4.5oz Calming Massage Oil

Massage Oil 4.5oz/133mL

Product Description

Age: Newborn and older
Scent: Our special Calming™ essential oil blend that includes French Lavender.

Product description: California Baby® Calming™ Massage Oil is perfect for a gentle massage to help relax, unwind, and ensure a good night's sleep. A non-greasy blend of hi-oleic safflower oil, hi-oleic canola and evening primrose leaves skin satiny smooth. Beautifully scented with California Baby® Calming™ blend of essential oils that includes French lavender, it works to unwind the body and promote calmness-an excellent bed or naptime massage oil. Our essential oils are sustainably grown. We use only the finest quality, traditionally recommended oils that are safe, gentle, and effective. Keep skin healthy by making this part of an after shower or bath routine.Works as a synergistic carrier for our Pure Essential Oil Blends. Baby massage strengthens the bond between parent and child.

A Mommy-Tip from Jessica, Developer of California Baby®: Super hydrate baby's skin by applying oil right after bath, before towel drying.

For Grownups: Seal in moisturizing after showering - apply California Baby Calming™ Massage Oil to damp skin...leaves skin satiny soft with a wonderful non-greasy glow.

Benefits & Features:

  • Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Works as a synergistic carrier for our pure essential oil blends
  • Non-greasy - leaves skin satiny
  • Adds an extra layer of warmth
  • A gentle rub helps baby sleep well and can ease colic or gas
  • Keeps baby's skin soft, comfortable, and smelling sweet
  • Perfect for the delicate skin of a newborn
  • Food-grade quality, cold pressed oils
  • Our Calming™ essential oil blend relaxes, unwinds and ensures a good night's sleep
  • No synthetic fragrances
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Customers rave

The diaper cream is WONDERFUL. My daughter was also pretty cranky last night and after a massage with the calming massage oil sample you sent she was right as rain! Thank you so much! - A.N.

Just wanted to tell you also that I've been using your calming blend products (mainly bubble bath and massage oil) with my baby girl who may have a sensory disorder since she was about 4 months old when I started looking for something to calm her down when she got very overwhelmed with the daily hubbub of my house. Every night now we have a bath time ritual that includes your bubble bath and a nightly massage ritual with your massage oil and it has worked wonders for her! About a month ago she also had a nasty diaper rash that was not clearing up with the Weleda and other "natural" diaper creams that I was using. I went to my local Whole Foods and noticed that you guys had a calming diaper rash cream and a talc free powder and picked them up without a thought and brought it home. After one application her rash was gone and the cream didn't stain my cloth diapers either! Kudos to you on a great product! I've told all the women in my baby month group to buy your products! I have never once raved about a product like this and while some are taken aback by the price (which I was too initially I must confess), after one whiff of the calming bubble bath and once I got it home and saw what a wholesome product it was I was sold! I will never wash my babies in anything else again! J.L.

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