Shampoo & Bodywashes

Subtle & Sensitive. A perfect combo.
California Baby Shampoo and Bodywashes are gentle and pure, and come from a place of love. We stay far away from GMO’s, Triclosan, SLS and other harsh sulfates that can dry and irritate skin. Instead we use only naturally-derived cleansing ingredients, like wild harvested yucca and organic soapbark that are gentle and smell amazing!

Formulated for sensitive skin, our vegetable derived cleansers are gentle and get the job done – leaving skin soft and smooth, and hair shiny and manageable. Our shampoo & bodywashes are free of synthetic fragrance, are allergy-tested and tear-free. Perfect for your delicate little one or a great non-drying facial wash for adults (and teenagers!) with sensitive or problematic skin. Also safe for color-treated hair!   We use pure essential oils to lightly scent our Shampoo & Bodywashes, which leaves a subtle fresh out of the tub smell that our customers love. And like all California Baby products, our Shampoo and Bodywashes are blended, manufactured & packaged in our FDA registered, certified organic, and solar powered facility located in Los Angeles, California.

P.S. A little goes a long way with our washes. A nickel sized amount, or one pump will be more than enough for your little one’s luxurious locks. Rub a little in your hands with some water to get the suds going before using on skin or hair.

Super Sensitive

As gentle as it gets.
Our Super Sensitive line is thoughtfully crafted for people with allergies, sensitive skin, and those who cannot tolerate fragrance. Our Super Sensitive products never contain any added fragrance, scent masking agents, or clear formula chemicals.

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Start dreaming.
Our first ever California Baby Shampoo & Bodywash! This light & relaxing scent is a must-have bath essential! Essential oils of French lavender and Clary Sage work to promote calmness and helps ease your little one into sleep. Perfect before bed, this formula will help you and your child relax and unwind after going all day long.


Our most beloved ingredient, now better than ever!
Calendula (kal' len' dula), a.k.a. Pot Marigold, has been known as one of nature's best skin soothing ingredients for centuries. Our unique Calendula line is scented with our Signature Calming essential oil blend. We then blend in the organic extract of the Calendula flower, organically grown ourselves on our farm. This adds an additional beautiful airy herbal scent that’ll leave you feeling sunny and carefree.

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Therapeutic Relief Eczema

Our therapeutic eczema relief – now Gluten-free!
The active ingredient is our certified organic, gluten-free colloidal oatmeal that is extremely effective in locking in moisture and helps treat flare-ups by calming and relieving skin irritations and itching due to eczema. Our botanically based, tear-free formula is gentle, without sulfates or any added fragrance that might irritate already sensitive skin. Blended with organic calendula and aloe vera, your skin and your nerves will surely be soothed.

Tea Tree & Lavender

Invigorate & refresh!
A fresh, clean and vibrant blend of organic tea tree and French lavender, formulated with sweet citrus and floral notes. The French lavender calms and soothes any frazzled feelings, while tea tree soothes irritation on the skin or scalp.

Eucalyptus Ease

Refreshing, restorative Eucalyptus Oil
Extracted from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree, a type of evergreen native to Australia, this essential oil has been used since ancient times to help rejuvenate the spirits of the sick. Use our powerful essential oil blend of Douglas fir and Eucalyptus to promote a sense of well-being and help you feel restored and rebalanced.

Swimmer's Defense

Rebalance your hair’s PH after the pool
Our gentle, exceptional silky Swimmer’s Defense Shampoo & Bodywash works to wash that salt, chlorine or stubborn styling aids out gently; leaving you with silky, beautiful and fantastic smelling hair! Re-balance your hair’s PH, while calming your sunny outlook, with the beautiful scents of lemongrass and gardenia flowers. Stressed hair and dry itchy skin no more! Our no-tear and vegan formula is great for hair, face and body all year long.

Overtired & Cranky

Turn that frown upside down
Turn any mood from cranky to sweet with this warm, herbaceous scent of Roman Chamomile and up-lifting notes of Tangerine.

Holistic doctors recommend using Chamomile during times of irritability because of its calming properties for the mind and body. We like to use this blend in the morning, after school, before bed or any time you might need to switch gears!

Chamomile & Mint

Relax & Refresh
California Baby harnesses the gentle power of Chamomile and Mint (Manzanilla y Menta) to help infuse Hispanic traditional remedies and aromas into the family skincare routine. Chamomile & mint are two beloved herbs (‘yerbas’ in Spanish) - they are multi-tasking, providing benefits for the skin and overall health.

California Kids

A new line for big kids
At a certain age, kids (ages 6+) don’t want to be called babies anymore. The new California Kids line was developed for this reason and to educate kids on how to care for their hair & skin with fun, age-appropriate packaging. And it’s just as safe and gentle as all the California Baby stuff you know and love!
#chillax = our signature calming essential oil blend
#supersensitive = our super sensitive line

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