Bath Puff

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Bath Puff

Age: 6 mos. and up
For Use: Little goes a long way! Squeeze dime size amount of California Baby® Shampoo & Bodywash or Bubble Bath to have long lasting cleansing.

Product Description

Product description: California Baby's Large Bath Puff is great for producing oodles of bubbles with just a few drops of your favorite California Baby® Shampoo & Bodywash or Bubble Bath – saving you product and money. Perfect for head-to-toe cleansing—especially after a long day romping at school or playground. Made of durable nylon with a long rope handle for easy hanging and drying, which is essential to keep your puff mildew free. Available in purple and blue, our puff is lightweight and easy to grasp making it kid friendly. Also works for bubbly pie-in-the-face dramatics! A great addition to any gift basket or tote.

For Grownups: A scrub all over with gentle pressure provides mild exfoliation and helps to stimulate the circulation

Benefits & Features:

  • Saves you product and money
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Gently scrubs away playground grime
  • Made of extra soft nylon
  • Machine washable – place inside a pillow case and wash with hot water

A note from Jessica

A note from Jessica, developer of California Baby®: A friend of mine always told me how she loved using a "puff" with our products because it helped to create loads of gentle bubbles with just a drop of California Baby washes. My friend is very wise (and thrifty), but for years I ignored her advice, I just didn't get it. But one day I took a puff home to try and now I'm sold. Here's my speedy shower routine utilizing the almighty puff: I start by washing my hair - gently rubbing our Shampoo & Bodywash and then allowing it sit a bit so the cleanser can do its work (tip: do not rub shampoo vigorously when washing, this can damage and break the hair strands); then I place a drop of bodywash or bubble bath on a wet puff and use it to cleanse from head-to-toe. Then rinse it all off. Conditioner—no rinse. Done. Surprising, once wet and soapy the puff is super soft and not all scratchy. So, if you want be thrifty (like my friend) and shorten your shower time (which is very eco), save on water and cleanser—keep a puff in every shower.