8.5oz Calming Shampoo & Bodywash
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Shampoo & Bodywash 8.5oz/251mL

Product Description

Age: Newborn and older
For Use: Use for baby's first bath! For hair, face & body.
Scent: Calming essential oil blend that includes French lavender and Clary Sage to promote calmness

Product description: California Baby® Calming Shampoo & Bodywash gently and effectively cleans hair, body and face using vegetable derived glucoside cleansers that are non-stripping, sulfate-free and extremely biodegradable. This must-have staple, is lightly scented with California Baby®'s light and fresh Calming essential oil blend that helps to promote calmness, making bath-time stress free and fun! All of our Shampoo & Bodywashes are allergy-tested, tear free, non-drying and leave hair and skin soft, shiny and manageable. For best results, partner with California Baby® Calming Hair Conditioner. Don't forget to refill with our half or one gallon sizes.

A Mommy-Tip from Jessica, Developer of California Baby®: For extra cleansing, leave shampoo in hair for 30 seconds to give it time to break-up oil, dirt and residue.

For Grownups: A great non-drying facial wash for adults (and teenagers!) with sensitive or problem skin. Also safe for color-treated hair.

Benefits & Features:
  • Contains organic and sustainably grown vegan ingredients
  • No sulfates, DEA, or numbing agents
  • Concentrated and biodegradable
  • No synthetic fragrances. Scented with pure essential oils
  • No tears, non-irritating, non-stripping formula. Safe and gentle
  • Two products in one - use head to toe. May be used for hair, face and body
  • Great for babies, kids, or adults with chemically sensitive skin.

Customers rave

I purchased your baby calming shampoo today. I have very sensitive skin and my child suffers from cradel cap. This is the perfect combo. Body wash, face wash, shampoo. Compared to even other organic products, I love how yours are REALLY organic. None are as natural as yours. Thank you for developing this and also making it affordable so I can purchase the rest of line...

I have been using your Calming Shampoo & Bodywash, Conditioner and Hair Detangler and I love it!! My skin and hair have never looked so good - I have naturally curly hair and live in a high humidity area. I have horrible allergies, which the scent calms, and it also eases breathing. I carry a 2 oz. bottle of the Calming Shampoo/Bodywash with me and inhale whenever I am sneezy or stuffed up. I love it so much that I am considering using it as my laundry detergent!
Thanks! DC

Hello i am a mother of 3 small children and i love your products... they love your products! I have tried so many different things and none of them have compared to yours. keep up the good work! our favorite is definitely the calming line... just great! Sincerely, S.L. - Malibu, CA

Hello from North Carolina! I've been using your products since my firstborn was about 6 months old. She is about to turn 2 next month! I was so excited to find a line of products I could trust to be safe, that were a better choice for the environment, and easily found in local stores (yay Target!). Her sensitive skin has been so healthy using the Calming body wash & shampoo and the smell is just as lovely. I've also been a big user of your calendula cream – great for all kinds of things! We use it to moisturize the face and bum, freshen up under the neck with a nice little scent, for little rashes and even Mommy uses it on her face! I've become a huge fan of the sunblock stick and the no fragrance sunscreen lotion, which have both gotten her new baby skin through two years and two trips to the beach without getting any amount of sun! I just had to write you to say how happy I am to find another product sold at my local Target, the Tea Tree & Lavendar body wash & shampoo... which I've just started using this week on my hair and love it! I've struggled with finding a safe product to help me bring my scalp back to a healthy state, after struggling with some dry skin and itchiness. It works great and leaves my hair looking soft like my baby girl! Thank you for the lovely line of products. Sincerely, S.H.

To be completely honest, I had not heard about California Baby before I had my daughter. I received your calming shampoo and body wash at my baby shower and all I can say is that I am lucky that I have friends who know more than me. I just love your product!! I myself have sensitive skin and was really worried about my babies skin. The calming product line is so gentle on my daughters skin that I don't even have to go with "sensitive skin " products. Just for fun, I tried other name brand body washes that I received and they really dried out my daughter's skin to the point where she started peeling. I feel so much better knowing that my baby is cleansed with an organic product that has not dried out her skin. She is a happy, clean 9 month old and I will never use anything else. Thanks for your genius…and caring about the skincare needs of babies everywhere. C.F. - Sacramento, CA

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