2.5oz Calming Organic Powder

Certified Organic!

California Baby®
Organic Powder

Product Description

Age: Newborn and older
For: Body and diaper area
Scent: Our special Calming™ aromatherapy blend that includes French lavender.

Product description: California Baby®'s Certified Organic Non-Talc Powder soothes and pampers sensitive skin with super luxurious certified organic corn and tapioca starches. U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) quality kaolin clay and sodium bicarbonate work together to absorb moisture to keep skin dry, cool and comfortable. Use around the diaper area and those chubby folds in the skin. When baby is drooling due to teething, sprinkle under the folds of the neck to dry the area and ease chafing (a spritz of California Baby Diaper Area Wash will help to soothe irritated skin and speed healing). California Baby’s silky organic powder contains a luxurious level of gentle yet effective essential oils like tea tree and French lavender to add an extra boost of naturally soothing care. May be used daily or as needed to soothe chafing due to diaper, clothing or humidity.

For Grownups:

  • Can be used by adults as a natural body deodorizer and skin soother.
  • Parents and older children can apply to underarms and between the toes.
Benefits & Features:
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Absorbs moisture and eases chafing in the diaper area and chubby folds
  • No talc means no danger to baby's breathing
  • French lavender & tea tree for a beautiful scent and complete efficacy
  • Use our powder between those "piggies!"
  • Shaker canister has two dispensing sizes: light or heavy sprinkle

A note from Jessica

A note from Jessica, Developer of California Baby®: New moms always ask me, "What do I use powder for?" and "Where do I use it?" Powder plays a fundamental supporting role in skin care; it works to help absorb moisture and ease chafing from clothing, diapers, and dry or humid heat. Sprinkle it lightly in the diaper area to absorb moisture before applying a rash cream. Parents and older children can apply to underarms and between the toes. When the weather turns humid, give the back, arms, and legs a light dusting for a silky smooth cooling effect. Certified organic along with USP quality ingredients (USP is a pharmacological standard for the identity, strength, quality and purity of ingredients) make this powder the very best that nature has to offer!

Ingredients & packaging

Green Packaging:

  • HDPE (#2) bottles contain 25% Post Consumer Content (PCR); BPA free
  • Our tree free labels are printed with water-based lead free inks and are easy to recycle with paper or plastic – no need to remove labels before recycling!
  • Caps are made of Polypropylene (BPA free)