment to send a huge thank you to your company. My son has extremely sensitive skin and we love your products SO MUCH! They are the only thing we can use without having reactions, and I can rest assured that everything in your products is safe and natural, giving me one less thing to worry about as a mom. Again, thank you! -C.H. Lenexa, KS

I love your products they make my skin so soft and smooth. Thanks -S.B. Tulsa, OK

I love that your company makes such pure and natural products for children. It makes me feel safe and at peace knowing that I'm not putting something harmful on my child. Thanks for all you do!!! -J.B. Smithtown, NY

I love the Calendula cream, it is the only thing that will clear up diaper rash for my son. Whenever he starts to look a little red we put the cream on his bottom and in 24 hours it is gone. We have tried lots of other diaper creams but they don't heal him and are so hard to clean off a sore bottom. Calendula is a whole lot better. A.D. Matthews, NC

Dear CB, After purchasing the Calendula Cream at a local Target store, I immediately applied it to my irritated forehead and neck. Within the first day of use, I noticed a significant reduction in the redness on my face!!! Before using the CB calendula cream, I tried several other well known brands on the market but without any luck. Yours (now mine) ended up being the most effective and with the best feel on my face. I'm now eager and curios to try a few more of your products in the future. Sincerely, D. M. of Michigan

I picked up a tube of your diaper rash cream yesterday because I heard it is safe for cloth diapers. I started using it yesterday evening on my son's red rash that had develped a couple days before. The cream that I was using wasn't making a difference on his rash, plus I had to use liners with his cloth diapers to protect them from staining and build up. Once I started using California Baby diaper rash cream, I noticed a difference in his rash almost immediately. This morning, the rash is completely gone. I also appreciate that it doesn't cake up on my fingers and that it smells really geat. Thank you for a great product that I can feel confident using with my cloth diapers! C.N

I love all your baby products. They make my baby feel so smooth and I don't have to worry about it breaking him out. Thanks for having a natural product without all the junk in it. Thank You!! J.J - Greensboro. NC

Just wanted to say your product has been a lifesaver. My 21/2 yr old son and my 4 month old son both have terrible eczema. They have been to dermatologists and have been prescribed steroidal creams. I used them on the boys with great hesitation, and with no results. I have tried every "dermatologist tested" cream out there and they did nothing but exacerbate the eczema. I gave up and was looking toward a natural approach when my girlfriend suggested your product. I truly had my doubts because their eczema was so severe nothing seemed to penetrate the dryness and clear it up. The super sensitive shampoo and body wash as well as the super sensitive everyday lotion has been unbelievable. It cleared the eczema literally overnight. I thought it was just coincidental, but I have been using it on the boys daily and have not had an outbreak. It has brought them such relief from the uncomfortable itchiness and scratching. Their skin looks great. My 2 1/2 yr old never had clear skin before I used your product. I wish I would have discovered this earlier. Thank you sooo much for making a product that truly works and brings relief to my little ones. J.J- Brookhaven, NY

Thank you California Baby for making such wonderful products. I don't have any children, but I have been looking for safe and effective products to use, without spending a lot of money, for myself. I take the spritzers into work with me at my school site. I love the Overtired and Cranky Spritzer. What a great product to lift your mood! I also have horrible acne. The Lavender and Tea Tree wash has cleared me up nicely, without overdrying my skin. The Everyday Calendula Lotion has such a great scent, and it has worked nicely as an overall body moisturizer. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to try some of the other products! A.G, Teacher, CA

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love your products. Your Non-Burning & Calming Diaper Area Wash is a staple in our house. It's rare for my son to suffer from a diaper rash but when he does - this product is a lifesaver! I use it all the time on him, even when he doesn't have a rash, and have also made my own wipes with it. Any product that has more than one use gets an A+ in my book!! K.S - Meredith, NH

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your quality products. My 19 month old son has battled eczema since he was 4 months old, and it was very unmanageable. The only solution was to use the steroid cream that his pediatrician prescribed. We hated to continually have to use the cream because we didn't want his body to build up a resistance to it, so I did some searching and found your products. We rarely have flare-ups now, and the ones we do have are generally very mild. Your Super-Sensitive wash and Calendula lotion have been true lifesavers. Thank you so much. M.Y - Bethlehem, GA

Hi California Baby, Finally a product that lives up to its claims. I have tried tons of other products (spending lots of money along the way too)in my search for healing and soothing lotions that were natural and didn't make my skin break out more. I have regretably passed my sensitive skin on to our children but thankfully we have your products to soothe them. Our third child a son has broken out with a rash recently with the cold, damp weather. He is picky about what he'll use (he's 14) but I opened my new jar of Calendula Cream and let him try it. He was skeptical but it only took him twice before he would show up at my bedroom door at night asking for more. It has healed my cracked and bleeding hands and his too. I have scleroderma and dermatitis herpetiformis that goes along with my celiac disease. This cream has helped to heal and soothe my skin and has been a blessing to our family. Thank you for working until you produced an exceptional cream that heals. I tried your detangler two years ago for our youngest. Loved it and ordered more online from California Baby recently instead of going to the health food store. I bought your massage oil and hand soap which we like too. Sorry this is so long..just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your products. I rarely send emails unless a product really works and yours do. blessings Sharon in TN.

I managed to contract poison ivy over the recent Christmas holiday. Desperate to a)prevent the spores from spreading to my 1 month old, and b) stop the itching and burning, I sprayed the California Baby Diaper Rash spray on the infected areas. It relieved the pain and cleared up the poison ivy in 48 hours. By the end of the week, it had completely disappeared. Your diaper rash spray is now my "Windex". THANK YOU!! - N.N, Alexandria VA

My 7-week old daughter started having some skin irritation a few weeks ago. First it was her baby acne and then she developed red scale-y skin in her eyebrows, which my midwife advised was probably baby eczema. I found your Calendula Cream online and bought it at my local whole foods. I am delighted to report that her eczema is GONE! A few days later, I noticed some dandruff so I got your Lavender and Tea Tree Oil shampoo too. She smells great and her scalp looks healthy again. I posted a similar testimonial on my new blog and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My little girl's skin looks smooth and healthy again. :) S.B - Ardmore, PA

I was turned on to California Baby's products by my son's girlfriend- she had cleared up her grandaughter's itchy allergic skin and scalp with the Supersensitive Shampoo and Bodywash and Calendula Cream after years of the child suffering. She and my son also use these products themselves with great success. So I bought those products to use on my 39 year old daughter's exceptionally dry, chapped skin- Cassie has Down Syndrome, and no product had helped! Cassie now has soft, clear skin and scalp for the first time in her life. What a blessing. I called The Down Syndrome Clinic in Park Ridge IL where Cassie is seen to let them know of your wonderful products. I just ordered some for myself. Thank you, P.M - FL

Your Calendula Cream is miracle cream! My 2 year old son has had such bad eczema on his cheeks and stomach and I've tried every cream and prescription out there and nothing worked. After only 2 days of using your cream his cheeks were so smooth and the redness gone! Thank you so much! I no longer have to retouch all his pictures to remove the redness. I'm going to try many more of your products now! Thanks again, B.R - Montana

I am writing you this letter letting you all know at California babies that your sunscreen is a miracle in my house. I bought over 8 different bottles of sunscreen this summer for my daughter. She is 2 years old and never thought that she could be allergic to sunscreen. I tried everything and everytime I would put something on her she would break out in hives all over and it was horrible and SO painful for her and the hives would last for up to 5 days. I called the doctor the first time it happened and I brought her in and they told me it was the after math of strep throat. So I didnt think anything of it until I put it on her again. My friend who is a nurse told me all about your products and I was a little sceptical about it at first because of the price tag on it but when I used it on her for the very first time I was amazed. You are they only product of suncreen that I could find that was PABA free. That is what I think she is allergic to. When she was only a year she didnt have any problems with it until I tried to put it on her again. I went through 2 2.9oz tubes this summer and it totally worked. I just wanted to thank you guys soo much for this product and wanted to let you know that. Please dont ever take this product away from your company because I wont know what to do. My daughter is very fair skin compared to me. I dont burn at all but she has the skin tone that red heads due and I have to protect her beautiful skin. I might start buying your shampoo and your other things that you guys sell. Please keep it on the shelfs of TARGET. I would appreciate it. Thanks Again J.M

One of the first things that I registered for when I found out that I was pregnant was a bevy of California Baby products. I love that they're paraben free and that I don't have to worry about anything that I'm putting on her skin. So far, I've tried the Calendula cream, the shampoo/body wash, and the sensitive skin lotion. I love all three. There were no tears using the wash, the calendula cream helps knock out the diaper rash in no time, and the lotion is fantastic. If I had a bigger bottle, I would use the lotion myself! The products are fantastic and I just want to say thank you for making a natural baby product that parents can love! B.R. -Sykesville, MD

My baby boy received the aromatherapy bubble bath as a shower gift. He loves the bubbles and wand. Thanks for making his bathtime fun.
M.H. -League City, TX

Thank you for making a superior product. My younger daughter had terrible, horrible, awful diaper rash that lasted for several months. We saw her pediatrician several times, an allergist, and two different skin doctors. My daughter had more prescriptions than I can count for supposed remedies to clear up her rash. None of them worked. I changed her to cloth diapers and found that I could use Calendula Cream on her with the cloth diapers. That was the answer we had been looking for!!! Her rash cleared up in a day! Now whenever we have a problem we turn to California Baby Calendula Cream. I actually took one of our empty tubs in to the pediatrician so he can show his other patients what to look for if they have as much trouble as we did. Thank you for helping make our lives so much better! – L. – Milton, GA

Your product is wonderful. I was very anxious as a first time mother and wanted only organic everything for our daughter, no chemicals. We were lucky to have found your product and are still using it and our daughter is now 3. Our daughter ended up having very sensitive skin and still reacts to materials with "fire proof" coating, several materials and any type of soap or cream. From the time she was born, we used the creme and with any rash or soreness, it would be gone by the next diaper creme. I give it to everyone having a baby now. it is great. Another product we love is the bubble bath. The one for colds clears her sinuses up after a bath. I use it too! Regards, D. –Milton, ON

Hello Sue: thanks so much for getting back with me. I am very happy to hear this and can now order gallons of your products :) I will be using your products for both kids, my husband and myself and in our guest bathrooms. CA Baby makes great products. Best, T (A Very Happy Customer)

My (almost) three year old daughter has been suffering from eczema and I feel like I tried every cream and lotion on the market, but nothing gave her relief. The prescription from her pediatrician discolored her skin, which broke my heart. I hated using something so harsh on her. After a little research, I found your Calendula Creamand it has worked wonders!! After only two applications, I noticed a huge difference---her skin is actually soft now. Thank you for your dedication to finding natural and safe ways to help those with skin issues...my daughter and I are extremely grateful! M.M - Mount Laurel, NJ

I used the Calendula creamon my 5month old daughters extremely dry face after using so many creams and potions....and this is the first thing that has worked...and it works like a charm her face is no longer dry nor red. R.H. - Paterson, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful products. My entire family now uses the Super Sensitive lotion and body wash. I'm 41 and have sensitive skin. I have spent a fortune on high end products over the years but now that we have 2 kids (age 2 and 6 weeks), we are cutting back on our budget. Well, lucky me- this product is perfect for my skin and blows away many other expensive ones. I can even layer it under sunscreen without it feeling too heavy. My son had some exczema when he was a year old and we found your website/product on the internet through that ordeal. His skin is beautiful now! My daughter is 6 weeks and had some baby acne that got really red and dry. After 2 days of this lotion, her skin is clear and beautiful. We were astonished that it cleared so quickly. Thank you for all you do and for keeping it organic. We are Arizona lovers of California Baby! Pray for a tough hide and a tender heart. R. G.

Just had to pass on how wonderful your products have been for our baby! I'd been using your super-sensitive, fragrance-free lotionfor myself before pregnancy and loved it. After our daughter was born, she developed an awful diaper rash and we stopped using commercial wipes (though we'd been using 'natural' ones to begin with). We went to washable cloth wipes with water, and California Baby Non-burning & Calming diaper wash sprayed right onto our little one's bottom. It's been fabulous! I keep a bottle at her changing table, in the bathroom and in each diaper bag. We also LOVE your Calming diaper rash cream - couldn't live without it! California Baby is the best cream for our daughter's backside - she tolerates it so well and it's so effective! Thank you for making such great products! J. G. – Centennial, CO

I wanted to share my great experience I had with one of your products. I am so impressed by your Calendula Creamthat I bought at Target. I used it on my babies face and chest after she broke out in "baby acne." It worked so amazingly. After one application, her face looked so much better, and after 3 days, it is completely gone. Thank you!! A.L. – Fargo, ND

Dear Jessica, I just placed an order for some of your new products in the Calendula line. I've been using the Calendula Cream on my face for a few years now -- don't know how many jars I've gone thru -- and just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this product! I know it's for babies, officially, but it's the most incredible thing! I used it when we lived in Miami and it never got sticky in the humidity, and have continued to use it in New York and my face never once dried out thru the entire winter! Unbelievable! I'm thrilled that Target is carrying your products now, since it makes it much easier for me. They don't have the complete line though. I hope that you'll be able to work it out with them to carry ALL your products -- I'd be the first in line to buy! Feel free to show them this letter as evidence! :) Thanks again for this fabulous Calendula line. I don't know much (anything, really) about essential oils, but if Calendula in an oil form would be an "intentive" version of the wonderful things your products do, please consider adding it to your essential oils collection. Wishing you many years of personal & business success. D.G. – Monsey, NY

My baby girl was diagnosed with eczema and extremely sensitive skin when she was 2 months old. She is 3 and a half months old and she was still suffering from the symptoms even after being given Rx for the eczema. While browsing in Target the other day I noticed your product and while reading the ingredients decided to buy it because of it's all natural properties. After one bath in the super sensitive bodywash and one application of the Calendula Creammy baby's eczema has improved by 80% and today her skin looks even better 90% THANK YOU SO MUCH! T.J. – Freeport, TX

Hello! I am writing because I want to let you know what a lifesaver (yes dramatic) your calming cream is. My son who just turned 1 has always had dry skin but lately in the summer heat he has been constantly itching his skin. I have purchased countless different products. It is heartbreaking/frustrating watching the little guy dig. I was at my local Whole Foods and I saw this cream. I bought it and put it on him in the car. I bought this on Tuesday, today is Thursday he did not scratch himself at all! It was a miracle! I told my husband and I still couldnt believe it!! I am so grateful for such a great product! :) E.G.P. – Manville, RI

My daughter began to develop an angry rash on her cheeks when she turned a year old- right about the time that we switched to milk. Of course, I tried everything - non-fat milk, lactose free, pure shea butter; nothing helped. Her cheeks got worse and worse, and the more they broke out the more she scratched- her skin was bleeding from the cuts she was making. It got so bad that even strangers were asking us about it. Then, one day, after 5 months, a complete stranger asked if I had used California Baby. Well, I have had eczema all of my life, and since I have tried everything I was a complete skeptic. But, I decided to try the Calendula Cream. I am not exaggerating that using your product was like a miracle drug for my daughter- the next day we could see an improvement- the redness had gone down and she no longer looked like her cheeks were burned. Within a week of using the product THE RASH HAD COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. I now use the product on myself, and whenever any of the family has dry patches or rashes come up. We have switched to your sunscreen and I am planning on trying other products as well- you'll have great word of mouth from our family!!! These aren't the best pictures, but I wanted to illustrate how big the change has been for us: Click here to view. Thank you again! J.C.

Hello from North Carolina! I've been using your products since my firstborn was about 6 months old. She is about to turn 2 next month! I was so excited to find a line of products I could trust to be safe, that were a better choice for the environment, and easily found in local stores (yay Target!). Her sensitive skin has been so healthy using the Calming body wash & shampoo and the smell is just as lovely. I've also been a big user of your calendula cream – great for all kinds of things! We use it to moisturize the face and bum, freshen up under the neck with a nice little scent, for little rashes and even Mommy uses it on her face! I've become a huge fan of the sunblock stick and the no fragrance sunscreen lotion, which have both gotten her new baby skin through two years and two trips to the beach without getting any amount of sun! I just had to write you to say how happy I am to find another product sold at my local Target, the Tea Tree & Lavendar body wash & shampoo... which I've just started using this week on my hair and love it! I've struggled with finding a safe product to help me bring my scalp back to a healthy state, after struggling with some dry skin and itchiness. It works great and leaves my hair looking soft like my baby girl! Thank you for the lovely line of products. Sincerely, S. H.

My two-and-a-half year-old daughter, Anna, and I have been blissfully enjoying California Baby products almost since her birth. I am delighted that my local Target store (in Myrtle Beach, SC) carries some of your items. We usually stick to the Super Sensitive line because that worked best for her. We ran out of bubble bath, and ran to Target to get more, but they don't carry the Super Sensitive bubble bath, so we decided to give Overtired and Cranky a try. Let me just say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The fragrance is so light and subtle, and it's so relaxing yet rejuvenating. I've never experienced such a combination in my life. While we soaked in the tub, I decided that I was once again going to give California Baby items as Christmas gifts. My thoughts immediately jumped to my Aunt Frances, who has just begun her chemotherapy for her recently diagnosed breast cancer. I thought that surely the scent of Overtired and Cranky could help soothe her after her treatments. Well, as I scanned your website, I saw the I Love You line. That made my decision a whole lot easier. I am planning on purchasing these items for Christmas gifts as a tribute to my aunt. I wish that my Target store sold the I Love You items so I could save on shipping, but at least you make it easy to buy online. I didn't think that California Baby could get any better, but with your products and the connections to causes such as breast cancer research, you are the ideal company. Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, H.B. - Myrtle Beach, SC

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product, that I feel confident in using on my child. I feel safe knowing that the shampoo I am using on her is free from any toxins, but the bonus is the manageability. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have tried it all! California Baby shampoo does wonders on my daughter's super-curly hair! When it comes to curly hair, it has to be treated delicately. Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, and if not treated properly can damage/break and if it is like MY daughter's hair then it takes forever to grow anyways, so damaging/breaking is something that we cannot afford. I am psyched that I can say I have actually found something that leaves me time in the day to do other things than just trying to battle combing hair and not to mention, leaves it shining like the California sun! Thank you. Sincerely, G.G. - Gianna's Mom

Hi, I bought your Calendula Cream (2oz)at Target last week. I bought it to soothe my painful face after my dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A for adult acne. After one night of using it...I was amazed. Not only could I touch my skin without pain. (It was so bad it hurt to wash my face from the chemical reaction). I noticed my acne had cleared up more in one night than two weeks of Retin A! I am on day 3 and my skin is glowing and my acne is disappearing and I am just amazed and happy. Thank you so much for making this product! Sincerely, D.M. - Greensboro, NC

I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy the Calendula Cream! I have been using it on my six month old daughter since she was about 6 weeks old. She had a terrible case of cradle cap and it worked so quickly to get rid of it! We keep a jar of the cream and use it on her every night, and she smiles and loves it! It smells so wonderful and is so nice and creamy without being greasy. I love it so much that every time a friend complains of a skin problem with their kids, I recommend it. I actually passed one jar around to three different friends who liked it so much they went out and purchased their own jars and began recommending it to THEIR friends! I have also found, living here in buggy south carolina, that it is the perfect treatment for mosquito bites. It keeps them from itching! Thank you so much for a wonderful, wonderful product!!! If you notice a steep increase in sales in the Greenville, SC market, I like to think it's in part from my recommendations getting around town :-D R.M. - Greenville, SC

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your products. I have a 5 year old son with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. He recently began a diet that includes no gluten, and I eliminated any household product (detergents, cleaners etc...) that contained gluten. He also has bad enviornmental allergies in addional to food sensitivities. I've been searching for products to accomodate both. I read on-line most of your products are gluten free. I then found out you had a line of fragrance free products. I ordered the Fragrance Free Shampoo and Body Wash and the Fragrance Free SPF30+ Sunblock to try on him. I (and he) have never been happier! Every bath time was full of sneezes and every spring and summer involved greasy, smelly "unsafe" sunblock. Not any more. I can't begin to express how happy I am to have found you. I have spread the word about your products and I will certainly order again in the near future. Just make bigger bottles of everything, please! Thank you so much for making my little one's daily life more pleasant. J. M. - Pittsburgh, PA

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful your products are. My daughter is 19 months and has had eczema since she was about 5 months old. We had to switch to all fragrance free products at home. Until last week my daughter had never gotten to have a bubble bath. A friend shared your great fragrance free products with me and my daughter got to have her first bubble bath! She loved it and it made bath time so nice. I was even more excited to get on your website and see all the great Calendula products for eczema skin. We can't wait to place an order and try them. Thank you! M.S. - Sacramento, CA

To be completely honest, I had not heard about California Baby before I had my daughter. I received your calming shampoo and body wash at my baby shower and all I can say is that I am lucky that I have friends who know more than me. I just love your product!! I myself have sensitive skin and was really worried about my babies skin. The calming product line is so gentle on my daughters skin that I don't even have to go with "sensitive skin " products. Just for fun, I tried other name brand body washes that I received and they really dried out my daughter's skin to the point where she started peeling. I feel so much better knowing that my baby is cleansed with an organic product that has not dried out her skin. She is a happy, clean 9 month old and I will never use anything else. Thanks for your genius…and caring about the skincare needs of babies everywhere. C.F. - Sacramento, CA

Just wanted to say how much we love the California Baby No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunblock Stick. It's the only sunblock that's easy to put on our toddler's face, with ingredients we feel are safe for little one. Please keep making it. Thanks! J.W. - Buellton, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your tea tree and lavender shampoo and body wash, I use it on my kids bodies and hair and it leaves such a great nice clean scent on them and their hair. Awesome job! I also use that as my face wash and my face has had hardly any breakouts and it cleared up my face. LOVE IT! Thank you for making such a great product! S.W. - Belleville, MI

Hi,I have a 4 week old baby who recently developed a red, scaly, pimply rash all over her face. I tried 2 different creams/ointments and it seemed to make her face worse. I felt awful for her because it caused her some discomfort. My sister came over with the Calendula Cream; she had stopped at Target to find SOMETHING to help my baby, the sales associate said that this cream was a hot seller and she heard only great reviews about it. I was reluctant to try another product. I had a phone call into pediatrician's office waiting to see if they could make her an appt. ASAP (it was a weekend). I googled California baby and after reading the wonderful reviews, I immediately put the cream all over her face. Within 24 hours, I was AMAZED with the improvement. After 48 hours, I simply couldn't believe it. My baby gets excited when I go to put it on her face! I went up to Target and bought the sensitive bodywash/shampoo and that seems to work wonders as well. I will never use anything but California Baby on my baby! I have never been so pleased with a product to go and email or write a review on it, but I feel so lucky to have come across these products and I have already told a few people about it! And after looking at my daughter before and after, they see the improvements themselves! Thank you very much for saving my daughter's skin. Your products truly are amazing! Sincerely, J. B.

Hi! My son is 7 months old and we have REALLY enjoyed your products. I am committed to using organic products in our home so we are very thankful for California Baby. Thanks for making such wonderful products. God Bless, L. W. - Wesley Chapel, FL

Hi, I have never wrote a company about a product before but I really wanted to let you know what a fantastic product you have. We live in Arizona and my baby's skin has been progressively getting drier and drier and beginning to show signs of eczema. I asked the pediatrician and he recommended Eucerin and steroid creams. I had been using Eucerin for several months now with no change in her skin. A friend recommended that I try your Calendula Cream and switch to your baby shampoo. I immediately went to Target to pick it up. It has been 2 days and I cannot believe the difference in her skin. Her dry skin is gone! I have thrown away all my other Johnsons products and will only use your products on my baby. I will also be sure to give it as gifts to all my friends with new babies! I sure do wish my pediatrician would have recommended this from the beginning, maybe you should have a rep that talks to the pediatricians! Thanks again, T. V.

My son (13 months) has really dry skin and eczema on his back. He had a bad flare-up a few weeks ago and was scratching so much he broke the skin. His doctor prescribed steroid creams (which I tried before & didn't work very well). Your Calendula Cream,. cleared it up almost overnight and in a week or so his skin was completly clear and it is softer now than it has been since he was born! Also, I burned my finger while cooking last week and thought I would try putting a little of the cream on the burn. It helped instantly even after trying a few different things that didn't help at all! Thanks for a great product, looking forward to trying some others in your brand! C. D. - Cincinnati, OH

Dear California Babies, I wanted to write and let you know how much a fan my wife and I are of your terrific SPF 18 Sun block. I love that it works well, goes on smooth and easy, and won't give me cancer. I don't need nanotechnology cloggin' up my pores. Anyway, just wanted to say, Great Job! Take it easy, S. F. - Charlotte, VT

Thank you so much for your products. My 4 year old son is autistic and has many algergies including gluten and soy and I found your items in Target and was delighted to find your products. My son loves them and I feel confident knowing they will not put him regression. Thank you. What a God send! Thank you, J. S.

Blessings to everyone at California Baby! My baby girl (now 4 months old) developed cradle cap and what was then the beginning of eczema. Her face was a red, rashy, scaly mess. I came across your Calendula Cream. I tried it and within 24 hours, my baby's face was nearly healed and back to being beautiful! I had a C-section after attempting a homebirth (I was taken to the hospital by ambulance after developing pre-eclampsia.). I developed hypertrophic scar tissue which was painful and itchy. I started using your Aloe Vera cream daily and the pain and itching has disappeared! I feel so much better now! My baby's eczema has appeared on her body, so I am about to purchase your Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash. I hope to be writing you with more great news. Thank you so very much for your life-improving products! Best wishes, E. B. M. - Naperville, IL

Hi, I am a mom of 2 boys, both with very bad eczema, and I myself have extremely dry skin. I just wanted to tell you that this product is awesome. Thank you for making it and making it affordable. My entire family uses it every day, kids and adults. I even used it on my dog who has bad skin problems. Thanks again!! M. S.

For saving my baby's skin! He was getting dry and scaly and I didn't know what to do. I bought your Calendula Cream at Target, put it on him last night and this morning the scales had dissolved off his little arms and legs, oh my gosh! I was a little hesitant to spend more money on California Baby verses the cheap Aquaphor but I am SO glad I did, I am certainly going to try more of your products because they WORK! Thank you, thank you, thank you! C. L. - Sparta NJ

I would like to thank you for a great product. I want to keep my baby as healthy as possible and it is great that there are companies like yours that are making products with our health in mind. Thank you. J. B. - West Seneca, NY

I am in love with your products for my grand daughter. I was so excited when I got her order. My daughter had been ordering the "calming and I love you" bubble bath from diapers.com (I think). I am a believer in using natural and whole products. When I discovered I can order directly from California Baby, I did not hesitate to place an order. Please do not go out of business. I plan to use the products myself. We will be ordering more. C. A. - New Carrollton, MD

I just wanted to compliment you on such a wonderful product! My daughter has multiple food allergies and has reacted to just about every other shampoo and body wash on the market. A friend recommended the Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash as well as the Calming Shampoo and Bodywash and we've been hooked ever since! She hasn't reacted to any of the ingredients and she thoroughly enjoys the experience!Thanks so much for a wonderful product! L. A. L.

I love your products! I first discovered them when my oldest child (now 11) had eczema as a baby. I did not want to use steroid cream, and nothing else cleared it up except for your calendula cream. That was when I learned about laureth sulfate and switched all our shampoo and conditioner to California Baby. I now have three children with eczema, we are still using the shampoo and conditioner, and even the youngest knows to put the calendula cream on by herself when her hands start getting dry. She refers to it as the "yellow cream" because of the color of the label (we also have the blue aloe vera cream next to the bandaids). I am so excited to see that you now have handwashing products! Hopefully that will help keep the eczema at bay even more. I have also continued to use your wonderful diaper cream long after the diapers are gone! My girls have had occasional "diaper area" rashes when they are in a hurry and don't wipe well after using the toilet, and the diaper cream soothes and clears the rash right up. I also have used it to treat athlete's foot (I figured since it worked so well for yeast in the diaper area it would work well for yeast between toes, and I was right). Thank you for making such ethical, natural, effective products! L. S.

California Baby has been a miracle for my son.... especially the Calendula cream. At 5 weeks old he had severe eczema and NOTHING was helping... I got online and started researching organic products and came across California baby. I ordered the Calendula cream and with in 48 hours my son looked like a new baby. His face was no longer red and swollen and the rash was almost gone... He is about to celebrate his 1 year birthday and after about 45 jars of calendula, he has been breakout free for 8 months... and I totally believe it's because of California baby. I only use your products on him... eveyday I use the the calendula and super sensitive body wash and shampoo. I also use the super sensitive sunscreen, calming cream, and diaper area wash... I cant thank you enough for developing a line of products that are safe and effective and most of all ORGANIC!!! My lil man has the most beautiful skin and I wasn't sure that was going to be possible!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, H. D.

I adore California baby products! On our twin daughters we use the bubble bath, body wash, diaper area wash, diaper powder, diaper cream and various lotions. The girls love the smell of them and we love how their skin stays clean and moisturized. Keep the products coming - I love all of them. I also have some good news -- due to the twins I don't get out to shop between caring for them and working so I order groceries in from Freshdirect, a grocery delivery service many new york city types rely upon. I asked them a few months ago to carry California baby products and now, they do! They don't yet carry the full range but I think with time they will keep expanding what they offer of your line. A.S.

Hi there! I just want to tell you I think it is marvelously clever that you include a bubble wand with your bubble bath. My 20-month-old son LOVES bubbles, so I was pleased to find your product which uses ingredients that are safe for my son and safe for the planet. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! You may certainly have my permission to publish this comment on your website if you so desire. J. F. - Auburn Hills, MI

My daughter started developing a rash on her face when she was about 3 months old. I noticed her developing rashes after spending some time with family members who weren't using baby friendly detergents on their clothes & laundry. Her rashes would only be irritated by the outside heat. Our midwife told us to try calendula, and after some reading great on-line reviews of California Baby's Calendula Cream, I picked some up from Whole Foods. It truly worked it's magic on her rashes --in 2 days they were nearly gone! I recommend it to all my mommy friends! Thank you! C. M. - Miami, FL

Hi, I recently ordered some glasses from Target and what did I get was a small box with the California Baby cream. I called and Target had mixed up my order, said they would send the glasses next day, and just keep the California Baby cream. So I read the contents, thinking this is for babies. I developed a rash on my forehead, down my nose and in my eyebrows. Before I went to the dermatologist, I emailed the company and got the response from ther copy it was good for adult rashes not just diaper rash. Also she said go ahead and put it on your while face. Within 2 days it was almost all cleared up and my skin is so soft. Thank you Target for the mistake and I am going to order some other products because I am sure they are grerat as well. Also I tell all my friends about it and they say "its used for diaper rash"? You have to try it is great! Thanks B. A. R. - Hudson, FL

I never write product feedback, but I felt I HAD to. My almost 6 month old has been getting angry patchy red rashes on his forehead, head, near his ears and even on his back. It started around 3 months with a tiny patch near his ear and has been getting steadily worse - and spreading. It has not yet been officially diagnosed as eczema, but the doctor suspected that's where it was headed. I was using Rx strength hydrocortisone and aquaphor ointment which helped a bit, but now that the rashes are spreading everywhere, I am even MORE reluctant to go this route. We added your super sensitive shampoo and body wash to a recent diapers.com order to give it a shot, as I had read online (or in a magazine?) that it might be good for eczema. WOW. I gave the little guy a bath last night and washed him all over... applied the usual ointments... and this morning... GONE (except for a tiny little patch under his chin). I mean GONE! I'm speechless - and now a believer - I'm throwing out all of our other products. And for the first time in months, baby slept contentedly without his swaddle, possibly because his little head wasn't itching so bad. Until now - the only way to help him sleep was to swaddle his hands so he couldn't scratch his head. He still has lots of little cuts on his head from scratching when not swaddled. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am thrilled to have found your products, and can't wait to try your other lines on both my 6 month old and his 2.5 year old brother (and the parents will give 'em a try too!). When will you be making a laundry detergent?? L. R. - Oakland, CA

Dear Jessica and the CA Baby Team: I just received my Colds & Flu Aromatherapy Spritzer and the timing could not have been better. My two-year-old son came down with a terrible cold this week. In the past, I've used your Colds & Flu Massage Oil, including putting it on his sheets (it didn't stain at all.) This time, I was also able to just spritz the sheets and the air in his room which created a calming and breathe-easy vibe. I've been such a fan for years (eczema creams, bubble baths, sunscreen, ILY spritzer, massage oils and most recently--the fantastic, jumbo-sized handwash!) and am thankful that you keep inventing the good stuff we never realized we couldn't live without! Best, S. P. W.

I just wanted to tell you that I love all of your products. I use so many of products, I can't really decide which one is my favorite. I am able to pick them up at my local Target and they are the best I have found. Thank you so much for making great products that I can feel comfortable using on my kids. Keep up the good work! Please let me know if you ever have coupons available. R. J. - Irmo, SC

I LOVE your products!! When my daughter was a month old, she broke out with horrible baby acne all over her face and ears. The doctor told me I could use lotion on her, but I would just have to wait for the acne to clear up on it's own. So, I went on a mad search for a lotion that would be sensitive enough for her face and possibly help with the redness. I came across your product and because it was all natural figured I'd give it a try. I used it on her immediately, and within a day and a half my daughters face was completely clear!!! I was soooo happy! I've continued to use it on her, and on my son as well because his face also gets really dry. Everyone always comments on how perfect my daughters skin is at only two months.I can't thank you enough! I will absolutely keep using your products and recommend them to my friends. C. M. - Pocnono Summit, PA

I have been living with eczema all of my life, I am 27 by the way. I recently got a new rash on my face & started my new job @ Whole Foods, where we carry your products. One of the fine people in the Whole Body Dept. recomended your Calendula Cream & WOW! My face looks & feels fantastic! I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome product & I can't wait to try more from your line! :) A. B. - Cincinnati, OH

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for making such wonderful products. I have a 7 month old baby and I wouldn't use any other products on him. I love knowing i am use safe bath and body products on his sensitive skin. I have so happy to know i have a choice and selection on safe and natural products. Thank you again for all you do and keep up the great work!! :o) K.M. - Sarasota, FL

I wanted to drop a note on how much I LOVE your Product!!! I am a brand new first time mom and when my 8 week old son came up with a rash on his face and scalp (Baby Eczema) we brought him into the Pediatrician for something to use to help get rid of the rash. We were advised to use Hydrocortisone and Eucerin Aquaphor for his skin. The day after we applied the creams I went to pick my son Nolan up from my mom' s house and his face was so red, hot and tight! I burst into tears when I saw his little face. Noly looked like he was burnt to a crisp! We didn't know what to do so, we frantically combed through all of our baby products and couldn't find ANYTHING that had all natural ingredients. I researched online what types of Natural products were available and I remember hearing about California Baby. I went online at work the next morning and ordered a bunch of things for his skin (which is clearly extremely sensitive like mine). I saw that Target carried a few products online that were also in stores. We jumped in the car, headed to the store and tried the Calming wash and Calendula Cream. WOW!! We took a bath when we got home and used our new products. HE IS 100% BETTER WITHIN MINUTES OF APPLYING!!!! I loved the smell so much I used the cream on my face as well and my husband has been using the Calming wash for his hair! The products smell so wonderful I could have eaten my baby up : )! Thank you so much for having a product ready for me when I needed it most! We are switching everything in our skincare at home to California Baby! I cant wait for my ordered package comes! WE ARE HOOKED! C.B.S.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I love California baby products. They smell so good, my son really loves them too and they are nice and gentle on his sensitive skin. My nieces use your conditioner and it really tames the flyaways and fuzzies that all little kids get on the back of there head were they sleep. I just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job by providing these wonderful earthfriendly products. If you have and coupons or samples I really would love to have some. Thank you so much, H. T. - Everson, WA

Hello, I've tried so many lotions and creams, but they only left me with redness or a rash. I have super sensitive skin and I finally found my cream in your line! The Bontanical Calming Cream! Thank you for changing my life! I can now live in my skin and concentrate on other things in life! Sincerely, M.G.

Dear CEO of California Baby- Along with my recent order of aloe vera (for my 50-ish female face) you kindly sent me a sample of calendula cream. I am very particular about my skin (Chanel cosmetics only) but have long slathered my face with simple aloe vera (health food store) at bedtime. Now, thanks to your sample, I've discovered that CALENDULA serves as a great EYE cream! (And, what woman isn't in quest of a quintessential eye cream?!) Thank you so very much for your dedication to natural, healthy, NON-chemical skin care. Many try or tout, but few master the authenticity. Kindest regards, E. Z. - Beverly Hills, CA

Dear California Baby, I recommend your products to everyone I can, touting the cleanest products available and I've done a lot of research. I give the Super Sensitive Basics Tote for every single baby shower and wanted you to know I heard back from one friend about another eczema case cured by the Calendula cream. I am having baby #2 in April and he will only have C.B. products...now if you only made diapers!! Well done, C.M. - Virginia, MN

Dear California Baby Company: About 2 months ago I developed severe perioral dermatitis, a condition which I never experienced before. It was very painful, not to mention unsightly and embarrassing! I tried the antibiotics prescribed by my doctor but it didnt even strart to clear up until I found your products. I cleansed with the fragrance free bodywash and followed with your Calendula Cream and fragrance free body lotion and found that my skin was responding beautifully! My rash has since healed and my skin looks more beautiful than before I had the rash! I found that Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and other chemicals in the products I was previously using were contributing to the perioral dermatitis, and since I found your all-natural products I have thrown out all my other products and strictly use California Baby! I also use the sun care products and love them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful product. I feel like I am really doing something good for my body when I use California Baby. Sincerely, L.M. - Middleton, MA

I MUST tell you how I just love your products! My son's has some terrible bumpy dry patches on his skin and I remembered Target carried your products! So, I used the Calendula cream on his skin and in one day, it is nearly healed! Thank you for having a wonderful product! J. L.

I am 48 years old and live in Upstate New York. Every winter, when the temperatures drop, I suffer with dry skin and cracks on my fingers. I have used many different lotions without luck. This winter, I have been using your Super Sensitive Lotion and have not had a crack or dryness yet. It soaks into my skin completely leaving my hands smooth and soft, not greasy! I actually use this lotion from head to toe and recently ordered a Half gallon of it. Thank you! E. S.

California Baby products ROCK! I have to email to let you all know what an absolute blessing it has been to use your products on all three of my children. It has now been 6 years of continued use and we are addicted to the healthy skin we have because of you! My son inherited my family's poor skin irritations due to color and scent. Since I have used California Baby Super Sensitive on him I have never ever had a condition flare up, this holds true for my other two children. Thank you for making the Super Sensitive Conditioner, as my daughter has fine curly hair. I know this is safe and effective. I don't worry when they are soaking in the bath with any of your products. Unlike other brands that completely strip the natural oils from their skin, your products only heal.We cannot thank you enough! We're now ordering the half gallon size so the whole family can use it and not run out. Kindly, H. L. W.

I just wanted to say "THANKS!" for creating such a wonderful product. I have been using California Baby products on my son since we learned he has allergies and eczema over a year ago. They have improved his skin greatly and he loves to help mommy put the lotion on. I have started using the body wash and calendula cream on myself and am addicted. :) I have passed on my praises to friends and family and will always highly recommend California Baby! Keep up the great work! G.D.

I am a mother of two boys and my youngest son has really bad Eczema. I recently just tried California baby calming on him and I fell right in love with it. I rather use California Baby then other products. I am going to use California Baby forever. And I will recommend to every new mom.

Your Aloe vera cream has cleared my babys eczema up. I am in love with it. I used your Calendula cream on my first son and it worked great but my store was out so I got the aloe vera one I love them both and the smell is wonderful, thank you! C.G.

I have a 4 year old girl with perioral dermatitis. After MUCH research online and wanting to find a "natural" remedy for her versus weeks of antibiotics, I came to you! I have been using the Calendula cream on her twice a day for 3 weeks now! I am AMAZED. Her skin has changed 100%. The only time the rash started to come back was after a bath where she had washed her hair with a drug store shampoo and I figured out that the suds were irritating her skin. I was thrilled to see California Baby in Target and bought the shampoo and conditioner for her. I absolutely LOVE the shampoo and conditioner as it leaves her hair (which is long, thick, and curly) so soft and tangle free! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have found a loyal customer in me! K.T.

I just wanted to let you know how much I have fallen in love with your products! I have a son with sensitive skin and your products smell great and leave his skin so smooth and soft. Thank you for creating such great all natural products that parents can feel good about using on their children. I am hooked and I have and will be telling everyone I know how great your products are. H.W. - Mother of one boy but soon to be mother of two.

I bought the shampoo and body wash 2 weeks ago. I used to break out with other commercial shampoos and various other brands of body washes. I can honestly say that in the 2 weeks that I have been using YOUR product, I have not broken out in any type of rash! My head has not itched and my husband LOVES the smell of my hair. THANK YOU!!! I am hoping with changing just a few of my beauty regiments, we will be able to conceive some time this year. I am trying my best to go green. J.W.

My children all just had a round of chicken pox. I have used your products for almost ten years. I used aroma therapy to help the kids in the process healing. My ten month old had them the worst. It was all over her little body from head to toe. I used your Soothing and Healing calming spray on her. It was great! She avoided getting the pus filled sores. If an area looked like it was going to start to lesion I sprayed the area or dabbed it on her face. I would mist her all over just a couple times a day and after her bath of aroma therapy oils. Your spray was a life savor. Thanks for your products,D.D.

I would just like to say that I absolutely LOVE your baby products. It is nice to find a product for my baby that does not contain lots of toxic chemicals. Thanks :) E.J.

I have to say that I was skeptical about your products until I tried them. After using your shampoo and conditioner for less than a week, I am amazed at the improvement in my thinning hair (I am a 50 year old lady) - it has so much bounce, shine and body now. Also your hair products have alleviated my scalp condition (I have psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis). As this is early days, I am optimistic that your hair products will clear my scalp conditiion completely in time. I am pleased that you offer a variety of hair products ie fragrance free included. Well done and thank you! J.M.

We have used the Calming line (lotion, powder, bubble bath & spritzer) since the day our daughter was brought home from the hospital. She will be a year old January 13. She gets a morning top & tail and a nightly bath daily. Her skin has always been extremely soft and silky. Friend and family have commented how beautiful feeling and looking her skin is. Thank you California Baby!! L.O.N.

I have super sensitive skin & have to return or donate any bubble bath, lotion product ever given to me. My husband did research & bought some of your products for Christmas. My skin feels great & I did not react to any of the product. My kids were finally able to experience a bubble bath (I would never let them b/c of harsh chemicals). Thank you for making such a great product line & manufacturing in the US. I will continue to try more CB products! Kind regards, MLS

As soon as our daughter was born this summer, my husband and I knew we wanted to live a more natural lifestyle and that included finding new products for baby's bath time. We did some research online and found California Baby. We are addicted! Our daughter's skin is silky soft and people are constantly complimenting her on it. Even in the dead of winter with the heat on we've had no problems with dry skin. We can't wait for the summer to try your sunscreen. We're glad to have a found a company that gives us healthy, natural options for caring for our baby. Keep up the great work! CMM

Hip Hip Hooray! California Baby has the world's BEST products. My 2 1/12 year old son had eczema. We tried EVERYTHING. I found California Baby in Target and tried it on him. Within days, it has cleared up. It feels great to know that the products that work wonderfully are also products that are biodegradable and cruelty free. We love your products!! G.A.W.

Hi! I've tried every OTC diaper rash cream and ointment to heal the skin on my 5 month old daughter's little bottom, but even after the rash was under control her skin was seemed constantly red, scaly and chapped. I bought some of your massage oil with lavender & clary sage and one night after her massage put a little of that on her bottom before bed. (I remembered using lavender to help heal skin after burns.) I was really amazed - the skin responded immediately and looks and feels soft, smooth and normal and is no longer red or scaly! I have even used a little under her chin occasionally where she gets her "milk rash" and found that it helps her heal there, too. You should let people know your massage oil can help with diaper rash. So many mothers struggle to address this problem, and most of the OTC stuff really doesn't work that well. THANK YOU! It is so great to see my daughter's bottom the color nature intended it to be! :)) Great stuff - I am going to recommend it to my friends!!! AA

Hi Guys! I have a special moment I want to share with all of you. I have just recently started to use California Baby and I love using the Bubble Baths with my son, who is 22 months. He just loves his "bub-bas." I had just bought a fresh bottle of the "Calming Bubbles" the day before the San Diego wild fires started. My family and I were evacuated the second day of the fires. Luckily, we were able to stay with some friends but it was still a stressful and frightening situation for our family. My son was very stressed and frightened. Who could blame him? He wouldn't smile or laugh. He would just cling on to his "Bear" and wouldn't leave my lap or his Daddy's. In an attempt to keeps some normalcy I gave him a bath the first night of our evacuation. I poured some bubbles into his bath water. He finally smiled after a very stressful day. Then I started blowing bubbles and he started to giggle and laugh. I could see him finally relaxing. Which allowed me to relax. Every night, during that stressful week, we would take a bubble bath and blow "bub-bas." Thank you for making a stressful situation a magical moment. Smiles and Hugs, HD

You rock. After trying several highly recommended oils and creams for my infant daughter's eczema, your cream cleared up the inflammation in 3 days. Simply outstanding. Thanks for all you do and keep going! DS

The Colds & Flu bubble bath is the best thing I've bought all year. My 2 yr. old had a fever of 101 & had a nasty cough that would cause her to vomit. The only time she smiled in two days was when i put her in the bath with your wonderful bubbles & used the awesome (best idea ever!) bubble wand to blow a smile across her face. We did this about every four hours for two days. Thank You So very much. JZ

Our 17 month old daughter has eczema and we tried everything to no avail. We find certain foods as triggers, but our life has changed once we started using the Calendula diaper cream twice daily. When I ran out for 2 days and couldn't find it locally, her eczema returned. We love your product. CJ

I just wanted to thank you for being an upstanding company dedicated to providing safe, chemical-free products for myself and my family. As a new parent, I began reading about all of the harmful additives and chemicals in the products that we use everyday without a second thought. It's a scary thing to realize that the Johnson & Johnson you are bathing your baby in has the potential to poison her. I found your company through the Environmental Working Group's website, Skin Deep, and I am so thankful I did! I love your products, and I feel good every time I use it, knowing that I am putting something safe on my baby's skin. There are enough things to worry about as a parent - it's nice to know I can take something off of that list. Thank you again for being a envioronmentally responsible company. SC

I just wanted to thank all of you at California Baby for offering such wonderful products! My daughter has beautiful but extremely sensitive skin. Before we discovered your products she suffered with dry, red patches on her little cheeks. Thankfully your soap and lotion are heavenly! They have made such a difference! I've even given samples to other moms in my family. Thank you! AVC

I have 1 yr. old twins with eczema. It has been a challenge to keep them from scratching. Even eczema creams break them out. UNTIL, I tried your products. Thank you so much for them. I usually make their products myself but now that they are so mobile I don't always have time (or energy) to whip something up. With your products I know if we are having a busy week I can grab (any one of) them and use them and their skin will be fine. I applaud you for using natural products and for your creativity with scents and formulas. Your products have been wonderful for us and we love that they are sold at our local Target store. Thanks a million! QM

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My 2 month old son developed a bad case of infant eczema due to what believe was an allergic reaction to milk proteins in his formula. After contacting the doctor we switched his formula but during my research on infant eczema, your Calendula Cream was on several websites as the 'miracle' cure! Long story short - we ordered the product, put it on his face at night and woke up to a definite improvement! Four days later his face is back to the baby softness I missed kissing! His father kept stealing a dab of cream to put on his face after shaving so now we order two containers at a time. One for the baby and one for dad. Thanks again! SW

After much online investigation and reading, I decided to try your line of products. I read up on the envirnomental working group (www cosmeticdatabase.com) web site and wanted low hazard products for my three year old daughter with horrible eczema. The calming botanical moisterizing creme CLEARED MY DAUGHTERS ECZEMA IN 3 APPLICATIONS!!! WOW, THANK YOU. No more steroid creme and dermatologists for me. I now use the bubble bath and the shampoo. Next summer I will be using the suntan lotion!! Thank you again, MK

Greetings, My 77 yr old mother-in-law had a scalp-to-toe eczema outbreak. She looked like a lizard. My daughter uses the Calendua cream on my year old granddaughter's eczema. I used it on Mom and it worked miracles! Mom now looks radiant and smooth as a newborn baby. The cardiac nurses are raving about the product and they all got on-line to the CA Baby website. One nurse said she ordered the shampoo in desperation about her dry, itchy scalp. We are very pleased with the product and I plan to order a lot more for her. You should put the same products out under a "Sensitive Seniors" or "Elder Cream" label. Thank you muchly for such wonderful products. L.L.

I have to tell you that I have tried just about everything on the market for my 4 year olds curly hair. She hates to have her hair combed or brushed because of the knots. I have even tried detanglers that you spray in after the hair is washed and nothing helped. I bought your calming conditioner for her the other day after using the shampoo and it was the first time that she has not balked at me brushing her hair. There were absolutely no tangles. We will definitely be buying this from now on. This is a wonderful product. Kudos!! JM

Nearly the only non-prescription product I have been able to use on my hands AND face is your Super-Sensitive Everyday Lotion. I work in a school surrounded by kids and adults with serious allergies/sensitivities and in the front office and Nurse's office we are going through product after product looking for something we can use on us and the kids several times a day. We love your products, and our parents do too, they all ask us what lotion we have in the front office!! Thanks for making it :) A.B.

I want to tell you how much my daughter and I love your Super Sensitive Bubble Bath. My daughter has been unable to take a bubble bath for years because of sensitivity to harsh chemicals or fragrances in regular bubble baths. When I found your product, I thought it was worth a try. When the box arrived, my daughter was jumping up and down because she was so excited. She had her first bubble bath with the Super Sensitive Bubble Bath that afternoon (she couldn't wait any longer)! Thank you so much for giving my daughter the chance to have super fun and bubbly bubble baths. We love it!!!! D.A.

I'm 25 weeks pregnant today and have been looking for organic products for which to register and to use on my baby. I was thrilled when I learned about your products and cannot wait to use them when our bundle of joy arrives. My husband and I are already fans of your bubble baths and I suspect our cabinets will be full of your products in the years to come. Thank you for all of your hard work and research. C.D.

Hello, I had to email you and tell you I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!! My girlfriend and I took our children to the New Jersey shore last week and I forgot my children's sun protection. My friend had your product on hand and I used it on my children. Again I have to tell you I loved everything about it. It was the first lotion I used in a long time where I could say I really felt that I believed my children were being protected from the sun. They did not complain about the lotion when it was applied. It was smooth and easy to apply. It smelled nice and I didn't feel like it washed away when they went into the water, like I felt using some of the other lotions previously. I can't believe I didn't discover your product sooner. I will pass your web site onto all of my friends!!! I came home from our trip and trashed all of the other SPF lotions I had in my home. Thanks so much for protecting my children and being completely organic! Sincerely, N.H.

I have been using the California Baby Calendula Cream and the Calming Cream on my 4 1/2 year old daughter. I also use the Sensitive body wash. I put the Calendula Cream where she has the severe eczema and then the Calming Cream all over her body after the application of the Calendula Cream. I have been using this twice a day for a week and it has essentially healed her skin. She still has some spots that may take longer to heal. I am so thankful for this product. Thanks, T.T.

I have started using your Everyday Lotion for my 16 month old daughter who has extremely bad eczema and within a very short amount of time it has made a HUGE difference in her skin. Lots of kudos to you for a wonderful product! C.L.

I just wanted to thank you for making such great baby products. It's nice to know I can feel confident about the products I am using on my daughter's skin. S.T.

I was flipping channels one afternoon and caught the end of your interview with View From The Bay in San Francisco. I heard eczema and saw the before and after photos of a young baby. I jumped online and ordered the Calendula Cream, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. My niece is 2 years old and has eczema. She would often scratch her face, arms and legs which is then followed by tears. I received my order and in no time her cheeks were soft and soon after the redness cleared up. Her arms and legs are also became soft like baby skin should be. She calls it "Miracle Cream". THANK YOU, for a great product. I'm back to reorder the cream and to try the sunscreen. R.G.

To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your products. I have battled cradle cap with my daughter since she was born. I have tried so many products with no success. It wasn't until she was about 2 years old that I discovered your products. We don't use anything but your shampoo and conditioner now and I am happy to say that she is no longer complaining of an itchy head and has not had cradle cap since. I had never heard of your product until I saw it in a local grocery store and that is now all I buy, in addition we are now using your bubble baths. This is my new baby shower gift that I am giving to all new moms. I wish that I would have known about it sooner. This is an absolutly amazing product and I am so thankful that it is all natural, that is so important to me. I am greatful to your company for producing such honorable and responsible products. Please keep up the EXCELLENT work! Thank you again you helped us. A greatful fan, S. S.

I Just wanted to thank you for your Calendula cream. We have been battling my son's eczema and had tried everything when someone told me about your product. Within a week, the eczema has improved and looks to be clearing completely. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You have a customer for life! S.S.

Thank You So Much - your products are the only thing that has helped my son's eczema! A.S.

Comment: I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for your products. About a year ago I noticed that my son had some places on his head where his hair was thinning out so bad then eventually went almost bare (diagnosed as Alopecia).I always used your lotion products on his skin because he also has severe eczema but not the shampoo/bodywash. With a combination of diet change and what I believed to be the shampoo, his hair has now grown back. He had these bald spots on his head for 1year and it broke my heart to look at them. Thanks again for your wonderful products. N.G.

I just wanted to say thank you! My 2 year old daughter has SEVERE eczema, I mean, at times her entire body is just painfully red. I tried countless products, prescriptions, creams and lotions, soaps, detergents; I wasted tons of money with no luck. I took another chance when I bought your products. I had picked up the calming cream to try. I must say, it is the BEST thing I've found! It clears up her skin after one application and if I apply it every morning and evening I prevent outbreaks. So THANK YOU, from a no longer frustrated mother!! K.R.

I am 34 weeks pregnant. I also have celiac and numerous other intolerances. I did not use any shampoo for several years before finding this line because of the Sodium Laurel/eth Sulfates. They make my skin and scalp break out. It has been so wonderful finding such pleasant smelling products that are equally comfortable. Also, I love the bubble baths!!! They do not leave scum in the tub. I did not realize how good they were in this regard until I recently drew a bath with a popular bubble bath brand and then let the water down because I ran out of time to use it. The next day I had to scrub the tub to get all the bubbles out so it would not "pollute" my bath with Overtired and Cranky. Did I say I love it??? :) Now, to have this baby and try my fave lotion and bodywash (Super Sensitive) on him... J. D.

I'm a cosmetic/grooming product junkie and by now it takes a LOT to impress me. My son just turned three years old today; he's had eczema since he was three months. It comes and goes. I tried one thing after another for him...the doctor's recommendations, plus a whole parade of things that were supposed to be natural/gentle. He's been getting worse lately, and I was having to alternate "real" baths with just rinsing with warm water. When I did wash him, I had to slather him with pure lanolin every time - the only thing that has ever worked to make the eczema subside - but it's so thick and sticky that I hate to do that to him in the summer. My local Target just started carrying California Baby, so I bought the Super Sensitive wash. I'm not kidding, his skin cleared up in three days. He hasn't been this smooth in I don't know how long. Lanolin would clear maybe 75% of it, but there would still be a rough texture. Now it's totally gone. My best friend has eczema; I'm going to buy a bottle for her, too. M. K.

My son is 2 1/2 years old and has never had much fun at the pool because we could not find a sunscreen that did not irritate his eyes. We tried California Baby this summer and MAGIC happened--no irritated eyes, no runny nose and it is actually water resistant, which I have not been able to find as a characteristic with other sensitive skin sunscreens. He is having a great summer because he can enjoy being outside without being bothered by his sunscreen. I am SO THANKFUL that I found your product--I will be a customer for many years!! Thank you for developing such a great products! Thank you, thank you for making such a wonderful product! G. R.

I just LOVE your products! I found California Baby quite by accident. I was a new Mama and I wanted something that smelled "girly" for my new daughter, plus I was looking for a diaper cream that wouldn't make my daughter cry. EVERYTHING I tried off of the shelf stung and made her cry. On a particular website I visited frequently, I saw the product line. I decided to try the Non-Burning & Calming Diaper Area Wash and the Diaper Rash Cream. The scent was wonderful - fresh clean smell and NO STINGING! I applied the creamy and smooth Rash Cream. Again, no stinging! She didn't break out and her skin was softer as well. I instantly became a customer for life! I have purchased just about every single product you make not only for both my kids, but for my hubby and I as well. Calendula Cream is a staple at our house for scrapes, boo boos, mosquito bites and dry skin. My daughter calls it by name! Absolutely fantastic products. How I ever did without CA Baby before, I just don't know. Every scent is wonderful and perfect for both boys and girls... little ones and big ones! Thank you, thank you for making such a wonderful product! S. B.

I usually do not write to companies about their products, but California Baby is one wonderfull!! I am a first time mother of a 10 week old baby who is suffering with eczema. She has been to the pediatrician several times and just recently to a dermatologist. I have tried a number of lotions and 2 very expensive perscriptions. Nothing has worked. I have to apply the creams and rx's 4 &5 times a day. My baby cries in pain and the redness that cover her little body looks like she has a bad sunburn. A friend told me about your product and I was desperate to try anything. Just about a hour after using Calendula Cream on her, the redness was 50% at least better! The next day her skin was beautiful and clear. I use the cream in the morning and before bed. She does not scream in pain anymore. She actually loves the massage. And I love having my beautiful, happy little girl back. Thank you so very much for making a wonderful product. I am using it myself now. Unfortunately my daughter gets her sensitive skin from me. Thanks again!! D. S.

I just wanted to let you know that I am so thrilled with the Calming Hair and Body Wash. My 14 month old daughter has had excema from two weeks old on. I have tried many different products but yours is the best! Her scalp was extremely dry, red, cracked and irritated but her pediatrician didn't have any advice for me except to say that I could use some Hydrocortisone on her scalp. She doesn't have much hair but what hair she has become greasy and matted plus I didn't want to use a steroid cream on her at all. I purchased the hair and body wash and was amazed at the results. It has helped to soothe her scalp, her hair is softer than it has ever been and she smells delicious! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.Sincerely, M. L.

I just wanted to let you know that I took my four month old to the pediatrician this week. His doctor raved about his skin and said he had the best skin she has ever seen for a young baby. She inquired as to what products I used and I was proud to say that I used the California Baby products exclusively. Your products are amazing and my son's skin has been perfect since I switched to your products when he was a few weeks old. Now that summer is here, I can't wait to use the sunscreen and bug repellent products. Thanks again for making such a thoughtful and wonderful product for parents who want the best for their children! Regards, J. H.

Hi, We love your Calendula cream. I use it every night from head to toe onmy 14 month old baby. She had heart surgery at 3 months and her scar is barely noticeable. It was actually a nurse during her recovery at Children's Hospital in Boston the recommended we try it. (The before and after photographs would make a great commercial!!) I also recently used it to clear up a nasty diaper rash she got at the beach. Thanks, M. G.

Thank goodness for the grapevine! I happened to mention to a dear friend that I was struggling with a VERY stubborn eczema flare-up AND heat rash on my infant daughter. Nothing seemed to be working - not even 1% hydrocortisone, which I reluctantly tried per the pediatrician's recommendation. My friend said that another friend said she had great success using California Baby - "the yellow one." After a quick visit to your site, I deduced that she MUST have been referring to the Calendula Cream. I called my local natural food/beauty store and discovered they did not carry that particular product. However, they graciously offered to order it for me. When I picked it up, I began using it on my daughter immediately. Only NINE days later and BOTH rashes - stubborn as they were - are completely cleared! I've already asked the store to order me TWO MORE jars. This HAS to be the "Holy Grail" of infant skincare! I only wish it came in at least a 4 oz. jar. Thank you! A. L. H.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. I found your body wash at Clark's Nutrition in Loma Linda, CA and have been using it for my daughter for over 3 years. My little girl can have actually have a bath! She has had eczema since she was a few months old. Your wonderful products have kept her in check and she can enjoy bath time! I was so happy to see your products in Target a few months ago! THANK YOU SO MUCH! M.M.

I purchased your baby calming shampoo today. I have very sensitive skin and my child suffers from cradel cap. This is the perfect combo. Body wash, face wash, shampoo. Compared to even other organic products, I love how yours are REALLY organic.None are as natural as yours. Thank you for developing this and also making it affordable so I can purchase the rest of line...

Hello Jessica, I am so happy I found your products! I wish I had found them years ago. My 2 sons are allergic to peanuts and my one son is also allergic to dairy. He was the one always getting skin rashes from shampoos and moisturizers (that I was using for his rashes). Anyway, about a month ago I was looking for a safe sunscreen with no chemicals because I recently have been reading about the awful chemicals they use in our everyday skincare and came across your web-site. I was so thrilled to see ALL the other fragrance free products you carry... really it is a wonderful line. I also use the products for myself because I have allergies and am sensitive to alot of fragrances and I am determined to find and use safer products. My boys refer to your product line as "california cool". They are 9 & 11. I have been passing along your products to my family/friends... when I see them I have been carrying along a few products for them to try out! Thank you so much. D.W.

Hi, I wanted to send you a message to let you know how much I love your Calming Botanical Moisturizing Cream. My 18 month old son has very dry skin. My pediatrician recommended a specific brand to me a few months ago and it worked ok. I picked up a jar of your product at Whole Foods and decided to give it a try. It's amazing. I put it on his very dry skin in the morning and by his second diaper change of the day his very dry skin is soft and smooth. Not only have I continued to buy your product, but I've also recommended it to friends. Thank you for making such an effective, all natural product that smells so wonderful! A.P.

3 weeks after my daughter was born, she broke out in a rash. Her doctor told me she had sensitive skin and could be heat type rash. I bought your super sen. body/wash & body lotion. Within a week of using them on her skin, the rash disappeared. Love your products. Thank you. S. M. R.

My son had really dry skin on his cheeks for weeks. I was using Mustela hydra-stick witch worked for my other 3 children. It how ever was doing nothing for my babies cheeks. I tried Your Botanical Moisturizing Cream and within 48 hours we could see the difference in his skin. It's great. R. R.

To whom it may concern, For months, I have been struggling to find a way to get my 2 year old son to settle down at night. It usually takes me about an hour and a half to get him to even sit with me in a rocking chair without having to restrain him. I tried the calming aromatherapy bubble bath for the first time tonight, and instead of splashing and jumping in an out of the tub like a crazy man, he just sat and sang to himself and blew bubbles. And then- this is the best part- He went right to bed!!! I can't thank you enough for making this wonderful product. Thank you thank you thank you! ~J.A.H.
Bubble bath: $11.99 Going to bed without a struggle: Priceless!

I just wanted to thank your company when my daughter Sophie was born she was allergic to just about everthing so we switched her to nothing but organic and all natural products including her formula. Your product has helped us greatly and they all smell so great. Thank you. S.S.

I saw the product on The View from the Bay and bought it for my eczema that I get on my hands. I was so amazed that it made my hands soft. I have tried for years all kinds of creams and went to the Dr to find a way to make my hands smooth. I have found a cure for rough, dry hands. I had a little first degree burn from touching the top of my oven while taking out my ribs and I put the lotion on the burn after it occured and it did not hurt or blister. I am so amazed with this Every Day Lotion that I am telling all my friends. I am in love. D. F.

I just want to say thank you soooo much for this product!! My daughter suffered from a bad case of cradle cap and my doctor gave me a Rx for treatment. The Rx bleached my daughter's skin and I did not know what to do. I tried OTC stuff and even vegetable oil, those made her head stink. After weeks of frustration, my sister-in-law told me about California Baby. The next day I ran to Target in Bradley and picked up the sensitive skin wash and lotion. I was amazed by the results. Her cradle cap diminished, her hair was lighter, skin softer, and she smelled wonderful!!! My mother can not get over how soft her skin is now. I went back to Target to get the rest of the California Baby line, but Target only carries a few items. Since I wanted it and did not want to wait for an online order, I drove 1.5 hours to Champaign, IL to Strawberry Fields Market and got sunblock. Expect a online order from me soon. Again, thank you so much for inventing this line of skin care, although more expensive than the average chemical line, it is worth every single penny. A new and loyal customer, M. M.

When my daughter was born I found that she was very sensitive to some baby products. I could only Johnson & Johnson lavender products. I liked these but I wanted to try something natural, especially because she developed really bad dry skin during the winter months. I found your products at our local Giant food store and feel in love. Your products smell fantastic, they are natural and they work wonders on my daughters mood and skin! We now use your bubble bath (in various scents), your bodywash, your calming cream, and I am about to purchase your sunscreen to try because I can't imagine it wouldn't also be great!I am so excited that our local Target stores also just started carrying California Baby. Thank you so much!!! I am so thrilled to be one of your loyal customers! Keep up the great work!!!! S. S.

Dear California Baby, My 3 year old daughter has suffered from eczema since she was 4 months old. We have tried MANY creams, ointments, and even prescription steroid creams in an effort to keep it under control. Recently she was getting frequent flare-ups of eczema around her mouth. The only thing that was working was the steroid cream, but I was uncomfortable using it, especially on her face. I came across your web site and decided to try your Calendula Cream. Within 2 days of using the cream, the red angry rash around her mouth was completely gone. I was amazed at how quickly the Calendula Cream healed her skin! I intend on using it daily to prevent a recurrence. Thanks to California Baby, everyone can see my daughters beautiful face, and not her eczema. No steroids required!! A. T.

I wish I would have heard of you California Baby 4 years ago with the birth of my first child!!! My 22 month old daughter developed a very bad rash on her back and under her arms. I took her to the dermatologist and the Doctor told me that it was Eczema. And that I would pretty much have to live with it and she would outgrow it with age. He prescribed her a 2.5% Hydrocortisone cream to help with the redness and itching. This did help with the itching some. However I researched the Hydrocortisone cream and it truly isn't very good to put on your skin. It can over time cause thinning of the skin! So I started researching safer ways to treat her "Eczema". I came across California Baby. And with all of the positive reviews I thought I would give it a try. I ordered the Calendula Cream and the Calming™Botanical Moisturizing Cream. I put the Calendula cream all over her rash In the a.m and after her evening bath. And I used the Botanical Moisturizing Cream on the rest of her body. I was totally shocked to see this nasty Eczema rash TOTALLY gone in 3 days after months of having it. To be honest with you, I was amazed that your product could COMPLETELY get rid of it while prescription medication could not!!! TRULY Miraculous!! I will be a life long customer!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, L. G.

My husband and I love your products we use them on our daughter and ourselves! Coincidentally we were on a bio-luminesant kayak tour in Puerto Rico and the only bug repellent they allowed was yours!! We joked they knew our brand! Thanks! D. T.

I recently bought a couple of your products at my local Super Target and what can I say? I love them! My daughter hadn't had a bubble bath in months because of her sensitive skin. Needless to say, she was so excited to see the bubbles in the bathtub that night! I ended up visiting your website and purchasing your shampoos, lotions and even your natural pregnancy body wash and oil since I am expecting. Thank you so much for the wonderful and gentle products. Our family is extremely appreciative! M. G.

Had to drop you a line of THANKS for your colds and flu bubble bath! My 14 month old son came down with a chest cold a couple of days ago. I went looking at my local organic grocery for something to ease his trouble and found this last night. I used it this morning and he hasn't had any trouble breathing all day! His cough has been greatly reduced also. He loves his baths and adding bubbles for him was super fun especially with the included bubble wand. When he wakes from his nap, I'm going to go look for the massage oil as I would much rather use your organic products than something harsh put out by some faceless corporation. Thank you so much for this great line! B.

I wanted to let you know that your products are wonderful. All my kids have very sensitive and dry skin and your products are the only ones that work. My newborn son has cradle cap and also has it on his face and neck. I tried the Acquafor, babyoil and hydocortizone like the doctor said and none of it worked. That is when I picked up the super sensitive lotion from your line and it works so well. His skin was so dry and red and raw and now it looks beatiful after only two days. Thank you for making such wonderful products that are natural and always work. Keep up the good work and I am going to be giving this lotion as gifts to new moms from now on. Thank you for your wonderful products that gave my son his beautiful skin back. S.S.

I luv CA Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. Please don't ever change your ingredients. Because I'd have absolutely nothing else I can use due to my allergic reactions to most chemicals. T.J.

Attention, Caregivers! The Calming Non-Talc Powder is very useful for our older people also. My dad (age 89) has a colostomy and wears an elastic belt to hold it on. Your Calming Powder is very soothing for him. He put it behind the belt to avoid chafing and dry skin. I am now ordering the "Anti-Cranky" spray for my dad, AND for my cranky husband. Thank you. M.K.

Dear California Baby, I just tried your products on my sons who have sensitive skin and rashes on their faces from licking their lips. When I first put the Calendula Cream on my oldest son's face, he said, "hey, this one feels better." I was so excited to find something he would let me put on him before bed. I can't believe how much easier our bedtime routine is now. The initial rash healed but we still use the Calendula Cream on all the cuts and scratches he comes home with from preschool (it sounds worse than it is but he's active). My younger son still eats sunscreen so I love your story about taking "food-grade" to another level. I've also started to use the Calendula Cream on my hands and it's my favorite lotion. I wish you made a much larger jar! Of course, I'm going to try your Calming cream next. D.V.

From one Jessica to another: Before our baby was born, I bought Aveda Baby sensitive skin hair/body wash, lotion and diaper creme, thinking these would be great for a little one's sensitive skin. Boy, was I wrong. Our poor little boy had a recurring red rash all over his body for the first 1-1/2 months of his life, and had cradle cap and dry skin after every bath. Someone gave us some of your sensitive skin lotion and that quickly soothed the rash. Once we found all your products at Whole Foods, we bought the calming hair and body wash and some of your massage oil. My, what a difference! Cradle cap is gone, his skin never is flaky or dry and he *lovvvves* his nightly warm oil massage. So - thank you so much! Our little Davey is a California Baby!

Thanks to everyone involved in creating California Baby products! I have used the products since the birth of my daughter just over 2 years ago, and I am very pleased with each product I've used. My daughter has a lot of long hair, and we use the spray detangler almost daily; it works wonderfully and allows us to wash her hair less frequently. I just visited your website for the first time ever and found out that your calendula cream is effective for removing cradle cap patches, which I noticed my daughter still has a few residual patches on her scalp. I am anxious to try your calendula cream. Other products we have used include diaper cream, first aid cream, body lotion and spritzers; I can't commend you enough on how you put a mom's mind at ease with your products. I am on a budget, but I feel the money I use on your products is well-spent (and the products go a lot farther and last longer than I thought they would). I am happy to recommend your products to the pediatric patients I work with. It is refreshing to hear of products like yours that are made without many harmful substances; and to know that there ARE alternatives to the more well-known baby/child skin care products currently on the market. I remember using Aveeno baby wash (a shower gift) on my daughter just after she was born; I stopped using it when it took the fragrance 2-3 days to wear off! Again, thank you and keep up the great work! I look forward to your new products. Best wishes, L. H.

Thank you! I just received my order. The new scents that I had not had before are just perfect. I love!!! the overtired and cranky buble bath!!! I have lots of problems with allergies to "soap" and these prodcuts are so good. Keep up the good work. J. ps Thank you for removing the parabens! =)

Dear Jessica, I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful line of products. I first got them as a shower present and now I'm completely addicted to them specially the diaper rash cream. I have turned 4 of my best friends that just had babies to them as well. I also told a friend that has a fabulous shop and had never heard of your products. Forever a fan and wishing you more success and health this new year! Sincerely, A. R. K. :-)

I just wanted to thank you for creating such wonderful products!!! My 15 mo old daughter has battled cradle cap since she was born and it is now clearing up thanks to the Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo and Calendula Cream. I decided to try your products because the product descriptions said that it could help with cradle cap, and I was ready to try/do anything for her! I had done what her pediatrician and many other people had suggested. They told me to rub baby oil into her scalp and then use her brush to "scrub" the scales away. But when I tried this, she would fuss and try to run away from me. The first night I had the CB products I washed her hair with the Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo and then applied the Calendula Cream to her scalp. Since then, I have been using the shampoo and conditioner religiously!! I check my daughters scalp every night after her bath, and within about a week, the cradle cap was almost completely cleared! Thank you so much! D.A.

We have a redhead, fair skined baby and where given you sunscreen as a gift and have been useing it ever since! It works wonders on a baby that has to wear sunscreen in the south every day! Thank you very much for a great product! P.A.

Hello, Gang! While preparing for a move back to the US from Europe after six years of living abroad, I was confronted with what turned out to be a patch of eczema smack dab in the middle of my forehead. I am 41 and have never, ever had eczema so I of course had no idea what it was and went about moisturizing it for almost two months to no avail. A friend who was VERY acquainted with eczema looked at it and recognized it and after some conversation it seemed that the only logical factor was the stress associated with my move. No changes in my diet or any other thing I could think of had changed. She suggested hydrocortizone, which was effective, but after reading about the damage it can do to the skin I started looking for a natural solution. I tried several homeopathic remedies but NONE showed any improvement whatsoever. SO I kept looking. And eventually I discovered Califonia Baby. Not only was it the most user friendly product I found but now after about two weeks of applying it, the eczema patch is healing beautifully and almost gone! I am always excited when a product actually does what it is meant to do - since it is a relatively rare occurance. I am happy to say that Califonia Baby is one of the few, the proud, the effective! Please keep up the good work! Thank you California Baby! All the best! M.J.

My daughter who is four months has been batteling a terrible daiper rash since she was born. Your Calendula Cream is the only thing that makes it go away. She is allergic to zinc oxide which is in almost every daiper rash cream and I was so happy to have found this one. Its a total life saver. Thank you! K.M.

I have been fighting with my son's eczema for four years with little success and was unhappy to find out that baby number two had the same skin problems. I read somewhere that calendula based creams were good for this condition and have used others with some success but I was BLOWN AWAY with how quickly my both of my kids' skin improved with your calendula cream. After the first application the skin was better than ever. It is simply amazing! Thanks for making this wonderful product!!!! E.M.

Dear CA Baby, We had to write and thank you for creating such a great Diaper Cream... we tried EVERY product on the market for my 4 month old's first case of diaper rash and nothing worked til we tried your product which was given to us as a gift for my shower. (My mother in law joked "leave it to Sue to have designer butt cream") but it works and she agreed it was amazing! I ran out and bought the entire shelf of cream at Whole Foods last night so we have it at home, at daycare and in her diaper bag. S.C.

hi! i LOVE the super sensitive products especially the shampoo and conditioner. other shampoos made my skin break out in a rash around where my hair hits my neck and shoulders. this is the only stuff that doesn't bother me and now i can even wear bangs! i tried before and had welts near my eyes from the chemicals in other shampoos. you have improved my quality of life. the only thing that could be better is if you made a super sensitive face wash and face lotion set without oils in it. i've been told some people use the shampoo but i'm sure that isn't the best idea and i'm afraid to the super sensitive lotion on my face because it has oil in it and i don't want to break out. keep up the good work! best wishes, J.H.S.

Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for creating California Baby. Your Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash is the only product that cleared up my daughter's dermatitis. I've tried Johnson's Head to Toe, Cetaphil, other lotions, powder so on but nothing worked. I started using your lotion and she loves it when I rub it on her back, like getting a massage. My daughter also has curly hair and the detangler works great and it makes her hair shiny and manageable. I just ordered a half gallon of the Shampoo & Bodywash to make sure that we never run out. Thanks,V.P.

Dear C.baby, Through the German herbalist Maria Treben I knew that Calendula was effective against fungus and varicose veins. So when I was again beset by these troubles, I looked for a calendula cream. The only product that I found was your California Baby. Instead of trying the 'over the counter' remedy for the fungus (toes and ear) first, I applied your cream. And it took care of it completely. The painful varicose veins on the thighs were generously coated with the cream, morning and night. After about a week the pain was gone. I keep using it since I read that it will in time strenghten and smooth the distented veins. Just thought you would like to know. Thank you for making this excellent product. Sincerely, Mrs. U. R.

I'm of childbearing age, with celiac disease and I suspect multiple chemical sensitivities. Yesterday I used your sunscreen at the beach, got tanned a bit, without burning at all, and I always burn! Also, I always get sick from chemical sunscreens, but I did well with yours. That's a miracle. Even products that say gluten free, one other on the market that is, I can't tolerate, which leads me to believe I may be chemically sensitive as well. Thank you for these great products. I've been using softsoap handsoap even in my hair, thus avoiding the reactions from conventional products, but I think I'll give your shampoo and conditioner a try. Thank you again. No gluten, no chemicals... excellent! Sincerely, A. M.

Dear California Baby, I just wanted to thank you for including the bubble wand in your calming bubble bath. We received the bubble bath as a gift when my son was born and started using it a few months ago. We love it! He is 11 months old and we blow bubbles almost every night in the bath. At first he wasn't sure what to think, but now he gets so excited and grabs at the bubbles. It makes bathtime so fun! I love that I can blow bubbles that won't irritate his skin or eyes. Just wanted to tell you thanks for creating a product I feel good about using with him. Sincerely, A. G. - Iowa

Greetings, I just want to say thank you to Jessica for creating such wonderful products. I recently visited the Skin Deep website (created by the Environment Working Group) and was horrified by how many harmful ingredients are used in some of the top-selling baby products. I went out the next day and bought a bunch of your products as they rank at the top of the "safe to use" list. I have a 15-month old son and I want him to be as chemical-free as possible! From one mother to another, I wanted to let her know I appreciate her taking the time to research and create such great products. Warmly, C.L. P.S. My son LOVES the bubble wand that comes with the bubble bath….smart thinking to put that in there and make it fun!

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you that I absolutely love love love the diaper area wash. My mother and I have a cloth diaper business therefore, my son has never worn a disposable diaper. He is now 3 years old and was potty trained around 2 but he still wets at night. He is so big and wets so much that by morning he is really stinky. I tired to wipe the urine off using regular baby wipes which did nothing for the smell and he would eventually end up with a rash. I would bath him and that did work but we prefer bathing close to bed time instead of in the morning. Then I discovered your diaper area wash. Now when he wakes up I soak a cloth wipe with water, spray the cloth liberally with the diaper area wash and then wipe him down. He does not stink after he is wiped and the rashes have completely stopped. Thank you so much for such a wonderful wonderful, natural product that actually works. We are hoping to have a second baby and I plan to only use your diaper area wash and not baby wipes. I recommend your products to anyone that I can, including our diaper customers; we have a link to your site from ours. Thank you again from a very pleased customer, M.Y.

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how well your calendula cream has worked for my son. My son got a pretty significant case of cradle cap at around three months. I used baby oil on it and manually removed skin flakes but the condition persisted. He would also get dry hard skin on his forehead & under his eyebrow hair and dry cheeks. Poor thing, I think his scalp itched because he would scratch his head to bleeding sometimes. At any rate, we were heading out of town for a camping trip and I purchased your calendula cream based on the claims on the packaging. I applied the cream twice daily (morning & before bed) and I saw a huge difference in five days! Honestly, the skin on his face - baby smooth. The cradle cap - nearly completely gone. It is so refreshing to find a product that does what it claims. You've won me over. Thank you for making such a wonderful cream. Sincerely, M.G.

I wanted to write and let you know that I am extremely grateful to have found your product. Six months ago I started going to the doctor for what he diagnosed as ring worm. He gave me a steroid cream and needless to say that was the worst thing he could have done. I attempted to stop the cream and low and behold the rash got worse. I have very sensitive skin to begin with and the steroid cream with the rebound affect made my face look really bad. I was embarrassed and didn't want to do anything. I have never in my life had so many people say what happened to your face. I typically have very clear skin. I searched and searched the internet and self diagnosed as having perioral dermatitis. Then I found your website and many others that talked about the calendula cream. I received your cream last Thursday and today is the first day in three weeks I am not embarrassed to go out in public. In addition to the healing properties the smell of the cream is soothing in itself. Thank you so much! V.S.

Hello, I just wanted to write in and tell you how much I love this product. A few months ago I had an extremely bad reaction to a cosmetic that sent me to urgent care and following that up with steroid treatments. Since that incident my face has become extremely sensitive to the point where I could no longer use products that I had been using for years. I have struggled for months to find a product with sunscreen in it that my skin could tolerate... and I finally found it! I am very excited and now I don't have to hide in the shade or run around with my head down when I am outside! From a very happy customer :) A. P.S. Ever since I started using this product people have been commenting on how "dewy" my skin looks... who knew? I used to spend so much money on products to try to make my skin look "dewy" and all I really needed was your sunscreen!

Hello. I am a first-time mother and at four weeks my daughter had horrible (and I mean horrible) baby acne. My doctor told me that was normal with breastfed babies and would most likely stay like that until I stopped breastfeeding. Well since I planned on breastfeeding her for a year, I did not want my baby continuing to be aggravated by the acne. I searched the internet and came across your web site and ordered bath wash, calming lotion and even the diaper rash care set. After just a few days, I was just amazed. She uses the calming lotion everyday and her skin is crystal clear. We were out of town and I accidentally forgot it for a few days and her acne came back! Thank you for making such an amazing product. My husband has bad eczema as well and while we were in the car, it was really itchy and very bothersome. Since we didn't have any lotion in the car, he used your diaper rash cream and it worked wonders. Not only did it bring immediate relief, but after a few days, his spots cleared up. He now uses it all the time. You have the created products and I have highly recommended California Baby to friends and family. I will continue to purchase products. Thank you for taking time and energy to create something so wonderful for my little girl. T. W., Berlin, WI

I have been trying to find bubble bath for my 3 daughters since my first child was born... She's now 11 years old! It became more of an issue after my 3rd child was born, she is allergic to all dairy, all nuts and berries! Poor thing she has been begging to take a bubble bath for "years"! She's almost 6 and I finally found your product, took it home, gave her a bubble bath, you should have seen her face! When she emerged, and the next day... Not a welt, red spot or a rash! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are now going to try one at a time, the bath products, lotions and creams! A happy and thankful mother... C.D.

dear california baby folks - how can I say thank you enough for creating so many fabulous products that those of us with celiac and heightened sensitivities to so many "manufactured" ingredients can actually safely use-THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U A THOUSAND TIMES, THANK U! I am so grateful you took the time and initiative to create such wonderfully real and helpful products. I went thru quite an ordeal after getting diagnosed with celiac last May.... and was unable to use any products out there no matter how "organic" or "natural or simple their products claimed to be -I finally resorted to creating my own and they pulled me thru my extremely highly sensitive time but I was so grateful to come across your products and find out they not only didn't cause any "reactions" but actually helped soothe, clean, moisturize me... so again, thank u... my skin thanks u the most... aaahhhh!!!! keep up the fabulous work! L.V.D.

Hello, I live in the UK and love the calendula cream. It is my panacea for the family. I burnt with boiling water once (admittedly it wasn't a huge burn but still it was boiling water) and just with the cream my skin was cured incredibly quickly. Thank you, M.

Dear California Baby: I am an editor at a parenting magazine, so I thought I had seen and heard it all when it comes to kids and their butts. But when my daughter broke out in a diaper rash that wouldn't quit, I was at a loss. I tried everything (or so I thought), and after countless visits to the pediatrician, eventual referral to a dermatologist that resulted in several visits, and a lot of money spent on prescriptions for one thing or another, I was at my wits end. The dermatologist said that if we couldn't figure it out soon that we would have to take a biopsy of my poor baby's diaper area. Upset and looking for help, I went to my local Whole Foods Market. We shop for food there often, but I had never really looked in the kids homeopathy section. I stopped to see if there were any new ideas for me there, and I came upon California Baby's Non-Burning and Calming Diaper Area Wash. I figured, what the heck. So I took it home, and, along with Seventh Generation Diapers, gave it a try. And we managed to do something we hadn't done in weeks - reverse the course of her irritation. Adelaide went from having a diaper area that hurt so badly she cried each time we touched it (with skin so irritated it was wrinkling)...to today, less than 48 hours later, having some redness that is still getting less and less. I want to cry I am so relieved, and I am now a complete and total devotee to your wash. The first time I sprayed it on her little bum and vaginal area, she stopped crying. It soothed her and made it hurt less immediately, and with repeated use (when we have #2, we use it along with toilet paper to get the stickies off), she is getting better. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know what else to say except that I wish I had figured this out sooner. I will be talking about California Baby products to every mom I come in contact with! Your product is amazing. Most sincere thanks, A.L.E.

My three children and myself all have allergies, asthma, and eczema, and I don't know where we'd be without California Baby products. I'm especially grateful for the sunscreen and bug products, as I try very hard to keep chemicals off my children. Thank you for all your great products! L. S.

Just wanted to tell you also that I've been using your calming blend products (mainly bubble bath and massage oil) with my baby girl who may have a sensory disorder since she was about 4 months old when I started looking for something to calm her down when she got very overwhelmed with the daily hubbub of my house. Every night now we have a bath time ritual that includes your bubble bath and a nightly massage ritual with your massage oil and it has worked wonders for her! About a month ago she also had a nasty diaper rash that was not clearing up with the Weleda and other "natural" diaper creams that I was using. I went to my local Whole Foods and noticed that you guys had a calming diaper rash cream and a talc free powder and picked them up without a thought and brought it home. After one application her rash was gone and the cream didn't stain my cloth diapers either! Kudos to you on a great product! I've told all the women in my baby month group to buy your products! I have never once raved about a product like this and while some are taken aback by the price (which I was too initially I must confess), after one whiff of the calming bubble bath and once I got it home and saw what a wholesome product it was I was sold! I will never wash my babies in anything else again! J.L.

The diaper cream is WONDERFUL. My daughter was also pretty cranky last night and after a massage with the calming massage oil sample you sent she was right as rain! Thank you so much! - A.N.

I just want to express my gratitude towards California Baby and all its wonderful products!! When my son was just 1 month old he had very bad eczema on his face and parts of his torso. I was in the dark on how to alleviate this rash and to stop the itching (he would rub his little face side to side on my shoulder trying to "scratch"). When my pediatrician gave me samples of Elidel (this was about a month before all the recent warnings on Elidel came out), I thought, "Elidel on a 1 month old!! I don't think so!" That's when I decided to look around for alternatives – and I am so glad I did!! I found your products on the internet and ordered right away. The Calendula Cream totally cleared up his facial eczema within 2 weeks and he hasn't had a problem since! I also love the Calming body wash, especially knowing what harsh chemicals other companies put in their so-called "gentle" washes! THANK YOU SO MUCH! – T.A. San Filippo

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are. I was a little skeptical at first but ordered your samples to see if they really work and they did! I love the Calendula Cream and it's the only thing I've used to help my son's face. I also love the diaper rash cream, the over tired and cranky spritz and everything else I've ordered. This stuff really calms him down and puts him to sleep.Thank you for thinking of others by creating products that aren't harmful. A.L.J.

I recently purchased your products at my local Health Food Sore and am VERY impressed. I have to tell you that your Detangler is the ONLY hair detangler that doesn't give me a rash on my neck and doesn't make the eczema on my scalp worse. God Bless your company! I'm so happy! I also love your Shampoo, conditioner and Calendula Cream. The Shampoo is the most moiterizing natural shampoo I have ever used! Thanks again! A. L.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your products. My baby is now 21 months and when she was new born I was using Burt's Bees. Turned out she was very allergic to all their baby products and found out that she was allergic to any type of milk in the "natural" products that we used. We found your product at a local health food store and we all love it and have used it since she was 2 months old!!! Her skin got so much better! Now, in December, we moved and during all that we ran out of her bath stuff and her skin was getting really bad with everything we were trying to substitute in the meantime. Found your website and have ordered directly until we find our way around to the local health food stores. Her skin is, once again, getting back to normal. She is just very sensitive to all that other stuff and your products are perfect for her. Thank you so much!!! And may you continue with much success!! C. G.

Hi, Your SPF#30 Sunscreen Lotion is the only product my daughter can use. Its fabulous. We tried every other product on the market, and yours is the only one that does not irritate her eyes. It took me 2 summers to find California Baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yours truly, A.A.

I absolutely love your products! At first I thought they were so expensive, but they are worth every penny, as they last a long time, plus the quality ingredients are far superior to any of the typical brands. I also love the clean scents, so atypical of the "Baby Powder Scent" always used in other brands. The Diaper Area Wash is the best, especially for those messy times in-between baths! Thanks so much for the great products, I have been telling all my friends about your line. A New Devotee, A.G.

Hi there, I purchased your diaper rash cream because I was tired of store creams causing more irritation on my son's sensitive bottom. I also was tired of trying to hunt and hunt for a cream that didn't contain mineral oil - which I know can be very harmful for anyone's skin.
I have had nothing but a perfect experience with your product! I love it! I like how it smells, and easily absorbes into my son's skin, and how it can do a complete turn around to his sore diaper rashed skin.
I just wanted to let you know that I really like your product and I wished more stores carried it. I also wished that information would get out to the consumer that most all diaper rash creams contain mineral oil and we should not be getting those for our babies most sensitive skin. Thank you, H.E.

Hello, I rarely write to companies, but I recently was so happy with your Calendula cream that I felt I should write. I have used the cream on my daughter and her skin is perfect, something that does not run in our family! Just a little dab when she gets any irritation and it works wonders. She is constantly being called a "doll". Recently, I had stitches removed and had a horrible time with the wound continuing to drain and bleed for over a month even with a prescription medication. I bought new bandages that I was sensitive to and decided to apply the Calendula cream on the area. The next day I was amazed at how much better the wound felt and looked. After three days, the wound was completely sealed and healed. Now I am kicking myself for suffering for a month first! I think the product is well worth the money and a little goes a long way! T.D. San Antonio, TX

Wanted to comment that I've had sensitive skin issues for a good portion of my life. We got the sensitive shampoo and body wash as a gift for our new baby, and I figured I'd try it out on myself. It's amazing and I love it! My skin (including on my face) cleared up of blemishes and itchy spots after a couple of uses. Thanks! M.C.

Thank you so much for providing my family with the California Baby quality products. My son is 9 weeks old and we have used your products exclusively on his skin. Our favorite product is the calendula cream. My husband and I like to refer to it as the "eraser cream," because whatever we put it on disappears! If there is a scratch, a pimple, a diaper rash. . .we just put on the cream and the next day it is gone! We love it! Plus, when I had my baby at the pediatrician for his second month visit, the doctor commented on how he had the most beautiful skin she has seen on a baby. We of course gave all the credit to California Baby! Thank you, L.A.

That was great! I watch fox 11 every morning :) I love your products Jessica! I don't have a baby, but I use some of them as I am a "sensitive adult" as you call it in your website. I will definately be one of your loyal mommies when my husband and I have kids in a few years! Keep the great products coming! I love what you have created! Thanks, M.W.

We recently moved to Tokyo and are settling into Tokyo life well. I wanted to let you know that I used your diaper rash. (Sofia has gotten it 2x here, I think it is the dry air). But anyway, I tried WEDLDA and Balmex while my shipment was being sent; and then when it arrived I used yours—and sure enough your cream worked the best!! It was gone! KUDOS to you!!! Hope all is well in that SUNNY LA weather!-M.C.

I just wanted you to know that I'm using your baby massage oil makes a great pre-shave oil. It leaves my face feeling much better than with just shave gel alone. I tried making my own from various carrier oils, but yours is good for this purpose all by itself. Plus, it's fragrance free, a characteristic I seek out in most things I put on my hair or body. I usually add a few drops of the oil to my hair gel, which help to replace some of the natural oils lost from washing my hair. 'Thought you'd like to know. Thank you. C. H. - St. Louis

Hi there- I am a mom in Austin, Texas that wanted to rave about your products. My 17-month-old daughter has been suffering with a bad case of eczema on the top of her ankles for about 6 months. The doctor had prescribed all kinds of steroid creams and such but nothing worked. I bought your Super Sensitive bubble bath, Calming Body Wash and Moisturizing Creams about a month ago. Her skin is virtually perfect now, no signs of scaling or itching!!! I am absolutely amazed and a loyal customer from now on! Thank you so much for working so hard to make products for all of our kids that can't tolerate the harshness of the other cleansers on the market. I am very impressed. D.D.W.

I want to let you know how much I love California Baby! I love bubble baths but won't purchase anything tested on animals, so I was happy to find your products. As I have learned, organic bubble baths are not so bubbly, but yours are! They smell great and you don't need to use half the bottle to get bubbles, only a few capfuls. The bubble wand is great, too. I can entertain my cats while in the tub... they love it! Thanks for your kindness towards animals and the great bubble bath. A.G.

My dermatologist gave me a long list of chemicals I could not use. I had the hardest time finding products until I found your company. For the first time my eyes were not red after bathing nor was I suffering as many allergy episodes. Thank you so much. R.J.

Hello there -I use your products and they are amazing... I love the diaper cream! If my daughter has any type of redness, I use that and I swear as soon as it hits her skin, she calms right down... Her skin soon to follow. THANK YOU for making such great products without all those chemicals!! Regards, J.H.

Good Morning, I am so happy to have safe pure products for my son - you have no idea - I wish that I had learned about you 7 years sooner. I am telling all of my friends about your product line so that they can have great safe natural products for their kids too. My son loves the bubble bath and I am anxious to use more products that you have. Thank you for creating this product line - it is refreshing to have things that you are comfortable using on your most precious loved ones. As you might have noticed I have been enlightened to reading the ingredients and I have a book that shows all of the chemicals and it has made me conscious about the scary ingredients that are being used in products. There is not turning back now. I am forever a customer and I appreciate a pure product line that does not have ingredients that will negatively affect my son.Sincerely,K.K.

I just wanted to write your company and express how completely happy I am with your products. My daughter had an anaphylaxis reaction to apricot oil in another company's product. I was trying to aid her eczema(which was already bad) but brought it to a worse state. After using the apricot oil, we found out it is in the tree nut family which she has anaphylaxis to. We called her doctor for prescription cream for open sores from her eczema but our pharmacy was sold out. Frazzled, I went on my own search for something to calm her skin down immediately. This is when I came across your product, and it has truly been a blessing in our home. We went from a 2x3 inch area that was hived with open sores to a 90% recovery in just three days. I used the Calendula Cream and then the Calming Botanical Moisturizing Cream on the rest of her body. She looks great! I've never seen her skin look this good! I just placed a large order of your shampooand body wash, conditioner, sunscreen, and other products. I am really looking forward to trying all of them. All I can say is thank you and God bless your company for making products that work so well with eczema and sensitive skin. Have a "Magical" Day! LVL.

My son has been suffering from eczema for about 6 months. It wasn't until this winter that I could not keep it under control. I have used many, many products, including a prescription. None of these were working and it seemed to be getting worse. I had used a California Baby Calming product in the past and was happy with it. I bought the Calendula Cream yesterday and applied it twice. As of today, a few of the small patches are completely gone, and the larger ones are 50% better already. I am so happy that I have returned to your products and am confident when I tell everyone how great they truly are. Thanks for caring about our children and their health, J.

Hi! I just want to write a quick note and say a big "thank you!" We used your bubble bath as a first ever bubble bath experience for our 2 1/2 year old this past weekend. She's been challenging lately but these bubbles did the trick! She adored her bath and was laughing and squealing with delight during bath time after a long and trying day. No skin reactions and no slipping in the tub either. Thank you for a wonderfully fragrant and effective natural product! Sincerely, SO

When I was pregnant I was VERY sick and the smells in other soap/shampoo products made me nauseas. I found your unscented body wash and fell in love-not only does it lack the synthetic fragrances of other products but it is gentle and works well, even on adults. From there I tried your Calming line, and even then the fragrance didn't bother me because it isn't strong or synthetic. I have used your products on myself and my son, and will continue to use them because they are simply the best. Thank you for creating such a wonderful line.

I have been using your Calming Shampoo & Bodywash, Conditioner and Hair Detangler and I love it!! My skin and hair have never looked so good - I have naturally curly hair and live in a high humidity area. I have horrible allergies, which the scent calms, and it also eases breathing. I carry a 2 oz. bottle of the Calming Shampoo/Bodywash with me and inhale whenever I am sneezy or stuffed up. I love it so much that I am considering using it as my laundry detergent!
Thanks! DC

I just want to rave about your Calendula Cream. My boyfriend and I are both sensitive grown-ups, use your products, and love your scents. I've been traveling with a cold, and putting a little cream on my nose and lip after each nose-blowing has been a skin saver! Thanks! SP

Hi, I have been struggling with diaper rash for a while. I tried so many different ways to try and get rid of it but nothing worked. I was very frustrated. I bought the Calming Diaper Rash Cream yesterday and by this afternoon, the rash was gone. Thank you so much!! I love your product.
Sincerely, KD

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your products and have turned on several friends. It's always nice to know that someone puts so much thought in making products that are so great for our children. Being able to use them ourselves is just an added bonus. Thanks for caring so much!

Our family has been using your products for a little over a year now and we LOVE your line. Our son was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To treat his symptoms, we decided to go with traditional therapy and changing his diet to a Gluten Free/Casein Free (no wheat/no dairy) diet. Where I'm going with this is, when we decided to do the GFCF diet, we had to remove those harmful ingredients out of his diet and out of our home. That included shampoos, lotions, everything. Much to our excitement, all the California Baby products we already had just so happen to be free of gluten and casein! Hooray! I love your products and recommend them often.
Thank you for your time and consideration! AO

Hello! I love all of your products that I've tried especially the aromatherapy massage, hair and body shampoo, and lotions. I make sure to tell everyone about your awesome products and how wonderful they are. For baby showers I've always got several of your products included in my gifts for the expectant moms. AND, my daughter smells so good thanks to you guys! Thank you for creating such fabulous products!!!!! Sincerely, RA

I just want to let you know that I LOVE your products. I'm so glad i found you!!!! AL

We love your baby shampoo/wash, and have bought gallons in the past. It's still the great scent that reminds us of our two little ones ages 3+yr and 9mo. It's that quality that made me sure my wife and I would enjoy your bubble bath (Overtired & Cranky...yeah that's us sometimes) and "I Love You" massage oil. Can't wait for Valentine's Day!

I just want to tell you how much I love the Diaper Area Wash. It is wonderful, especially since my daughter is prone to diaper rash. A few spritzes and, well, the poop practically runs off. Thanks for making an amazing product. KL

My baby Jesser loves the products that we've bought so far. We use them in his bath and for his massage every evening. Our pediatrician even recommended the Calendula Cream for a rash he had and it cleared up in a day! We love them so much, we are purchasing them for a friend's shower, and have recommended them to many others! Thanks California Baby!
shanti (peace), SN

Hi, I am the mother of two and my baby, just one year old yesterday, had been plagued with awful cradle cap since she was just a few months old. Desperate, I have tried everything from baby oil to Selsum Blue dandruff shampoo, though I was hesitant to put those harsh chemicals on her scalp-it did work temporarily and then the cradle cap just reappeared. I also used Jajoba oil at the recommendation of a hair salon, but also had only temporary results. A few weeks ago I consulted Whole Foods in my neighborhood, looking for something natural to try and remedy the problem. They pointed me to the Calendula cream and it has completely resolved the problem, and smells great! THANKS SO MUCH for your product!!
Sincerely, SH

Hello ! I am a first time mom with a 4 month old daughter named Kaylee. As beautiful as she is, she inherited my extremely sensitive skin. Her face, forehead, arms, legs, chest, stomach & back, you name it... her skin was dry, bumpy, scaly, red and irritated. I used many other brands, but none of them made improvements to my daughters skin until California Baby came into the picture. After 3 days and counting of using your products, the change is impressive. Her face is touchably smooth, as is her skin everywhere else. From your Calming line to the Super Sensitive line to the Calendula and Botanical Moisturing Creams, Bubble Baths and Calming Spritzers, it's all #1 in our family.
Thank you for some great products! RG

I just want to tell you how much I love your products. My daughter had a reaction to every type of soap we tried. We finally found your Super Sensitive line of products at our local health foods store and at 21 months it's still all we use. Thanks for such a great product! A and M

Thank you so much for creating a line of such wonderful baby care products. My daughter used to have a bad case of eczema and the Super Sensitive Baby Shampoo helped eliminate it. You have gained a loyal customer! Sincerely, HC

My daughter is allergic to everything I've tried except your body wash/shampoo. Thank you for making it! ND

Just a note to say how much I love your products. Someone in my breastfeeding newsgroup recommended the Diaper Area Wash and Diaper Cream when my daughter was a newborn and had a nasty rash. It worked wonders. I've tried a bunch of your products since then and I really like them all. My favorite is the Botanical Moisturizing Cream. I use it on my baby girl after every bath. It's "her" smell now! I just placed an order for 2 more because I don't want to ever be without it! It keeps her skin so soft and smelling amazing. JG

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My three year old son reacts to everything, even products that claim to be hypoallergenic or for babies. He was having a miserable summer, breaking out from each sunscreen we tried on him, and we were about to keep him inside until September when I read about your product on a parent's message board. The Super Sensitive Sunscreen was perfect! A few weeks later he was having outbreaks again (he calls them the "itchy oochies") and I realized that his bath products were the problem. You saved the day again with your Super Sensitive Shampoo/Bodywash and bubbles. He hadn't had a bubble bath in so long (the commercial ones gave him terrible rashes)! No more itchy oochies. Once again, THANK YOU! JP

I have been trying to clear up eczema on my son's face for months. I did not want to use the steroids my pediatrician recommended for it. Your cream has cleared it up in less than a week! He is gorgeous!
Thank you thank you! DT

Thank you for having a website that is easy to use, fun, and informative. I am shopping for my niece, and was so happy to see that you stated which products used animal ingredients so I did not have to play guess and check (as is the case with every other brand).
Thanks again, K

I am a huge fan of your products. Since I started using your aromatherapy oils my children have had fewer illness, and a runny nose can be eradicated in 24 hours. My daughter had a stye on her eyelid for several months and we tried antibiotics and several other things trying to get rid of it. We were to the point of doing surgery but I asked the doctor to give me one more week because I had my first order of California Baby coming in. I got it the next day and used the Tea Tree and Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash to cleanse the area and within 24 hours the stye was gone. We went back to the doctor and she wrote down all the info I had on your product because she was going to start using it for herself. Needless to say we were sold on your products and one of my happiest days was when our local foods co-op started carrying them. Thanks for your wonderful products and your help. EF

I use your Calendula cream instead of carrying around a first aid kit. It's great stuff for bug bites! Thank you. CB

I began using your products when my five year old daughter was a baby. Most soaps and baby washes gave her a rash, and your Super Sensitive Bodywash was the only product I could find that worked for her. When my son was born last year, he developed severe eczema within a month after birth. By the time he was six months old, he was on a prescription medicine nightly to help him sleep and to prevent him from scratching. He already had multiple staph infections of the skin that spread over his entire body because his scratching had broken his raw skin. Obviously, I had to be very careful when using soap in his bath. Again, your Super Sensitive Bodywash was the only natural product I could find that he could tolerate. Thank you for making such a great product! AP

I just tried the Calming Aromatherapy bubble bath on my new 13 month old daughter that we adopted from China one month ago. It is beyond amazing. Since we adopted her, she has hated baths. I literally felt like I was torturing her by practicing simple personal hygiene on her. This week I went to my local health foods store in search of a suitable baby massage oil to alleviate this problem. At that time, I discovered your line of aromatherapy bubble bath products and decided to try the Calming variety. That evening, I tried bathing her with it and not only did she not fuss, but she seemed to begin to enjoy herself – splashing, kicking and playing with bath toys. I subsequently also tried a few drops in a cold compress to try to get her to go back to sleep after waking up at night. Again, it worked miraculously. I then tried the cold compress method on myself. I haven't slept for more than 1.5 to 2 hours per night for the past month and was on the verge of asking my doctor for a prescription sleep aid. The aromatherapy compress facilitated my first full night of sleep in a month. I have been telling all of my friends and family about this miracle! This stuff is amazing! Thank you! SM

We love your products. My baby suffers from allergies and eczema and your products help lessen the itching. I am passing on the good news about your products and how they have helped us and our baby! Thanks again! EK

I just wanted to thank you for your helpful advice. I called you back in April to ask about a sunscreen for my son, who seemed to be reacting to everything I put on him. He broke out so many times with an itchy rash and I felt so bad. I'd tried everything I could think of, and then I found the Fragrance Free SPF30+ Sunscreen. It's been a dream. He can go swimming without me worrying about a burn or a rash. Thank you so much for your products. Very sincerely, DC

Your products are wonderful and appear to be helping eradicate my two year old son's eczema. I'll also be using them when my second son arrives this June. KL

I was babysitting for one of my clients the other night and had to give the girls a bath. Their mother is very health conscious and uses your Shampoo and Bubble Bath. I was very impressed by the smell and the ingredients. I have a sensitive urinary tract and cannot usually take bubble baths (sodium lauryl sulfate irritates me too much) though I love them so much. I am so excited to try your stuff in my own bath! OH

We love your products...my daughter always smells wonderful after her baths, and I never have to worry about the soap harming her...it is great. Thanks! MT

A vegan friend purchased this product for me when I had my son. I LOVE IT and love that my baby always smells fresh and clean without the perfume scents! I give the diaper rash cream for all my friends that are moms-to-be. If the area becomes even just a hint red and you use that cream ... it is always completely gone by the next diaper change, no worries!!! Thanks for a great line of products. KB

I found California Baby products six months ago while vacationing in Sun Valley, ID and I love it! I wouldn't use or recommend anything else. I have two sons under the age of three and we really enjoy the Overtired and Cranky bubble bath. My sons especially love the bubble wand. Also, the diaper cream is amazing and smells wonderful! There is just no comparison. I am excited to get the word out and try the other products! Thank you! KB

I love your products. I was given some baby products right before my daughter was born and I am thoroughly impressed. She has very sensitive skin and your product is really one of the only ones I can use on her. Thanks! LAM

We think your Calendula Cream is one of the nicest, freshest, soothing creams on the market for our son AND ourselves.
Thanks HC

I am a 46 year old women who has had acne since I was 16. I used everything imaginable to clear it up and ended up with the worst dry flaky skin. I read something that suggested trying the Calendula Cream for perioral dermatitis. I gave it a try. I call it the miracle cream. It completely took care of all my skin problems and has given me the most beautiful glow. People comment on my skin all the time and my husband always speaks up crediting my 'Calendula Miracle Cream'. From a woman who was at her last straw, and ready to give up on nice skin, I am grateful for your fabulous product.
Thank you! CJM

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we put the California Baby sunscreen to the test today. There are some brands of natural products that just don't work, but I am VERY happy with your sunscreen. We were out during peak sun hours for four hours today. 90 degrees, bright sun, and we were not in the shade at all during that time. I put the sunscreen on my son once in the morning while we were in and out of the sun, and once right before we were in the sun straight for 3 hours. During that three hours I reapplied it once to his nose, cheeks and shoulders. I don't notice a difference in his skin color from this morning until tonight. If there is a difference, it is only slight. So just in case you all have any customers that are debating whether this natural product is going to work, I want to say that it does!!! It is always great to discover a natural product that works. I also love the body wash for the bath. I've been using that for years.Thanks! DW

Living in Santa Fe, NM, most days are sunny. We have been using your sunscreen since our son was three months old. We are very comfortable with your products, especially as little ones want to put everything in their mouths. Naturally, we try to prevent this as much as possible. Fortunately, I never worry when he tries to "help me" rub in the sunscreen now that he is nearly one year old! We continue to take daily hikes and have never had any adverse reactions to this product or any of your others. Thank! SW

Thank you for your help. With 3 children having food allergies, I try very hard to find reliable and trustworthy companies. It's taken me four and a half years to find you, but I am glad I did. Thanks for all of your help. CM

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for providing such great products! We live in a beach community and are always outside. I HATE the smell of chemical sunscreens and am uncomfortable putting them on my baby. Your sunscreens are amazing, and I honestly think they work better than the chemical ones! I was the only one in the neighborhood putting sunscreen on my baby before that precious six-month-mark! All the overprotective mommies thought I was crazy, but I was comfortable using your products! Thank and keep up your great work! DT

Dear California Baby, I recently discovered your products from an online merchant. Last week, my son was diagnosed with a strep infection. The second day after the doctor's visit he was miserable. He refused to eat, drink, or take his medication. My husband and I could do nothing to console him.
I remembered that I had a bottle of your "Overtired & Cranky" bubble bath. I gave him a warm bath with it. He stopped crying almost as soon as he got into the tub. After the bath, he ate a meal, drank a glass of juice, and took his medication with no resistance!
I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product! I will definitely recommend your products to everyone I know. Sincerely, JC

Hello. About a month ago, I ordered your shampoo & conditioner for my 4 year old daughter. I have to say that your product is wonderful. Her hair has never been shinier. Thanks for such a great product.
Sincerely, MV

I am highly allergic to sunscreen and came across your product by accident (thank goodness)!! It is the only thing I can put on my children that doesn't make me break out and be miserable for a week.
Thanks again. CB

I LOVE your bubble bath! It's wonderful, especially for those who are irritated by bubble baths...I have hooked others on California Baby!

My wife and I have a child born with special needs and her skin is very sensitive. We have tried your products recently with great success. BH

I received a bottle of California Baby Calming baby wash and shampoo as a shower gift. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of aromatherapy benefits. I first used it on my newborn daughter when she was 4 days old. I myself was in love with the fragrance and had a hard time not using all for myself. Sure enough after the bath was done and my daughter was all dry and cozy, I held her for a while and she was away in dreamland within minutes, instead of the usual hours. It's as though she got to a deeper sleep faster. Needless to say I was grateful. I recently went on vacation and made sure that I didn't forget the baby wash. I rave about it to my family and friends. Ever since, I look forward to bath time because I know my daughter is getting clean safely. It is so hard to find a product with a pleasing aroma that doesn't make your baby breakout, and this is the product. I am throwing away all of the other products and stocking up on California Baby. I haven't been this excited about a product in a while, it's gold as far as I am concerned. Please keep them coming. Sincerely, RT

I love your products. When my daughter was only a few months old I was getting teething tablets and some thoughtful person had displayed your Overtired and Cranky Essential Oil in the baby teething area. I thought I would give it a try. What a wonderful difference it made when she was teething. I would just run a nice bath and we both had a change of attitude. I've often used the overtired and cranky essential oil with massage oil and what a nice treat. I had picked your essential oil up in Vancouver WA and was just about out. I live in a small rural town and no one here carries your product. I got online to see if I could find your product line and was so relieved to find your site. It was easy to find and easy to navigate and so informative! Your line of products are truly quality. I have yet to try everything but of what I have tried, all is fabulous. I also enjoyed trying and sharing the samples you sent. Your service is to be commended. My niece has eczema and I ordered a bottle of Tea Tree and Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash so she could try it. Her grandmother used it on her for a week and her eczema cleared up! She loves the smell and is glad it helps her skin. They thought that they had tried everything. Bath and lotion time had been a trauma prior to your product. Thank you for getting a product that is so beneficial and wonderful for so many. I will share with all I know. Your Loyal Customer, K.S.

We LOVE your summer blend sunscreen. A++++ rating from me, the mom. KS

I spoke with you back in late March or early April about obtaining a sunscreen for our son. I just want to let you know this is the ONLY sunscreen we have found that our son is not allergic to. In addition, it really is an effective sunscreen. Thank you to California Baby for helping us! Sincerely, J&T.W.

We love your products so much. Your Moisturizing Cream eliminated our baby's eczema, and our teenage niece used some while babysitting and one application began to heal the eczema on her hands.E&CK

We call the Overtired and Cranky Spritzer - The Magic Spray! And it is truly magic. We've been using your products since our daughter was 2 years old and she's five and half and, yes, we still need the Overtired and Cranky spray once in a while. Thanks from the R's.

I recently purchased your Calming Bubble Bath for my seven-month-old son. I had to let you know how much he loves it. He actually cries when I take him out of the bathtub. He has never done that before. Keep up the good work!
Sincerely, TN

I am so intrigued by your product line and can't wait to order for new baby #3 and the siblings. I didn't know about you guys before with my other 2 kids, so I figure this time I'll get it right. I can't stand all of the commercial baby soaps, shampoos, and baby baths filled with junk, chemicals and colorings, so I'm looking forward to trying your products! Thank you- N.M.

I tried your shampoo and body wash on my son (5 months old) tonight and it's TERRIFIC! He has had eczema in the past and his skin felt so good after the bath and he smelled great too. I went online and found your website and ordered an everyday lotion and a cream as well. Not only that but I forwarded your website URL to a friend who is having her first baby next month. Thanks for making such great products! L&B.B

I love your products!! My daughter and I both have super sensitive skin and have benefited greatly from your wonderful products. Please put us on your mailing list!! BF

We've been using your products for years and it's the only thing we put on our sons, ages 5 and 2. T&M.G

I just wanted you to know that your products are the only ones I've found to control my two year old daughter's eczema. I found the product on a trip to Danville, CA last November (at a store called Andronicos). I bought it just because I thought it couldn't hurt to try one more. Within two weeks, just the shampoo and body wash had cleared up 80% of the problem. I then bought the lotion and we have been eczema free for over 7 months! Yeah! Thanks for such a great product. We've gone on to buy lots of other things and they're all great. L.D.

I have used the hair and body wash for my children and love the scent and results- my middle child has eczema.
Thanks, C.F.

I have been using your products for my baby since the day I took her out of the hospital. Your products are beautiful and I look forward to using them for a very long time. D.P.

I just received bath bubbles (for my kids) yesterday and we used them tonight. They're spectacular! I was "calmed" by the calming aroma, too! Thank you again for doing a wonderful job! Sincerely, D.T. and family

I'm so happy to see you online. I first started using your products with a sample from a store in Menlo Park, California. Your shampoo/body wash was so nice I got several bottles for my daughter. When we moved to Minnesota and used the last of our shampoo, I called you up to find out where to get more in this area. You were able to direct me to a store not too far away in Minneapolis. We have been there several times to get your products but I am so glad to have you online. The last time we went to resupply, we were unable to get the cream that we wanted. Now I can get any of your products online whenever I need them and not worry about going to an unfamiliar neighborhood with my two little girls in tow. I like the newsletter too. You have great products. I recommend them to my friends and even give out samples for them to try. I'm so happy to have good quality skin and hair care products for my little girls to use. Thank you. MB

Love Your products. Found them while coping with my daughter's post traumatic stress disorder. It has been a blessing and it truly calms her and now she enjoys her bath. I also have started using the "Cranky" and the "Calming." THANKS! TE

Just a note to say thank you for your Calming Bubble Bath! I received it for Christmas and love it. Thanks for a great product, DD

I have had the privilege of using your products and fell in love with them. My five year old in particular loves the hair and body shampoo. He feels confident about using the product without anxiety because he knows that if the soap gets in his eyes it won't hurt. I like that I don't have to feel guilty about what my son is washing himself with. I am very particular about what we put in our bodies. I am expecting in late October planning to use your products exclusively for my newborn. N.C.

I just tried your products for the first time and will never use anything else again! I love them! Thanks, E and newborn baby

You have first class products and first class customer service. I am *SO* glad to have found you and am telling all of my friends and family about your line. Thank you again. Sincerely, D.R.

I love your baby shampoo and body wash! I wash my baby, I wash my face, I even wash my cat, Charlotte (who has very sensitive skin). It is wonderful and I look forward to it every day. It smells heavenly! J., E. & C. S.

Hello, I am so excited to use your products on my newborn son and for my sensitive pregnant skin now!!!! T.L.R.

I love your products, give them to friends that have babies as gifts and use them on my kids and me! They smell great, clean without leaving you dry and scratchy (my family has eczema) and I know what is in there! I hope your company keeps on making quality products for always! I travel to stores that specially order your products just to get them! We can't live without your Botanical Cream and Calming Body Wash :)B.O.C.

I would like to take an opportunity to let you know how wonderful your Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash is. Although your other products are gentle, we (my 4 children & myself) cannot tolerate ANY fragrances. Thank you for making this product! I would also like to add that I have eczema & rosacea, and this is the only product I can use on my face. Sincerely, LC

Hi, I'm glad I found your products. I am severely chemically sensitive and have 3 boys who are sensitive to fragrance too. One has asthma, and one just got off chemotherapy and doesn't need any more chemicals if we can help it. I have your shampoo, sun block, and bubble bath. I've also told my state-wide Multiple Chemical Sensitivity support group (in Missouri) about your products. We MCS sufferers are always looking for and asking each other about products that really work for us. I looked for 3 years for something that didn't have preservatives like DEA in it and finally saw your product ad in a health news magazine at my local health food store. Thank you for your products! Blessings, B.D.

I've bought three products for my daughter who has a 6-month old baby and yesterday she told me how much she loves the diaper rash cream. I like it because it spreads so much easier than Burt's Bees diaper cream or pure lanolin. M.H.

I have received a gift package from our chiropractor for our new arrival, baby S! We love your products. Thank you so much. P.L.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product. My son had a problem with heat rashes and allergic breakouts until I found California Baby bath and lotion products. Since then, he has had no problems and his skin is so soft and smooth. I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work! Sincerely, S.N.

Dear California Baby, We are so excited to have found your website. Congratulations on creating a healthy and socially conscious set of products for our little babies. Thank you for your extraordinary commitment to quality and care. We look forward to purchasing your products for our whole family. Wishing you all a wonderful day. Sincerely,MR, DM and baby

I have a 9-month old baby and she's so adorable. No wonder we would like to use the most delicate and safest and environmentally friendly product for my princess. I'm so happy to find your products in my local health store! R.

I received a gift basket for my son when he was born. Now that he is 17 months old, I am finally getting around to re-ordering my favorite products. My 4 year old daughter loves the Calming Bubble Bath and the shampoo. When she's convinced there are monsters in her room, we just spray some "Go Away Monster Spray" - Over Tired and Cranky Spritzer on her bed and she drifts off.

I have told all of my friends about your products and have even given them some samples of the Calendula Cream (you sent some to my friend who gave me the gift basket). Thank you again for all your wonderful products.AR

Thanks for making such great stuff. We've been using your products for two years now. My sons were well beyond the baby stage but I'm inclined to buy the best natural stuff available for all of us. Last June on a hot day, I went to the store for arnica and discovered your powder; so cool on my feet! Our favorite bubble baths are Overtired and Cranky and Light and Happy. Last night I bought our first tube of your delicious smelling sun block. Thanks--L.C.

I just love your products! I am a mother of two, and have yet to find anything better when it comes to baby skin care. You should be very proud of what you have created! Thank you

Does the Calming Non-Talc Powder come in a larger size than 2.5 oz? We absolutely love it! It cured my 5-month-old baby's diaper rash caused by diarrhea from the stomach flu. Please add me to your mailing list.AB

Hi! My name is B and I've been using some of your products for about 3 months. I've been slowly trying different ones. I am impressed with everything I have used. I had 2 difficult pregnancies and now have a preemie (4 mths-10lbs.) I've been trying to switch over to healthier products. I am glad you have made it easier for us to use good products on our children as well. BM

Dear California Baby, I'm 16 yrs. old and have sensitive skin and painful, cystic acne. I've tried lots of other brands. I recently bought your "Overtired & Cranky" Essential Oil blend. After I wash my face, I put about 4 drops of the essential oil blend in a teaspoon of water and rub it all over my face. It's helped with the redness and irritation. Plus, no more dry patches!!! In other words, I just want to thank you for such a great line of skincare products! K.Y.

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your products and your customer service. I have been looking forever for a super gentle cleanser for my hair which is dry and coarse (I am African-American) and for my scalp, which is dry, and a little sensitive. After scanning the shelves at the health food store here I purchased some of your Super Sensitive shampoo/bodywash. I could feel the difference in my hair and my scalp after the very first use! My hair didn't feel dried out like it did after using my regular "shampoo for dry hair" (more like "shampoo TO dry hair") and my scalp didn't tingle and itch like it used to after shampooing. After that terrific experience I decided to try your Botanical hair conditioner. Another winner! My hair loves your good-smelling conditioner. It "really" does calm my hair--that's the best way to describe the effect. After that I purchased some of the De-Tangler spray. A good de-tangler is crucial because my hair is thick and it tangles easily. We've hit a triple with the de-tangler-it softens my hair just right and that helps the comb get through a little easier. Your trio has *absolutely* revitalized my hair and scalp. After years of salon and drugstore products I discover that it takes a top-notch baby line to restore the life to my 40-something hair. How about that?
I'm looking forward to using the Calming Blend shampoo when my Super Sensitive bottle is empty. I am looking forward to using the Moisturizing Cream as well.You have first class products and first class customer service. I am *SO* glad to have found you and am telling all of my friends and family about your line. Thank you again. Sincerely, DR