4.5oz I Love You Massage Oil

I Love You™
Massage Oil 4.5oz/133mL

Product Description

Age: Newborn and up
For Use: For sweethearts
Scent: Frolicking essential oil blend that includes ylang ylang and sweet orange.

Product description: Say 'I Love You' in the most fragrant way and pamper someone special by treating him or her to a massage with California Baby® I Love You™ Massage Oil. So indulgent when it follows a luxurious bath filled to the brim with bubbles using California Baby® I Love You™ Bubble Bath. Our non-greasy blend of hi-oleic safflower oil, hi-oleic canola oil and evening primrose, leaves skin satiny smooth. Beautifully scented with California Baby® I Love You™ blend of essential oils that includes ylang ylang and sweet orange, working to relax the body and ease tension — excellent for massage or after bath moisturizing. Our essential oils are sustainably grown. California Baby® uses oils that are traditionally recommended and are safe, gentle, and effective. Keep skin healthy by making this part of an after shower or bath routine.

A Mommy-Tip from Jessica, Developer of California Baby®:Super hydrate baby's skin by applying oil right after bath, before towel drying.

For Grownups: Seal in moisturizing after showering - apply California Baby I Love You™ Massage Oil to damp skin...leaves skin satiny soft with a wonderful non-greasy glow.

Social Responsibility: A portion of the proceeds of our celebrated I Love You™ line of products are donated to Breast Cancer Research Programs.

Benefits & Features:

  • Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Works as a synergistic carrier for our pure essential oil blends
  • Non-greasy - leaves skin satiny
  • Adds an extra layer of warmth
  • Food-grade quality, cold pressed oils
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Our essential oils are tested for purity
  • Accepted on the Feingold Program

Customers rave

I love your products. I was given some baby products right before my daughter was born and I am thoroughly impressed. She has very sensitive skin and your product is really one of the only ones I can use on her. Thanks! LAM

My two-and-a-half year-old daughter, Anna, and I have been blissfully enjoying California Baby products almost since her birth. I am delighted that my local Target store (in Myrtle Beach, SC) carries some of your items. We usually stick to the Super Sensitive line because that worked best for her. We ran out of bubble bath, and ran to Target to get more, but they don't carry the Super Sensitive bubble bath, so we decided to give Overtired and Cranky a try. Let me just say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The fragrance is so light and subtle, and it's so relaxing yet rejuvenating. I've never experienced such a combination in my life. While we soaked in the tub, I decided that I was once again going to give California Baby items as Christmas gifts. My thoughts immediately jumped to my Aunt Frances, who has just begun her chemotherapy for her recently diagnosed breast cancer. I thought that surely the scent of Overtired and Cranky could help soothe her after her treatments. Well, as I scanned your website, I saw the I Love You line. That made my decision a whole lot easier. I am planning on purchasing these items for Christmas gifts as a tribute to my aunt. I wish that my Target store sold the I Love You items so I could save on shipping, but at least you make it easy to buy online. I didn't think that California Baby could get any better, but with your products and the connections to causes such as breast cancer research, you are the ideal company. Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, H.B. - Myrtle Beach, SC

We love your baby shampoo⁄wash, and have bought gallons in the past. It's still the great scent that reminds us of our two little ones ages 3+yr and 9mo. It's that quality that made me sure my wife and I would enjoy your bubble bath (Overtired & Cranky...yeah that's us sometimes) and "I Love You" massage oil. Can't wait for Valentine's Day!

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