So, whatís new, tweaked and improved?

New or Removed



New ingredient

hydrolyzed (extracted in water) quinoa

Adds strength and shine to hair. Non-gluten protein.

New ingredient

xanthan gum USP*

Natural gum adds thickness; USP purity.

New ingredient

brassicyl isoleucinate esylate and brassica alcohol (conditioning waxes from the cabbage plant family)

Green Chemistry ingredient that is enzymatically processed, a very simple and eco-friendly way to process. Conditions hair.

New ingredient

cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate (olive)

Olive-based emulsifier, in the same class of fatty acids such as cetyl alcohol.

Tocopherol (vit E)

Substituted with new ingredient: rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract (rosemary) antioxidant

Antioxidant. Most vit E comes from soy or egg; we specified ours from coconut, the supply of which became unreliable, so we found this fabulous extract from rosemary. This is NOT rosemary oil, but an isolation of the anti-oxidant property. It is very concentrated, so we do not have to use a lot to get the desired affect. Anti-oxidants protect oils from going rancid.

New ingredient

phytic acid (rice source)

This is a booster to our non-biocide preservative system. Very gentle and non-irritating.

Capryloyl glycine and undecylenoyl glycine

Substituted with new ingredient: caprylhydroxamic acid (amino acid) (and) glyceryl caprylate

These new ingredients are from the same class of amino-acids †and they are naturally derived from coconut. Used in creams and lotions.

Substituted with new ingredient:† gluconolactone (corn) (and) sodium benzoate.

Approved by Ecocert for use in organic skin care. Excellent safety profile for skin care. Sodium benzoate has a superior safety score on the Used in washes and bubbles.


Salix alba (willow bark)

Requested by customers with salicylate sensitivities; not vital to the formula, perfectly fine to remove.


Citrus Seed Extract (grapefruit)

Requested by customers with citrus sensitivities; not vital to the formula, perfectly fine to remove.


Bentonite clay (powder)

Utilizing kaolin clay USP as the sole moisture absorbing ingredient

New ingredient

Rice concentrate (powder)/organic

Added for soothing properties. Organically grown and processed.

Safflower oil

Substituted with new ingredient:† Organically grown canola oil

Unsteady supply of safflower oil that met our specifications. Utilizing organic canola oil produced in a single item facility to ensure no cross contamination with nuts.

New ingredient

Organically grown flax seed oil

Added to massage oils; rich in essential fatty acids; produced in a single item facility to ensure no cross contamination with nuts.


United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

Denotes highest level of guaranteed purity. Pharmaceutical grade.

Note that any changes in the order on the ingredient listing is to due to increased concentration of the material; we use a smaller % but receive increased activity.

Why make product changes?

Since 1995, I have been relentless in my quest to make the safest, most effective natural and organic products available for you and your family. I have always been committed to utilizing Green Chemistry and remaining at the forefront of the eco-friendly movement.

In response to an increase in food and nut allergies, I made a major change to our formulas in 2003 by removing tree nut ingredients such as kukui, hazelnut and babassu from our products, leaving all coconut-derived ingredients intact (as coconut, the seed of a drupaceous fruit, is not typically restricted in the diets of people with tree nut allergies). Again in 2007, I decreased the thickness of our shampoos to accommodate dispensing from our new eco-friendly, post-consumer (PCR) plastic bottles.

Today, I am once again improving our products to make them even more safe, eco-friendly, and effective than before. The changes and additions I made bring us one step closer on our path to creating fully certified organic bath products. Our entire line ranks in the 0-2 (low hazard) range for safety in The Environmental Working Groupís (EWG) Our non-chemical sunscreens consistently rank in the top ten for safety and effectiveness.

As a mom and entrepreneur who has dedicated my life to creating the very best, truly natural products for families, I deeply appreciate the support from you, our dedicated customers, that Iíve received throughout the years. I look forward to continuing to bring you products made from Mother Natureís best ingredients for years to come.

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