Ingredient & Manufacturing Standards

California Baby has been a pioneer in the premium, natural and organic baby category for more than 20 years. Jessica Iclisoy, Founder & Developer of California Baby, continues to take a leadership role in pushing the envelope for naturally based, sustainable ingredients and practices across the industry and working closely with suppliers to come up with greener materials and ever higher standards.

California Baby is unique in the world of “green chemistry,” being one of the few to succeed in creating products with superior performance while also minimizing health and environmental consequences. We believe this is why consumers have embraced California Baby and why we continue to be recognized as a true leader in the category.

We scrutinize everything we do through what we call our “Green Screen.” We start by using raw materials that have little or no toxicity to human health and the environment and work closely with suppliers to develop safer green ingredients with superb performance. We carefully select sustainable naturally derived or organic ingredients with the strongest safety and environmental profiles and avoid those that can trigger allergies or that are potentially harmful to the environment. Our strict standards ensure that all California Baby products are CA Proposition 65 compliant, which means they contain no carcinogens such as 1-4 Dioxane, phthalates or other possibly detrimental contaminants.

As huge supporters of the certified organic movement, we believe that more farmland needs to be converted to organic growing methods. That’s why we have purchased agricultural property in Santa Barbara, CA, to organically grow many of the flowers and botanicals used in our products.

Our raw material processes and specifications are meticulously scrutinized to ensure they meet our Green Screen which forbids processes such as ethoxylation (creates the byproduct 1-4 Dioxane) or harsh solvents used to extract oils. Instead, we rely on green technologies such as cold pressing, enzymatic processing and steam distillation. Biodegradability and eco-toxicity are part of the Green Screen as well as preference given to manufacturers that have a small carbon footprint and/or offset of their environmental impact by using solar or wind power. We also strive to decrease packaging and waste by creating highly concentrated products.

Our FDA-registered and certified-organic facility is solar powered and equipped with high-efficiency machinery. Our manufacturing practices minimize energy consumption. Our HDPE packaging contains 25% Post Consumer Content and is BPA free and tree free labels with water-based inks are easy to recycle with paper or plastic. We strive to incorporate all materials used in the manufacturing of the product to eliminate waste treatment.

California Baby has been named a Champion of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics (EWG) and the California EPA’s Green Chemistry initiative for showing it is possible to make products with full transparency and without the harmful chemicals that conventional manufacturers claim they cannot do without.