1oz Eucalyptus Ease™ Bath Drop

California Baby®
Eucalyptus Ease™
Bath Drop 1oz/30mL

Product Description

Age: 6 months & older
For Use: Promotes a sense of well-being
Scent: Eucalyptus and Douglas fir
Product description: California Baby® Bath Drops are a unique combination of aromatherapy essential oils and a special lecithin (safflower source) that mixes oil and water. Since essential oils are very concentrated plant extracts, all but a few (like pure tea tree, lavender and chamomile) may not be used directly or come into contact with the skin unless it is mixed with a 'carrier oil' or a buffer/dispersing ingredient like our special lecithin; the lecithin does not reduce the aromatherapy value, it simply allows you to add several drops to a tub of bath water and disperse it throughout. The California Baby Eucalyptus Ease aromatherapy blend can be called upon anytime you feel your resistance slipping and you want to slow down to regain your healthy footing, it works to promote a sense of general well being and to soothe mind and body. Hardworking oils of Eucalyptus and Douglas Fir combine to create an energizing aurora. Designed to be added to a warm bath, mixed with massage oil. All California Baby essential oils are tested by a third party and are guaranteed pesticide and synthetic additive free.

How many drops?
  • 6 mos. to 1 year: 3-4 drops
  • 1 year to adult: 4-10 drops
How to use?
  • A Bath without Bubbles: Drop into a bath of warm water, swirl the oils through with your hand to mix. May be used daily.
  • In Combination with California Baby® Bubble Baths: Add bath drops after desired bubble level has been reached; add drops and swirl through the water with your hand to mix.
  • Our Wall Diffuser: Drop 10-20 drops, depending on the size of the room and the desired intensity, directly onto the pad. Place the pad with the oil side down so that it comes into contact with the ceramic plate; this will diffuse the oils evenly and prevent the pad from becoming soggy. Plug into an electrical outlet; the moderate heat that is produced will diffuse the oils. For best results, use one pad exclusively for each blend; change the pad when it ceases to dry out completely between uses.
  • Massage: Add 75 drops into our Super Sensitive™ no fragrance massage⁄carrier oil. Shake to disperse. Refresh as necessary. You can also use our Moisturizing Cream as a carrier; scoop a dollop into the palm of your hand, create an indent with your finger in the center (think mashed potatoes and gravy), drop 1-2 drops into the center; mix with your finger and then rub your hands together vigorously to emulsify, apply.
Warnings: Do not take orally. Keep away from the eyes. Not for direct use on skin, unless specified otherwise; if using on skin for massage, blend into a carrier oil and mix well before applying. Common Sense Caution: Intended for external use only. If any adverse reaction, discontinue use and contact physician immediately. Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

A note from Jessica

A note from Jessica, the developer of California Baby®: Welcome to the world of aromatherapy! I have used essential oils with my children on an almost daily basis since they were 6 months old All California Baby® blends are developed in consultation with an aromatherapist, which means we use oils at appropriate levels for children and that are known for their safety and efficacy. If you're new to aromatherapy, with a little practice you will find that essential oils are versatile, easy to use, and indispensable! I feel that by using aromatherapy with your children, their sense of smell will remain potent into adulthood. Our drops come equipped with a plastic insert to allow for drop-by-drop dispensing. Depending on the oil, the drops will come out fast or painfully slow. Be patient and allow air to be drawn in to release the drop; with use, it will become easier. Shaking will only slow the dispensing process down; tapping while upside down is helpful. For more information on aromatherapy and using essential oils, click here to read my blog.

Customers rave

Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful products you all make. I've been using them for about 6 years on my two boys. I just posted to a social group I have on parenting about the Eucalyptus Ease line I use even out of the season as my son has bad allergies. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Eucalyptus Ease line especially the essential oil that I use in the humidifier and diffuser. I also make a sprits and spray it on my 2 yo blankie when he has a cold. LOVE it, saved many a night that could have gone sleepless! I'm using it tonight for my son's allergies, massage oil, spritz and oil helps him sleep beautifully. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! - M.R.

Ingredients & packaging

Green Packaging:

  • HDPE (#2) bottles contain 25% Post Consumer Content (PCR); BPA free
  • Our tree free labels are printed with water-based lead free inks and are easy to recycle with paper or plastic no need to remove labels before recycling!
  • Caps are made of Polypropylene (BPA free)